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#44 Thursday, May 31




Nick could be cooking up a recipe for disaster

Devon is taken back when Drucilla appears so adament against his trip with Amber to L.A. Devon tells Dru that he feels this is good for him, to experiance a new big city. Dru tells him that he'll have plenty of time to do that, after college and certainly with people better than Amber. Neil tells Dru to cool it and again thinks this is a great idea. H esays Devon has had a rough year and this may do him some good and he is an adult and should be able to make his own choices and he looks at Drucilla. Dru backs off and says ok to the idea but you can clearly tell she is just doing it to make peace, not that she really agrees with the idea.

Daniel wishes Amber luck going back to L.A. Amber tells him she'll need it because when she left L.A it wasn't exactly on good terms. Daniel tells her at least she'll have someone in her corner, Devon. Amber smiles and tells Daniel she is really excited that Devon is coming with her and she is happy for him too because it will give him a chance to spread his wings. Amber hugs Daniel and thanks him for being one of her only friends through her "Genoa City Experiance" and tells him she'll never forget him and walks out the door. Daniel smiles and then calls Lily. He asks her if she would join him for the Newman dinner and to his delight she agrees.

Lily arrives at Colleen's house and tells her about the date with Daniel.

Colleen is happy for Lily and is glad her and Daniel are getting back on track. Lily tells Colleen with Amber gone, they can focus on themselves without any distractions. Lily then opens her Fenmore's bag and shows Colleen what she just bought for the date. Colleen is stunned and tells Lily Daniel will be blown away when he sees that.

Nicholas and Noah are playing video games when Phyllis comes from downstairs after putting Summer down. Noah demolishes Nick in the video game and asks his dad if they could invite Sharon to the Newman dinner. Nicolas tells Noah thatif he wants her there, she'll be there. Noah is elated and hugs his dad and then says he is going to go check some stuff on the computer and as he walks by Phyllis she puts on this fake smile and then glares at Nick. Nicholas asks her what is wrong. Phyllis tells Nick that she doesn't think its a good idea if Sharon is there based on what all has been going on. She says she doesn't want her there and Victoria certainly doesn't want her there. She says it will only stir up more trouble and this dinner is supposed to be a way of trying to put that aside for a bit. Nicolas tells Phyllis that as Noah's mother she has every right to be there and he tells her everyone is just going to have to deal. Nicolas phones Sharon and invites her to the dinner and she accepts.

Jack storms into Jill's office while she is on the phone and if looks could kill, Jill would be dead. Jill tells the person she'll call him back and then asks Jack what is up. Jack shuts the door and asks Jill if she was serious when she suggested Bradly possibly rejoining Jabot. Jill tells Jack that Brad is a good businessman and now that he is a free agent and with Jabot still in a world of financial trouble he would be an asset. Jill also informs Jack that as CEO she makes the decision whether to hire him or not and the decision has already been made, that she is going to hire Brad.

Brad and Victoria are arguing. Brad informs Victoria that he doesn't have to take her abuse and that if he wanted to be a real jerk, he could sue her for half of her money since there was no pre-nup involved. Victoria snarks back and tells him that if he even tried he would never ever see his child so he better think long and hard before he tries anything. Victoria tells him that everything from here on out happens on her terms. He lost the right to dictate this marriage the minute he jumped into bed with that slut she used to call her sister in law. Just then the phone rings as Brad and Viki continue to glare at each other. Brad answers the phone. Its Jill. Jill tells Brad that if he wants it, the job at Jabot is his. Jack is steaming mad in the background and Brad tells Jill he accepts.


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