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The Guiding Light: Episode 065
Monday, April 30, 2007
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble



“Well you are stuck with me.” Ben flipped on the lights inside the Bauer cabin, “That creek is definitely going to cause the roads to flood if the rain doesn’t let up.”

Marina dropped the bags and wrapped her arms around Ben’s neck, “Stuck with you? Really?” she kissed him, “Is that like a promise?”


He spun her around much to her delight, “You bet it is!” When he set her down he looked around, “I’m glad we came up here, this place really brings back a lot of memories for me.”

“Well I’m just glad that you were able to get the time off…” Marina headed towards the bedroom with the bags, “because I think you and I are about to make some memories of our own.”

“You want me to build a fire?”

“It’s like May baby.” Marina reminded him, “But I guess it would be romantic. You do that and when you get back…” she winked and disappeared into the bedroom. Ben put the other bag in the closet by the front door and headed out for some wood.

“I just don’t understand…” Lucy Cooper-Spaulding announced, “I mean I could get text messages about who was voted off American Idol for God’s sake, yet I can’t get reception up here unbelievable.”


The thunderstorm predicated earlier the day before settles in over Springfield as Holly Reade flips the television on and settles to the sofa.

“Let’s take it over to Joe who’s in the weather center watching this storm, Joe.” The news anchor spoke as Holly lowered the volume. She had survived Roger’s death she was almost certain she could make it through a little thunder and rain.

Spread out over the coffee table were a little bit of work and one to many pictures of days gone by: her and Roger, Blake when she was born…Holly dropped a picture of Roger and it floated to the table.

As she reclined on the sofa and flipped the television off her mind raced back to the previous day at the cemetery.

“Angels persist Roger. Clouds persist, they become showers, they become lakes, and they become clouds again and they persist as we persist. I’ve never forgot those words…and no time soon will I ever forget you.”

A knock on the door brought her back to reality, “Ed.” Holly forced a smile, “What are you doing out in this weather?”

“Well I haven’t had dinner yet and I thought of you.” He lifted two takeout bags from Company, “How does some Buzzburgers sound?”


“Um…” she searched for the right words, “thoughtful but I have a lot of editing to do and staff notes to prepare. I’m sorry.”

Ed shrugged his shoulders, “How about dinner? I won’t stay long.” He pushed past her and on into Hollybend. “I left you alone last night but I don’t think you need to be by yourself tonight.”


And Now "The Guiding Light"

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“I’m so sad that you’re not going to be here tonight. It’s raining pretty hard.” She spoke into the phone. Danny had taken Robbie to Chicago for a White Sox game. “Okay…hi Robbie. Did you and daddy have a good day?”

“I know they lost.” She mad a sad face even though he couldn’t see her, “You ate how many hotdogs? Three! You’re such a big boy huh? Okay well put daddy back on the phone…Sounds like you two had a good time…I know you wish you were here, but an overnight stay away from Springfield is what you need right now.” As Danny continued to tell her about the day Marah opened the door and saw a drenched Josh standing before her.

She motioned him in and covered the receiver, “Go on in, it’s Danny. Oh it’s my dad.” He picked up on the arrival of someone. “I don’t know…okay I’ll talk to you in the morning. Kiss Robbie for me…” Marah laughed out loud, “Bye!”

“Danny not home tonight?” Josh kissed Marah on the cheek.

“No he took Robbie to a White Sox game.” At which Josh frowned, “Oh that’s it…pack your bags I’m taking you away from here, I won’t let my daughter live with a Sox fan.”

Marah handed him a bourdon, “He’s a Cubs fan, but they weren’t in Chicago this weekend and Robbie wanted to go to a baseball game.”

“I see. But he is a Cubs fan?”

“Through and through. So what brings you by, this weather is horrible.”


Sandra O’Dell closed her umbrella and walked over to the nurse’s station. “Coming down like cats and dogs are out there.” She smiled, “Olivia Spaulding sent me over here, something about a drug test.”

A nurse quickly started working on her computer, “Name please?”

“Sandra O’Dell. O-apostrophe-D-E-L-L.”

“Okay…here we go.” The nurse handed her a brochure, “This explains what the nurse will be doing this evening and the policies here at Cedars.”

Sandra smiled, “And where do I need to go?”

“Take the red elevator to the fourth floor and make left and ask for Nurse Raines, she’ll be administering your test tonight.”

“Raines?” Sandra questioned. “Um what’s her first name?”

Before the nurse could answer two paramedics burst through the ER doors, “We have a car crash victim!” One shouted, “We need a nurse stat!”

Sandra didn’t push for an answer, she just walked over to the elevator and got on. “Floor four.”

Almost as quickly as the doors had opened earlier did they open again on the second floor, “Okay you be careful out there Tina.” Lillian stepped on and pushed the already lit number three. “It’s coming down out there…” she began to speak as she turned to see her companion, “my God.” She gasped…as the lights went out!



“Sweetheart if you don’t calm down.” Buzz lectured as he sat the overnight bags down by the front door, “I’m sure if something happens Alan-Michael or Rick will get a hold of us somehow.”

“I know…”

“And this was your idea.” He replied, “I was fine staying there with Harley but you and Frank said no this would do us good so let the cabin do its work. Okay?”

Frank dropped two grocery sacks down, “I still think we should have just gotten a couple of pizzas and called it good.”

“Please the two of you eat like some college frat boys. Pizza, hotdogs, chips. No sir, not tonight.” She announced, “Tonight I am going to cook you both a real meal. Lucy Cooper’s famous spaghetti delight.” She boasted, “Now go out and get a some wood for a fire this place is freezing.”


“Yes ma’am.” Frank mocked before heading out the door, “If I have to go so do you.” He told Buzz, “Plus it’ll give you a chance to try and get a signal on your phone.”

Lucy opened one of the shopping bags and pulled out a head of lettuce as the backdoor opened, “There’s no ways you guys found wood that fast.” She turned holding a butcher knife in one hand.

“Shi--” Ben cursed under his breath, “Lucy.”



He pulled out a large brown envelope from his jacket, “I’ve been carrying this around in the truck for a few days, it’s your mail.”

“Oh thank you. Mostly junk I would imagine, but it was very thoughtful of you.”

“Just couldn’t find the right time. I was going to come by last week but Billy said you and Mindy were in New York City.”

“You could haven given it to Danny, he won’t bite you know.”

Josh shook his head and sipped his drink, “Well I wanted an excuse to see my little girl, not Danny.” He told her.


“Well then you picked the perfect night,” a clap of thunder roared outside, “because I have dinner for two from Towers and no one to eat it with. Will you join me?”

“I’d love to darlin’.”


“You think I’m scared of thunder and lighting?”

“Holly…” Ed pulled out two burgers, “I didn’t say that and you know that is not what I meant. I know how much Roger’s death has shaken you…”

“I’ve lived without Roger in my life for almost ten years. I don’t know how many times I have to say this but I’m fine.”

“Do you any sodas?” He asked ignoring her last comment, “You know I haven’t opened my letter from Roger yet. Not even sure if warrants the effort.”

She nibbled at an onion ring and hoped for both of their sakes she could change the topic of conversation. “Hope said she was staying in Springfield, any particular reason why?”

Ed got two glasses down from the counter, “She’ll be consulting with either Lewis or Spaulding on the new Cedars project. Do you want ice?”

“No.” Holly went ahead and cleared the table it was certain that Ed wasn’t going anywhere.

“Here you go.” Ed sat her glass on the table, “So what would you like to talk about?”

“This must be yours.” Holly again forced a smile, “I told you I didn’t want ice.”

“I know, but I thought it would be better with ice.” Ed took his seat, “You don’t mind.”

Holly sat the glass down and spoke softly, “I do mind actually, Ed. I’ve minded for a very long time and you do not seem to care.”


Ed looked across at her, “What are you talking about?”



“Mrs. Spaulding will be just fine.” Lucy corrected him, “What are you doing here?”

“I um…”

“Are you and my niece here? Together?” Lucy glanced over to the bedroom door and saw the bag on the floor, “An overnight bag? There had better be a checkerboard in that bag.”

Ben swallowed. He did not do well with families, especially the Cooper clan, “Mrs. Spaulding this is not as bad as it looks.

“Oh you’re right…it’s worse.” Lucy told him, “Do you know who is here with me?”

“I’m going to assume no one is the wrong answer.”

“You could say that…my father and…”

Before she could answer him two doors suddenly opened: the front one and the bedroom…


“I hope this is hot enough for you?” Marina announced.

“Marina Nadine!” Frank yelled dropping the wood to the floor as their eyes all met.

Ben cursed under his breath, Buzz shut the front door, “Are you sure that creek’s flooded by now Lucy?”

Lucy rolled her eyes and went into the living room, “Marina honey go take off the washcloth that you’re wearing and put on some pajamas. You did remember to bring some PJs didn’t you?”

Marina shook her head no. “Oh my God Marina!” Frank yelled, “I’m going to hurt you…” he pointed toward Ben, “You had better sleep with both eyes open.”

Lucy walked over to Frank, “Enough out of you. Okay? No one will be sleeping with any eyes open. Frankie go with Dad outside and get a grip. Marina I brought some sweatpants why don’t you find them in my bag, over there and when you get change come help me cook dinner. Ben…” she cut her eyes toward him and shook her head, “Go up in the attic and bring down the extra cots please and Mel said there was extra bed lines in the closet get those please.”

After they were all sent on their way she returned to the kitchen, “And here I thought Alan-Michael’s family was dysfunctional.”


“You seem to think that I am still the damsel in distress. In case you haven’t noticed, which I don’t think you have I’ve evolved over the last thirty plus years we’ve known one another.”

“Holly I’ve never said that you were a damsel in distress…”

“Then stop acting like my white knight who’s come to save me from the big bad world. I went along time without you in my life Ed and I’m still standing.”

“And when we were together and you fell apart who picked you up?”

“Because I never learned how to pick myself up…I had to lose you first to learn that.” She fired back at him, “You always think you know what I need, what I want and the fact is you listen, you hear me and then you do whatever it is you want.” Holly reached for the glass, “Do you want ice Holly?” she mocked, “No, I said no and what did you do? You gave me ice.”

“Oh dear God!” Ed sighed, “Are we really fighting over frozen water?”

“No…no we are not fighting over frozen water. We are fighting because you always assume you know what is best for me and what I need.” Holly walked across the room, “When are you going to realize that I might survive without you?”

:Fade to Black:

Next on “The Guiding Light!”
- The storm continues to settle over Springfield...
- Alexandra tells Gus about the past
- Two ex-lovers find themselves together!


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