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#028 Wednesday May 16th



#028 Wednesday May 16th

The first court date for Edmund's custody battle has arrived. Edmund, Stephen, Carolee and her Lawyer (Ben) are in the judge's chambers.

Judge: I assume that all parties involved are here.

Stephen: Everyone is here.

Judge: First, let's establish the plaintiff's grounds for seeking full custody.

Ben: Your honor, my client seeks custody based on the grounds that the children would not be raised in a proper family environment.

Stephen: Your honor, the children are being cared for by their father and several members of the immediate family live nearby.

Ben: If immediate family includes the defendant's mother, let the record show that she has made threats against my client.

Edmund: Only because she refused to leave my mother's property.

Judge: Mr. McGregor, please do not speak unless you are asked to. The plaintiff's counsel will continue.

Ben: Thank you, your honor. My client also feels that the children would not be safe around the defendant's mother.

Stephen: Your honor, there is no real basis for such concern, my client's mother has never posed a threat to the children or anyone else.

Carolee: That woman practically shoved me when I came to pick up my children.

Edmund: She has never laid a finger on you.

Judge: Order!

Edmund: Your honor, she's not telling the truth!

Judge: I have asked you once not to speak unless I ask you to, I won't tell younn again.

Stephen: Edmund, just calm down, I'll handle this.

Judge: Does either counsel have anything further to say.

Ben: Your honor, I request that my client be granted temporary custody

Stephen: Your honor, let the record show that the plaintiff left the state and didn't see the children for months.

Judge: Does the plaintiff care to explain her actions?

Carolee: I went to visit my family for awhile, but I did call a regular basis.

Edmund: Your honor, may I say something?

Judge: Go ahead.

Edmund: She left because she didn't want to be married and have a family I had to tell my sons that their mother left and probably wouldn't be coming back.

Stephen: Your honor, based on this reasoning, the plaintiff should not be granted temporary custody.

Judge: I shall make a decision on this matter and tell you my ruling tomorrow.

Edmund: This woman abandoned her children and you need time to decide, that's real great.

Stephen: Edmund, just be quiet.

Judge: This hearing is adjourned.

The judge leaves. Edmund sighs deeply.

Meanwhile, Anna comes to Yvette's house

Yvette: I wasn't expecting you.

Anna: I wasn't really planning on coming over, I just needed to get something off my chest.

Yvette: I assume you've made a decision.

Anna: Yes, I have. I'm not going to sign off on your little shopping mall.

Yvette: Excuse me?

Anna: I thought about it and I figured that if I didn't give into you, you wouldn't have anything to telling what your father did.

Yvette: What makes you think that? I could tell everything right now just to spite you.

Anna: I'll take my chances.

Yvette: You think you've won, but this isn't over, not by a long shot.

Anna: I advise you to stop what you are doing right now, it's only going to lead to trouble.

Yvette: Then so be it.

Anna: Do you realize how insane this is?

Yvette: Call it whatever you like, but I will build that shopping center, rather you like it or not.

Yvette opens the door for Anna to leave.

Anna: We'll see about that.

Anna leaves.


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