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The Guiding Light: Episode 056
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble


Lizzie and Shayne arrive at class and Lizzie begins to eye a hot young guy and prior to class Lizzie is telling Shayne that she saw him in the student union the other day and that he was just gorgeous, Shayne inquires about the lust of her life, Braxton. Lizzie blows him off when Derek enters the room and Lizzie tells him that is the guy.



The Spaulding building wasn’t yet buzzing at the hour of seven o’clock in the morning. Alan-Michael had been there for about two hours and still wasn’t making much sense of everything happening in his life. Lucy. Hope’s visit. Alexandra’s disappearing act and at the top of his list was what he witnessed at the docks last night.

He pulled out his cell phone and glanced over the picture and then flipped through proposals from board members, Phillip’s and his own. “It almost seems to easy.”

“Good morning.” Ava poked her head in and was quickly gone.

“Ava!” He called after her, “Ava I need Bruce Carson in her later today for a meeting. Set that up would you please?”

“Bruce Carson, of course Alan-Michael. Anything else?”

“See if my father has an update of Alexandra. That’s all.”


And Now "The Guiding Light"


Michelle arrives at Cedars and meets with Claire [susan Pratt] and tells her about her problem with the pregnancy. Claire’s dislike for Danny shines through but Michelle tells her she needs Claire to be objective here and help her figure out what she is going to do with her life, the men and more importantly the baby!


Lucy rubbed her forehead and it felt like a ton of bricks rested there. She began to stir in her bed and quickly realized she was in a hospital gown resting in the hospital. As she turned over she saw Harley and Lucy quickly called the nurse.

“Good morning Mrs. Spaulding.” Dr. Keith arrived, “Did you sleep well?”

“I’m laying next to my comatose sister and my husband’s aunt is dead.” She announced, “You drugged me didn’t you?”

“It was for the best Mrs. Spaulding.” He informed her, “A uniformed police officer has been outside your room since about five hours. Would you like me to show him in?”


“No, I would in fact like an update on Harley and some clothes to put on.” She threw her feet over the side of the bed hitting the cold tile floor.

“We monitored Harley all night and her vitals are holding strong which is a good sign…”

“You know her name is Harley Davidson Cooper, she’s tough one.” Lucy stroked her hair, “I’ve been living in Europe for the last ten years we haven’t seen one another enough…she has to pull through this so we can makeup lost time.”

A nurse entered the room, “Mrs. Spaulding one of the EMTs brought your overnight bag from your rental car in last night.”

“Thank you.” Lucy took it from her, “Dr. Keith please tell the anxious officer outside my room I’ll be with him momentarily.” Lucy headed towards the bathroom to changed, “Oh and doctor…”

“I’m going to need a private conference room and a telephone after I speak with the officer to call my husband.”

“Of course.”



Lizzie begins to totally flirt with him and offers Derek the seat next to her, making Shayne quite uncomfortable. Shayne quietly informs her that he thought Liz was hung up on Dr. Braxton so he introduced Derek to Tammy, she cools her heels.


“I understand you’ve been waiting a very long time to speak with me.” Lucy announced her arrival. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a light gray t-shirt and her platinum blonde hair was pulled into a tight ponytail.

“Lucy Cooper-Spaulding.” She introduced.

“Lt. Chandler Brown, so very sorry to meet you under these circumstance Mrs. Cooper-Spaulding.”

“Mrs. Spaulding will suffice. Tell me where we are on the search for my aunt Alexandra?”

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry I don’t follow.”

Irritated with the answer, “Should I speak slower Lieutenant? The search for my aunt Alexandra…Spaulding!”

“Ma’am we’ve done everything we’ve possibly could.” Brown answered, “There is nothing more…”

“I refuse, absolutely refused to hear that. Apparently the name Spaulding means nothing to you but I have enough money to destroy this entire town or allow it to grow for decades to come. So I again suggest you go out there and do everything in your power to find her. EVERYTHING!” She shouted, “Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go make a phone call and tell my husband that you and the police force believe his aunt is dead. So I highly suggest you prove me wrong!”



Claire says that DNA testing would be risky at this point in the pregnancy and she encourages against it, Michelle says Ed and Rick both said the same thing. Claire says the only other thing to do is try and pinpoint conception. After breaking out a calendar and discussing the possibilities, Michelle says she knows who the father of her baby is!



After sending the police out to search for Alex, Lucy telephones Spaulding Enterprise/Ava and tells her to set up a phone conference with her husband, Alan and Phillip. Within a few minutes it is done and via telephone Lucy breaks the terrible news that Harley confronted Alex about Gus’ true paternity and that it had drastic results, Lucy tells them that Harley and Alex were in a car accident and now she is in a coma…Phillip immediately begins thinking about ways to get Zach but Lucy breaks the news that there is more…she tears up and announces Alexandra died in the fiery car blaze! Alan is completely and utterly devastated and the men fall to their chairs stunned!


:Fades to Black:


- Mel goes to see Reva and the gloves...come...off!
- Is the honeymoon over for Phillip & Beth?
- Blake reaches back into her past.

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