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it begins

Ms. Walsh


I hate when Fridays don't seem like Fridays. Today, after the usual classes, I have to vacuum the room and steal the mattress from up in the attic. Tonight one of our friends is sleeping in our room because her roommate's boyfriend is coming to town. :lol::unsure: So I figure that since Mary's coming tomorrow, I'd have to get the room ready anyway. Plus, I'll be bringing back my air mattress from home.

But then at 4 I have effing tea duty. Ugh...I hate tea!!!!!! It's this stupid tradition that Smith has, but I hate it! I do not want to spend my Friday afternoons talking to people I don't care about: I'd rather watch TV! At least next year, I won't have to do it, and then I won't bother showing up to any of them.

Next week is going to be awful anyway. I have two papers, one comp, and a mid-term. :blink::blink: Let's see how it goes. I think I deserve a little break, so I'm not doing homework on the weekend.


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