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#032 Wednesday May 30th



#032 Wednesday May 30th

Anna is in the kitchen at the McGregor Estate and has a copy of the local paper, the headline says "Man shot dead at Donahue Inc." Joseph comes in.

Anna: Carol finally went over the edge.

Joseph: Mother, you don't know that she shot that man. I mean, he was a bookie, he probably had all sorts of people after him.

Anna: But, I heard he was threatening Cody over some gambling debt. That certainly gives her a motive.

Joseph: Carol is capable of a lot things, I just don't think that murder isn't one of them.

Anna: There's a first time for everything.

Joseph: Let's not jump to any conclusions, the police haven't even charged anyone yet.

Anna: I'm just speculating.

JC comes into the kitchen.

JC: She didn't do it.

Anna: Sweetheart, it's best to let the police make that conclusion.

JC: Is that why you're sitting here making snap judgments?

Anna: I'm not judging anyone---

JC: Sure, you aren't.

Anna: I don't know why you are trying to defend her, she practically despises you because of your last name.

Joseph: Mother, that is enough.

JC: Just forget it, I don' have the time for this, I'm going over to the CoffeeRoom to meet Amee.

Joseph: I'll see you later.

JC goes out the back door.

Joseph: And you wonder why Carol accuses you of trying to turn him against her?

Anna: I am not going to going to walk on eggshells when it comes to Carol.

Joseph: But you can stop making comments about her not despises' JC.

Anna: That's the way I see, it's not like I'm saying without any reason.

Joseph: The only to reason you have is your own petty little feud with Carol. Granted, I'm not a big fan of Carol, but I don't involve my son in any dispute I have with her.

Anna: Well, you just have all the answers, don't you?

Anna walks out of the kitchen

Over at the Donahue Estate, Cody is on the terrace with Carol.

Cody: All of this is my fault, if I hadn't been such an idiot---

Carol: Don't blame yourself, you aren't responsible for what happned.

Cody: You don't have to cover for me.

Carol: Yes, you made a mistake, but there is not point in blaming yourself now.

Cody: I just feel like I should have never come back here.

Carol: I'm glad you came back, it was time to let the past go.

Cody: But with all that has happened, it sort of proves that I was right in having stayed away all this years.

Carol: We'll get through this, once the police get to the bottom of this, they'll know that I had nothing to do with this.

Cody: I hope so.

Carol: I just have to take care of this whole PR nightmare, the media is hounding me for a statement and I've got to get them one.

Cody: I can't tell you how sorry I am about all of this

Carol: I'm sorry it turned out this way too.


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