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April 16, 2007




-In the Parisian tunnels, Lexie is in the secret room with Hector and her team. They pick themselves up and begin to come to terms with what happened. Lexie opens the secret room door and sees all the destruction left as a result of the explosions Hector set off. Lexie slaps Hector and tells him to look at what he has done. Hector says he did what he had to do and, if her father is upset about him blowing up half of the tunnels, he can always rebuild them like before.

Lexie tells Hector that her father would have never allowed this. She tells Hector he is out of line and that he and the team are going out there to search for Abe and her mother. They may need medical attention or even a hospital. Hector laughs and says that there is no way they survived back to back blasts like that. He reminds Lexie they saw them both get crushed by debris and tells her she needs to accept they are gone.

Lexie: If my husband and mother are dead, I will make sure that you suffer as much pain as they did! Now...you and the team get out there...NOW!!! MY HUSBAND AND MY MOTHER ARE OUT THERE, DAMNIT!!!

Meanwhile, in a supply closet in the tunnels, Steve manages to push the closet door open through the rubble. He is amazed by all the destruction left in the wake of the explosions. He is right outside the secret room door and hears Lexie going off on Hector. Steve realizes that Abe and Celeste must have gotten caught in the blasts. He observes the large wall of debris in front of him and realizes there is nothing he can do...on his own. He will have to get help...even if it blows his cover and gets him in trouble with the boss. Steve turns around and walks through the tunnels, looking for a way to get back to the surface for help.

Behind the massive wall of debris and rubble, Abe wakes up and manages to pull a beam and some rocks and rubble off him. Celeste is right under him since he was shielding her. He tries to get her to wake up but his efforts are futile. He then begins to cry out Celeste's name and begs her to wake up. He then realizes she isn't breathing and panics. He tries to control his emotions and tells himself she needs CPR and begins to administer it.

-At the Spectator, Hope is with Frankie and Kayla. They are both trying to convince Kayla to reconsider going after Steve. Greta comes out of the media room to join them and says that Jack and Billie are still working. Frankie says good and gets back to Kayla. Hope asks Kayla how she expects to go after Steve without even knowing where he is. Kayla mentions how the MCF instructed Steve to go to Europe on the surveillance video. Frankie points out to Kayla that they have no idea where as they couldn't make out that much on the video. Kayla says she will track him down.

Frankie laughs and tells Kayla she is being stupid. He is not going to let her do this as she has no idea where Steve is specifically and would be walking into danger. Greta and Hope both agree with Frankie. Kayla says she doesn't care what anyone says. She is going after Steve. She will find her husband.

Meanwhile, in the media room, Jack and Billie are still finished some surveilance tapes. They are still shocked over Alan being in cahoots with the MCF and over the MCF blackmailing Steve. Jack says he just hopes Kayla doesn't go after Steve. That would be stupid and he wouldn't want that. He also hopes Steve is ok. Billie says this mess keeps going from bad to worse. First, Marlena and now, Steve. She tells Jack that these are people they know and that this is serious. Jack agrees. Billie tells Jack that Shane left a message for Roman at the SPD after he looked over the tape with them earlier to let Roman know that the MCF may be going after Lexie in Europe based on what the MCF told Steve.

Jack asks Billie if she made sure to tell Shane to stay silent. Billie says he promised to as long as they keep him posted. He will just say that his ISA intel gave him the info. Billie wonders why Lexie is in Europe with a team of Dimera henchmen. Jack isn't sure but says they need to stop sitting around. He thinks they have gotten all they can from the survielance tapes. It's time to move on to something else. Jack thinks it's time to skip over collecting evidence and trying to bust the case open. It's gotten too personal and serious. Jack tells Billie it's time to lay a trap for the MCF.

-On the pier, Kate is visibly shaken now that she is face to face with the MCF.

MCF (via voice changer): It's ok, Katie girl. I won't bite.

Kate: Why are you doing this? What do you want? You have been lurking for months. You shot Roman and Stefano...been torturing people...why? And that voice changer...

MCF: I am getting really sick of answering that. I have my reasons. Let's leave it at that. The voice changer is used for obvious reasons.

Kate: Why are you helping Nicole? Why do you want to keep that child away from...

MCF: I have my reasons.

Kate: You did it, didn't you? I overheard Nicole talking about a phone call she had gotten from someone claiming to be responsible for her and Eric finding the baby. You made sure they found Carrie's baby, didn't you?

MCF: Sure did. I intercepted the child and made sure he went where I wanted him too. I had a little help but I did most of the work as usual.

Kate: Who helped...

MCF: Don't even ask because I won't tell.

The MCF circles around Kate and stands behind her, gently caressing her neck and cheek.

Kate: Why did you come to see me in person? You have only spoken to me on the phone until now.

MCF: I didn't plan to meet you. I saw you walking and thought I would say hi. Just trying to be polite.

Kate (shaking with tears streaming down her cheeks): My, how considerate. You must be a man. Touching a woman and making her unconfortable...feeling superior and invincible. Trying to force an attraction that just isn't there...you are definitely a man.

MCF: Perhaps...but might I be a woman too? Women can be attracted to other women and those legs, Katie girl. Those luscious lips...you are just one vivacious package that any gender would be attracted too in my opinion.

Kate: Go to hell!! Leave me alone!!

The MCF turns Kate around and then tightly holds her in his or her arms.

MCF: Not until I am finished with you!!

-Shane is driving in his car, desperate to find Sami and Lucas to tell them that he saw Will with Alan and that Alan is in cahoots with the MCF. He can't get a hold of Lucas but is able to get to get Eric. He asks where Sami is and hears she is at Will's school for a meeting. Shane then makes a beeline for Salem High.

-At Salem High, Sami is meeting with Will's principal. Principal Wexler tells Sami that Will's grades are good and that his teachers haven't noticed anything wrong. He is just as quiet as he ever was and still hangs around with the same few friends it seems. Sami says that sounds right. He never had many friends. She tells Principal Wexler that Will had a rough year and he was also disappointed with not making the basketball team. Principal Wexler understands but says there doesn't seem to be anything wrong that has been noted and Will hasn't even been in his office since last May when he got in trouble for a stink bomb.

Sami is confused and says she doesn't recall that. Principal Wexler says it happened and he has the report in Will's file. He says that Will's uncle came because he was told that Will's parents were out of town. Sami says that is impossible. Mostly all of Will's uncles were on Morgan Island last May with her and Lucas dealing with a family situation. She asks Principal Wexler what this uncle looked like. Principal Wexler states that he called himself Uncle Eric and he was about 6'1', medium build, dirty blonde hair, and seemed nice and genuine. Sami says that her brother wasn't even in town but admits that description is very close to her brother's. She is confused and wonders what is going on.

-Back in the Parison tunnels, Hector tells Lexie that he and the team can't do what she is asking. It's a hopeless mission. No one could've survived two successive blasts like that. Lexie refuses to beleive that and orders Hector to lead the team and to try. Hector refuses, saying he did what was best and that she is wrong in thinking her father wouldn't agree. He reminds Lexie that she didn't care for them anymore anyway...at least not from what Mr. Dimera said. Hector tells her to just let it go. They will have to lie low in the secret room just in case the authorites arrive but, after a day or so, they can move on.

Hector returns to the team and Lexie is left alone in her thoughts. He eyes fill with tears as she recalls special moments with Abe and Celeste. She tells herself they can't be gone but looks out at the debris and rubble and breaks down in tears.

Lexie: I never wanted this. I treated you both so horribly. Theo...his father and his grandmother...I am so sorry.

Hector comes over and closes the secret room's door, telling Lexie to relax and just accept reality. It will help her move on. Lexie snarls at him as he walks away. She then covers her face with her hands as she breaks down in tears again.

Meanwhile, Steve arrives with the French police. They ask Steve how he knows about the explosions and what he was doing down there. Steve explains that he heard the explosions and that the explosions opened a secret door on the side of the building. He adds that he could hear what sounded like two people screaming. Steve points to the building and the French police examine the door and see that it leads to the tunnels below Paris. They tell Steve to stay with them as they may have questions for him later. He agrees and says he planned on sticking with them. He wants to make sure those people in there are all right. Steve then follows the police down into the tunnels.

Behind the wall of rubble and debris, Abe manages to get a pulse and is releived. He begs Celeste to wake up. Theo needs her. He needs her. He then holds her in his arms as tears well up in his eyes, praying to God that he doesn't lose her.

-Back at The Spectator, Billie asks Jack what he is thinking. He says he thinks it's time to pay Marlena a visit. She may be able to tell them where the MCF lurks around or something that may lead to them. Billie doubts it but Jack thinks she may slip up, especially with her personality fluctuations. Billie reluctantly agrees to go along, warning Jack they better not get caught or they will be in alot of trouble. Jack says they are both experienced at undercover work so it should be ok. Billie reminds him of the undercover work they did at the bar and how bad that ended up. Jack says that won't happen again. Jack tells her they need to get going now as it's easier to go undercover with the night shift on. He drags Billie off with him as he exits the room.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Hope are still trying to get true to Kayla. Hope tells her to at least wait to see if they get more information first. Greta tells Kayla that might be better then her going to Europe and not knowing where to look. Kayla reluctantly agrees, realizing that sounds sensible. She will wait 24 hours but no longer. She knows her husband needs her and she is going to go after hime. Jack and Billie come out and tell Frankie and Greta that they are off to handle something and that they will update them later as there is no time to waste. Frankie and Greta say ok and wonder what is going on. They yell out to them to be careful. Hope tells Kayla she is doing the right thing. Kayla reiterates she is only waiting 24 hours. No longer. She knows Steve needs her. She can feel it.

-Back on the pier, the MCF reminds Kate of his or her words. If she tells anyone about their conversations or of their meeting, he or she will make sure her family is destroyed...or worse. He or she reminds Kate she should want to keep the truth anyway. The paternity of Carrie's baby will cause tension between Lucas and Austin and will force their siblings to take sides. It would be one big mess. Kate realizes it's true but still thinks this is wrong. The MCF doesn't care and tells Kate to do as she is told or face his or her wrath. That is her choice. The MCF then lets go of his or her grip on her and tells Kate to have a nice evening as he or she caresses her cheek.

The MCF then leaves as Kate get a chill off her spine. She then breaks down in tears as she wonders how they all got into this mess and how they are all ever going to get out of it.

-Sami is leaving Salem High and is racing to her car in the parking lot. She wants to get home to talk to Will and Lucas about her meeting with Principal Wexler as she is still confused and wants answers from Will. Shane's car pulls up and he races out. Sami sees him and asks what he is doing there. Shane says he has something important to tell her. Sami tells Shane she has no interesting speaking to him after the lies he told about Carrie. He exposed her to Alan for months and kept the fact that Alan was back from all of them.

Shane apologizes but says this is important and he should've told her before. Sami tries to interupt again but Shane talks over her and says he saw Will with Alan. Sami's face turns pale as she asks him when. Shane says it was the night Carrie went into labor. Will was calling him "Ace" and had said it was nothing. That "Ace" was his friend and nothing more. He admits being suspicious of Alan and attacking him but says nothing seemed wrong. Sami goes off on Shane for not coming forward and for lying again, just like he did about Alan before and about Carrie being with him.

Shane apologizes but says there is more. He explains that he just saw video evidence that Alan is working with the MCF.

Sami: Wait...the same person who shot my father and Stefano? The same person who has been lurking around Salem and who manipulated my mother into working with him? The person suspected of blowing up my apartment?

Shane: Yeah. I just found out tonight.

Sami: Oh my God...damnit Shane. You should have told me about seeing Alan with Will sooner. With this latest information, don't you see how dangerous Alan is. You exposed Carrie and Will to him and lied and...

Shane: I'm sorry, Sami. I didn't think the Will and Alan thing was big at the time. So much was happening that night with Carrie and all. Nothing seemed wron. It just seemed like Alan was going to use Will to get under your skin or something. Maybe by befriending and getting him to side with him over you...I mean, Alan dropped out of sight shortly after Carrie gave birth.

Sami: Excuses...you screwed up again. Bottom line. Wait...Principal Wexler...the description of the person that came when Will got in trouble for the stink bomb.

Shane: What are you...

Sami: I was told in my meeting that Will got in trouble last May for a stink bomb. Principal Wexler told me that Will's Uncle Eric came to handle the problem. Only thing is...Eric wasn't in town then and we were all on Morgan Island. The description given was that the guy was about 6'1', medium build with dirty blonde hair.

Shane: Alan...

Sami: Oh my God...that's it. He did something to Will. That is what's going on with my son. That bastard did something.

Sami then gets in her car as Shane asks where she is going.

Sami: Just stay out of it, Shane. You've done enough to my family. Just stay out of it...stay out of my family's business.

Sami then speeds off as Shane looks on, worried about where all this may be leading. While in her car, Sami says:

Sami: I have to get home and tell Lucas what I learned. We have to get the truth out of Will once and for all. I just pray that I'm wrong because if Alan hurt my son...I will kill him. And that's a promise.

The screen then fades out a determined Sami's face.


Victor to Bo: Long time, no see.

Hope to JT: I'm not sure your daddy is ever coming home.

Roman to Marlena (with Barbara): I'm not giving up on you.

Katherine to Cal: You remembered something...didn't you?

Sami (with Lucas) to Will: I want the truth, Will. Please. Did Alan hurt you?


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