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May 17, 2007




-Austin and Carrie's wedding reception is beginning to wind down at the Penthouse Grille. Hope notices JT is rubbing his eyes and tells Bo it looks like it's time to go. Bo tells Hope that he will call her and set up a schedule for him to come by and see JT. Hope asks if this is what it has come down to. Bo is about to answer when JT tells Bo he wants him to come home with them and read to him before bed. He says mommy does it every night but he wants him to do it. Hope looks at Bo, who looks at JT's innocent and eager face. Bo tells JT he will come home with them and read to him. JT is overjoyed and embraces Bo while a smiling Hope looks on.

Kim looks at her watch and wonders where Shane is. She calls his cell but it's off so hse leaves a message saying she has gone home and he can just call her and tell her what happened to him. Kim now wonders how she will get home. She decides to ask Caroline for a ride. Caroline hesistates and then tells Kim she would love to but she is taking Kayla home. Kim agrees that it may stir up trouble. She will just go home with someone else. Caroline says that shouldn't ne necessary. They are family.

Caroline motions for Kayla to come over there. She does and Caroline asks her if she is ok with them taking Kim home too. Kayla is hesistant and then says it's up to Caroline. Roman overhears and says he can take Kim home. He needs to go anyway as he is needed back at the station and the reception is all but over. He does needs to say goodbye to his girls first. Kim and Caroline thank him. When Roman leaves, Caroline tells Kim and Kayla this has to stop. She won't have their family acting like this and being so torn apart. They can't even be in the same room together. Kim says she is sorry as Kayla says she is too but she just doesn't know if she can ever get past the lies Kim and Roman told. They lied to all of them and made things even worse for Bo. Kim tells Kayla she is very sorry. Kayla looks at her and walks away.

Roman is hugging Sami and tells her that the next wedding he goes to will be her's and he can't wait. Sami says he may be right as she caught the bouquet and Lucas caught the garter. Roman says he looks forward to the day he walks her down the aisle. They hug as he says he needs to say goodbye to Carrie. Sami and Lucas bid him goodbye and then, when he leaves, Sami tells Lucas they need to talk to Will right now. No more waiting around. They need the truth. Lucas agrees.

Carrie is hugging Belle and Claire. She tells Claire thank you in a small and cheery voice and then thanks Belle for all she did for the wedding. Belle tells her that is what sisters are for. Austin then comes over dragging a drunk Philip. Belle is appalled. Austin tips a waiter and tells him to see to it that Mr. Kiriakis gets a cab home. The waiter obliges as Philip yells out if this is what he gets for standing up in his brother's wedding. Belle is disgusted and Austin apologizes for that. Belle tells him he did the right thing. He just keeps getting worse and worse. She tells them both she must go as Claire will be overtired if they don't get home soon. She wishes them both goodnight and is then caught by Roman on her way out, who says goodbye and embraces her.

Austin then reminds Carrie she never did answer his question. Is there something she wants to tell him? Carrie is again silent.

Sami and Lucas approach Will, who is all by himself at a table, and ask if he is ok. Will wishes they would stop asking him the same questions all the time. He just doesn't like things like this with so many people around. Sami says she has had enough. She tried being nice about it and them tried backing off but no more. She knows something is up and she wants to know what is going on...NOW!!! This time...she wants the TRUTH. Lucas tells Will to trust them. They can make whatever is wrong ok. Will is silent and seems conflicted.

Carrie tells Austin there is nothing to tell him. She just has alot on her mind with everything that has happened in the past year with the baby and the island and all. Austin understands. Carrie says that so much went through her mind that she could't help but wonder if something else would happen to destroy there happiness so she was afraid. She apologizes to Austin for making him think something else was happeing. He tells her it's fine. He reminds her that she can always come to him with anything and confide in him. They are a team now. Roman then comes over and congratulates them both again, telling them that he needs to go. He embraces Carrie and wishes her every happiness. She deserves it. Carrie thanks him for everything. Roman asks if she is happy. Carrie nods. Roman shakes Austin's hand and tells him to take care of his daughter. Austin promises to do so. Roman leaves to say goodbye to Eric as Austin asks Carrie if she is ready to start their wedding night. Carrie tells him she is...but she wants one last dance with him first.

Caroline tells Kim she knows she is sorry. She assures her that some day Bo and Kayla will understand. Kim isn't so sure. Roman comes over and tells her to listen to their mother. She knows best. He asks Kim if she is ready to go. Kim nods and he wheels her away, kissing Caroline before he leaves. Caroline then vows to unite her family and bring them back together again.

A disguised James and Alan wonder what is going on as the MCF has yet to get in contact with them or appear at the reception. James says he has had a feeling all night something isn't right. Alan says they both have their cells off and perhaps they should put them on. James tells Alan that doing that may result in attracting unneeded attention. Alan says it may be worth it as they have no clue why they are there and what is going on.

Meanwhile, on the second floor of the Titan building, many floors below the Penthouse Grille, Billie leads Jack and Greta through the halls. Frankie follows close behind as backup. Billie radios to Shane, who is leading Victor and Max and came in via the elevator while Billie and the others did via the stairs to trap the MCF, and asks if he has seen anything. Shane says nothing yet and Nico reported in saying the MCF seems to have vanished. Billie thinks may be they should split up individually. Shane thinks that is a good idea. Billie and Shane both ask the others if they all have their guns. Everyone nods and draws them as Billie and Shane give the orders to split up on the second floor. Shane tells Max and Victor to guard the elevator and staircase. Jack, Frankie, and Greta start searching the offices while Billie and Shane do the same.

The MCF is holding up in one of the offices, realizing he or she is trapped unless they leap off the balcony of the office. The MCF notices his or her cell phone vibrating and realizes it is still on from waiting for contact from James or Alan. The MCF answers it. It's James, who is whispering and asking what is going on. An angry MCF, via voice changer, tells James that he and Alan were duped. Either Jack, Billie, or someone working with them used a voice changer and acted as their boss to lure them to the reception knowing it would draw him or her out as well.. James asks how does he know that he is talking with his real boss now. The MCF gets angry and reminds him that the voice changers don't sound the same. James recalls the other voice changer sounding different and the person telling him it was due to a cold. James realizes what he is hearing is the truth.

The MCF tells James that he or she is trapped on the second floor. James asks if Alan and him should get down there. The MCF says no and tells them to just get out of the Penthouse Grille. He or she will take care of escaping. There has to be a way out somewhere. James agrees and says he will relay the instructions to Alan and they will be out of there ASAP. The MCF tells James that he or she will be in touch as soon as he or she can escape. The MCF hangs up and slowly opens the office door. Billie is walking down the hall and sees the door open. She races down the hall. The MCF sees this and closes the door, trying feverishly to lock it. Billie manages to open the door and push it open before it can be locked. The MCF heads for the balcony, realizing he or she has no choice. Billie aims her gun and says,"FREEZE!!"

-Bo and Hope return to their house with JT. Hope tells him to get upstairs and get his PJ's on before daddy comes up to read to him. JT embraces her and gives her a kiss, telling her goodnight. Hope does the same as JT goes upstairs. Hope thanks Bo for a wonderful time at the wedding and tells him it was great to be together as a family again. Bo agrees and thanks Hope for not interrogating him. Hope knows it was part of the deal but she does tell Bo they have to talk. Bo tells her not tonight. A frustrated Hope asks him when. He is doing the same thing he lashed out at her for last summer. They need to communciate and talk about their relationship and marriage. Bo says JT is waiting. This will have to wait. Bo goes upstairs as Hope pulls at her hair and then looks at a wedding photo of her and Bo. Tears well in her eyes as she wonders if they will ever work things out.

Back at the Penthouse Grille, Katherine and Cal are still dancing on the dance floor. She tells him she is having a great time and it was nice to be out together. Cal notes that the fesitivities are winding down and that they should say their goodbyes. Katherine agrees. Cal then grabs at his head in extreme pain. Katherine asks him what is wrong and if it's more memories. Cal says it just really hurts and he falls back as Katherine catches him. She gets him to a table and asks him if he is ok. Cal holds his head and grimaces in pain as a worried Katherine looks on.

Carrie and Austin are finishing their last dance on the dance floor when she sees Nicole holding Evan and putting him in the stroller. She tries to fight back tears and begins to cry. Eric notices this and decides to talk to Carrie about what is going on with her, Kate, and Nicole. Eric interupts their dance and apologizes for doing so but he must talk to Carrie. Austin sees Carrie is upset and asks what is wrong. He tells Carrie he can see that something is wrong now and it's more then what she said. Eric tells Austin he will try to find out what is going on. He just needs a few minutes with her. Austin agrees and leaces. Austin notes that Carrie was facing Nicole while they were dancing and that she was fine before. He recalls how upset Carrie, Nicole, and his mother looked last night during their bachelor/bachelorette parties when they found the three of them alone. Austin approaches Nicole, who congratulates Austin on his marriage. She embraces him and wishes him the best. Austin thank her but says he needs to ask her something.

Austin: Why does you being around lately seem to upset my wife so much?

Nicole is silent. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Eric she is fine. Eric knows she isn't and tells her he saw how upset her, Kate, and Nicole were on the balcony and how upset she got with Nicole later on. Now, here she is crying on her wedding night while watching Nicole and Evan. He then asks her:

Eric: What gives? What is going on with you, Nicole, and Kate?

Sami and Lucas beg Will to let them help him but he rebuffs them and tells them to back off if they know what is good for them...for everyone. An upset Will runs off and right past Kate and out the service entrance. Sami tells Lucas to go after him. Kate asks Sami what she has done now. Sami tells Kate to shut it. She needs to go find Will. Kate follows as Sami follows after Lucas out the service entrance.

Back on the second floor of the Titan building, Billie holds the MCF at gunpoint.

Billie: At long last...face to face with the devil himself. Or is it herself?

MCF: You tell me. You and Deveraux seem to always be on my trail. Good sleuths, you are. Just remember I have your daughters.

Billie: Where are they?

MCF: As I said in the letter, back off and you will get them back.

Billie: I don't beleive you.

MCF: Well, you will have to take a leap of faith then. You have no other choice.

Billie: Sure I do. I arrest your ass and we interrogate you until you break.

MCF: I will never break.

Billie: Everyone breaks.

MCF: I'm not everyone.

Billie then hears Jack call for her, which gives the MCF the distraction he or she needs to bolt for the balcony. Billie gives chase as Jack arrives in the office with Frankie, Greta, and Shane. Billie sees the MCF jump off the balcony.

Billie: I can't let you get away. This may be our only shot. Lives are on the line. My daughter's life...Abby...I have to do this.

Billie looks over the balcony and then jumps over as Jack yells out:

Jack: BILLIE!!! NO!!!

The scene then fades out on Jack's shocked face and then fades to black.


Eric to Carrie: I'm your brother. You can tell me what is going on.

Austin to Nicole: If you are doing something to my wife, you better tell me right now.

Will to Bo: I don't know what to do.

Bo to Will: Tell the truth.

Katherine to Cal: It may not be long until you are whole again.

Jack to Frankie: I can't lose Billie. I can't.

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