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May 21, 2007




-At the Salem Inn, Austin and Carrie are in their room asleep after a round of lovemaking on their wedding night. Carrie is tossing and turning while having a nightmare about Austin learning Carrie lied about her son being dead and that he is really Evan. the boy Nicole adopted. He is furious in the dream and feels that Carrie didn't trust him enough to get past the idea that Lucas could be the father and that he could help her deal with the MCF. Carrie begs Austin to understand that she had no choice as he says he can't look at her and walks out.

Austin awakens upon hearing Carrie's cries in her sleep and wakes her up gently. She jumps up and is in tears. Austin asks if she is ok. An out of breath Carrie nods. Austin says she was having a nightmare and she said something about a secret. He asks her again if she is sure there is nothing she is hiding from him.

-Will returns home and decides he should call his mom and dad, who are probably still out looking for him. Meanwhile, a worried Sami and Lucas are out looking for him when Sami's cell rings. It's Will. They are both happy to hear him and asks where he is. Will says he is at home. He apologizes about running off but he just needed to breathe and they were jumping all over him. Sami tells him they are on their way home to have a long talk. Will rolls her eyes and says ok and hangs up.

An angry Sami says she has had enough and will get the truth out of Will even if she must strangle him. Lucas tries to calm her and says they can't interrogate him anymore. It won't work. He isn't going to admit anything and it only pushes him away from them. The next time he runs off he may not come back. Lucas tells Sami they can't sit around and wait but they can't also jump all over Will and try to force the truth out of him. They will have to find out on their own somehow. Lucas doesn't know how but it's all they can do. They need to go home and apologize and just try to be a family right now. They can find out what is going on without Will knowing and hopefully confront him with the truth when they learn it.

Sami thinks Lucas is right. They have tried everything else, afterall. She just wants so bad to help him. Lucas says he does too but what they did earlier won't do anything. He reminds Sami tomarrow is her grandmother's picnic and he thinks it's a good idea that they not fight and just relax and have a good time. That may help Will and both of them alot. Sami agrees and tells Lucas she will be calm and not confrontational when they go home. They kiss and Lucas escorts her home.

-In an abadoned warehouse in the warehouse district near the pier, Kate is still being held hostage by the MCF. Kate asks if the MCF can at least let go of her neck. The MCF obliges and warns her not to make any moves or noise as the gun is still on her.

Kate: God...why did you take me hostage?

MCF (via choice changer): You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean, you did practically run right into me. Plus, we are technically in league with each other. You know the truth about Carrie and baby Evan so we are on the same team and team members help each other.

Kate: That's a crock and you know it. You forced me to keep the truth, just like you did Carrie. Your awful. God...who the hell are you?

MCF: Wouldn't you like to know?

Kate: Piss me off enough and I will know because I will pull that damn cloak right off!!

MCF: Wow...even with me holding a gun?

Kate: I don't care anymore. Shoot me. It will be worth it to find out who the hell you are. Maybe I will survive and expose your ass.

MCF: You got over your fear of me already? I remember the times we met before...you were so terrified. Even earlier tonight. Now...such strength and will. You always were a determined fighter.

Kate: I will do anything when I'm desperate and need to survive.

MCF: Yes. Always the survivor you were.

Kate: Why are you talking like you know me personally?

MCF: I don't know. Why am I?

Kate: Your just one big puzzle, aren't you?

MCF: Do you think you could put me together?

Kate: I like challenges.

MCF: I know.

Kate: Damnit!! Stop talking like that...it bugs the hell out of me!!

MCF: Why? Because I obviously know you. Because I keep dropping hints out to you or something. Quite frustrating, huh?

Kate: When will this stop? This madness...why? You have been terrorizing so many here in Salem for months. You have been committing all sorts of crimes and...please. End all this. Leave us alone!

MCF: Not until I finish my mission.

Kate: Now, what is that?

MCF: You'll see soon enough.

The MCF then takes what looks like a pocket TV monitor out of his or her pocket.

Kate: What is that?

MCF: Nevermind and stay back (points gun at Kate).

The MCF looks at the monitor to see if anyone is nearby to where he or she is and is stunned to see that his or her connection has been lost.

MCF: Damnit!! Someone must have found my base of operations and shut off my surveilance equipment.

Kate: What are you yammering about? Base of operations...surveilance equipment?

MCF: Shutup and get out of here. Your free to go. I have business to tend to. Don't tell anyone about our little kidnapping encounter tonight or about the rest of the things you know? Got it?

Kate: Do I have a choice? I sure as hell haven't so far.

MCF: Good little Katey. Have a good night.

Kate: Any chance of that was shot to hell after you took me hostage.

MCF: Well, go watch a movie or something. Night.

The MCF leaves Kate in the abadoned warehouse as she wonders why he or she just let her go all of a sudden. She contemplates following him or her but opts not to push her luck and risk getting caught. The MCF may do something to her if she was caught following. She decides to find out if Will was found and leaves.

-At the MCF's hideaway in the adandoned warehouse office, Billie is examining the surroundings. She experiments with the surveilance center and sees that the MCF has cameras all over Salem and deduces that the MCF keeps track of everyone via that. Billie says she needs to call the others. She picks up her phone and calls Jack. Jack is with Max, Victor, Frankie, Greta, and Shane. Jack is relieved to hear from her. Billie tells him that he won't beleive what she found...the cloaked figure's hideout. Jack tells her they will be right there. Billie hangs up and then decides to turn off the surveilance center to prevent the MCF from learning anything more about his or her targets. She then checks the office for camera or bugs and also booby traps so she can make sure she isn't leading her and everyone else into a trap.

-Back at the Salem Inn, Carrie tells Austin once again there is nothing to tell. Things have been going so bad for her lately that she keeps having dreams of even more bad yet to come. She tells Austin she was dreaming of things happening that could cause him to leave her. Austin tells Carrie to stop thinking so negatively. They are married now and he promised her that this time is forever and he meant it. He assures her that the worst is behind them. She has been through enough hell and a person will only have to deal with and go through so much. Even if something does happen, he is right by her side. They are a team now and they will deal with whatever comes their way together.

Carrie embraces him, saying she doesn't know what she would do without him. Austin tells her she will never have to find out. He then proclaims it's time to get back to their wedding night and he kisses her. Carrie tells him that just like her wish is his command, his wish is her command. They continue to kiss passionately and make love.

-Sami and Lucas come home. Will is sitting on the couch when Sami races to him and embraces him. Will tells her to calm down. He's ok. Sami says she knows but she was so worried. Lucas tells him this is the last time. No more running off. Will says he only runs off because he doesn't like being interrogated. Sami says they just want to help him. Will says they can help by just staying out of it. Sami says that they plan to from now on. He doesn't have to worry about them jumping on him. It gets none of them anywhere. She tells Will they just need to forget about everything and just relax. Tomarrow is Grandma Caroline's picnic and she thinks it will be nice if they just go and relax and have fun as a family. Will reminds them he isn't big on family gatherings like that. Sami reminds Will that her and Lucas are going to lay off him from now on so the least he can do is just be good and be with his family tomarrow.

Will reluctantly agrees as long as Sami and Lucas keep their word and lay off him. Both Sami and Lucas nod. Will says he is heading to the bed. He says goodnight to both Sami and Lucas and goes to his room. Lucas assures Sami she did the right thing. She says she hopes so. There is then a knock on the door. It's Kate, who says she wanted to see if Will was found and thought about checking there first. Lucas says he came home on his own and let them know. Kate asks Lucas if he has any idea what is going on with him. Lucas says no but he plans to find out. Kate says it's probably due to all of Sami's past issues. Kate says she always knew they would affect Will negatively and it's finally happened. Sami tells Kate to shutup. Lucas says it has nothing to do with Sami. They beleive it may have something to do with Alan. Sami gives Lucas a look and he apologizes for blurting that out but says it's time his mother understands what is going on.

Kate says that if Alan is doing anything to Will it's because of Sami. It's for revenge. Lucas says that Alan has been linked to the MCF by the police so if Alan did to do something to Will, he can be in alot of trouble. Kate recalls how Alan is involved in the giving Carrie's baby to Nicole and realizes there could be some truth to what Lucas is saying as Alan as reason for a grudge against both Brady girls. Lucas tells Kate it's late and they need to get to bed and asks that she not talk of what he told her around town. Kate says she will keep it to herself as it's a family matter. Lucas tells her goodnight and Kate tells him the same. Sami tells Lucas she wishes he would not have told Kate what he did but Lucas says he couldn't have her blaming Sami for everything. Plus, she is Will's grandmother and has a right to know. Meanwhile, Kate vows that if the MCF did do something to Will in addition to what he is doing to Carrie, all bets are off and she will make him or her pay, along with Alan and Nicole.

-The MCF watches from outside the abandoned warehouse as Victor, Max, Frankie, Greta, Shane, and Jack arrive and race in to the abandoned warehouse office. Jack takes Billie in his arms and tells her that he was so worried about her. He tells her never to do anything like that again. Billie says it was their only shot and she had to take it. She tells Jack she is fine. Frankie, Greta, Victor, Shane, and Max see the closeness between Jack and Billie. Billie then shows them around the office and points out the surveilance center to them along with the picture collage of all the people they love and care about with the word "REVENGE" on it. They then look through the doors and discover all kinds of spy gadgets and newspapers clippings of happenings all around Salem like Carrie and Austin's wedding, the Halloween Ball, the New Year's Eve Ball, etc. Shane thinks this could be a big break. The others agree. They are then shocked when Roman arrives with the SPD, saying the harbormaster on pier 3 reported a disturbance in the area of the warehouse district. Roman asks what they are all doing there and what is this place.

Billie tells Roman it's the MCF's hideaway and shows him and the police around. Roman asks how they found out. Jack, Billie, and the others are forced to come clean about the under the radar investigation they have been conducting. Roman is furious, reminding Jack that he warned him not to do this. Roman is stunned that Shane was involved. Shane tells Roman that he only supported it because it was more effective. The MCF had his or her eye on the SPD and this was all under the radar. They discovered more. Roman doesn't care and says it endangered lives. Billie reminds Roman that she is a trained ISA agent and so is Shane. Roman says he knows but the others have no business in this and it's too dangerous with this MCF involved. Roman notes how he knew something was up when Shane had found all this surveilance videos. Roman admits he didn't buy Shanw's story and realizes they must have come from Jack, Billie, and the others. Victor reminds Roman if their alliance and says he fully supported this. Shane fills Roman in on the cameras and bugs around town and how they trapped the MCF at Carrie and Austin's wedding. Roman isn't pleased and says this must end now. The SPD and ISA will take over, along with any other legal authorities.

Billie reminds Roman that they discovered more then the SPD and that if he wanrs to bust this MCF, he will need them continuing this investigation. Shane supports Billie's position and tells Roman that she's right. He didn't agree before but it has been more a more effective means of investigating. Roman realizes they are right and reluctantly agrees, as long as everything is reported to him and Shanw. Billie tells him it must be kept off the record and on a low profile. Roman orders his officers to turn off the sirens and to keep things quiet on all fronts. Roman warns Billie, Jack, Greta, Frankie, Victor, and Max that if they do anything without his knowing or approval, they are done investigating and the next time they do that he will see to it they are arrested. They all agree to the terms. Roman returns to his officers. Jack thinks it's a bad deal but Billie says it's better then being shut out. He asks why she didn't tell Roman about the MCF having Chelsea and Abby. Billie says she he was already furious and she doesn't need the MCF finding out the SPD knows and doing something rash. Shane overhears and agrees, telling Billie to keep it to herself for now.

Meanwhile, the MCF is nearby in the warehouse district but can't hear or see much of what is happening. He or she realizes that his or her "home" or lair is no longer available to him or her. The MCF says it's no matter. He or she won't need it. There is nothing in there to destroy him or her and the cruise ship will be in Salem within 24 hours.

MCF: The time is near. It's too late for anyone or anything to stop this. Soon, they will all feel my wrath. Everything until now has been child's play compared to the horror that is about to befall all of them. They have no idea what they are about to deal with. No idea.

The MCF snickers as he or she watches the SPD searching the warehouse area. The screen then freezes on the MCF and then fades to black.


Kayla to Caroline: That's it. I have to go off. I have to find Steve.

Greta to Billie: Admit it. Your in love with Jack.

Frankie to Jack: Billie is more then a friend to you, huh?

Roman to Jack and Billie: That damn cloaked person has Chelsea and Abby and you didn't tell me!! What were you thinking?

Kate to Billie: Your saying that the cloaked figure has my granddaughter, Chelsea?

Hope to Caroline (with Kayla and Kim): I just want to know what is going on. Just tell me!


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