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The Guiding Light: Episode 053
Sunday, March 11, 2007
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble


Hope Bauer walked slowly down the corridor of the Spaulding Mansion and as she inched closer to the study the air filled with familiar scent.

She appeared in the doorway and stood for a moment. Alan sat at the desk his back to the door puffing away on a cigar. “Some things never change. Isn’t that right Alan?” Hope announced her arrival.

“Well, Hope.” Alan said in such a familiar way it sent chills down her spine, “Alan-Michael mentioned that you were here.”

“Really? I’m surprised after the conversation that he and had the other morning.” She paused and surveyed the room, “Uncle Ed tells me that you’ve married again, I suppose congratulations are in order.”

“I’ve married quite a few times since the last time we spoke Hope.” Alan poured himself a drink, “Alan-Michael isn’t here so what could you possibly want?”

“Is that how you speak to all of your ex-wives Alan? Or current ones for that matter, speaking of which is the new Mrs. Spaulding home? Because I would just love to get rid of my playbook?”

“Your what?”

“Playbook. You know how coaches write down their plays and what works, doesn’t work, new ideas, things like that. Oh yes, I have many…many notes.” Hope tossed her overcoat and purse to a nearby sofa and tapped the side of her head, “Everything is stored right here.”

“Hope I think you’ve overstayed your welcome.” Alan said, “I think if the new Mrs. Spaulding found you here she would be very suspicious.”

“I’ll leave when I am damn well ready, I logged enough hours in this miserable place, besides I came here for two reasons.”


Beth stormed into the Beacon, to the elevators and up to the master suite that she knew belonged to one Olivia Spencer Spaulding. Beth and Lizzie had just gone at one another, screaming and arguing about her decision not to tell Lizzie about the marriage. Beth knew Olivia sung like a little canary to her daughter and she be damned if she would let that scheming bitch get away with it!

Beth stood in front of Olivia’s suite door and pounded hard against the oak wood, “Olivia you open this door! OLIVIA!” She pounded harder, “Olivia I know you’re in there. I spoke with the front desk and they just sent up room service, OLIVIA!”

“What is all this shouting about?” Sandra pulled open the door, her hair wrapped in a white towel. “Who are you?”

“Who am I? Who are you? And where the hell is Olivia?”


From atop the staircase Michelle could see her entire family gathered around the Bauer kitchen table, it was a sight that made her smile. Robbie was sound asleep and Michelle hoped he would stay that way for a while. It would make what she was about to do a lot easier.

Mel sat across from Rick who sat next to Ed and they all waited patiently for Michelle who had called the meeting. “Any ideas?” Rick asked in a hushed whisper in no particular direction.

“No need to whisper Rick.” Michelle took a seat next to Mel, “Thanks for coming.”

“Sure.” She answered, “Anytime.”

“You all know that the divorce from Danny took a toll on me.” Michelle began, “And you warned me about getting involved with Bill so soon afterwards.” She cut her eyes in Rick’s direction. “But Rick was right, imagine that, my big brother was right.”

“Honey…” Ed interjected, “Tell us what is the matter.”


And Now "The Guiding Light"


Shayne has been in his room since he arrived home from school. Reva heads upstairs and Shayne continues chatting online.

lewis_man: So how long were gonna wait till you told me you were in Springfield?
university_stud: cut me a break Shayne, I barely got enrolled for the last eight weeks of class
lewis_man: yeah so how did that work for you
university_stud: please…like I know, my parents talk and then their money talks, not really in that order…so…
lewis_man: so??

“Shayne honey.” Reva knocked on the door and entered without permission. Shayne quickly closed his laptop and picked up a nearby literature book. “I’m sorry were you studying?”

“Yeah or dosing off.” Shayne rubbed his eyes and forced a yawn, “Something along those lines. What’s up?”


Michelle shook her head, “I’m pregnant.”

“Your pregnant?” Ed asked again to make sure he heard her correctly, “Michelle?”

Mel turned her head and placed her hand over her mouth. She struggled in that moment not to cry because she couldn’t, it wouldn’t be fair to Michelle.

“How far along are you?” Rick asked calmly fully aware of the toll this was most likely taking on Mel, “Michelle?”

“Seven months Rick!” She replied sharply, “And I heard the first time, just no one antagonize at the moment please.” Michelle drew in a deep breath, “Being pregnant is one of my least worries at the moment.”

“What is then?” Rick questioned.

“Well…this is embarrassing, but I slept with both Danny and Bill within a week of one another.”

Mel rolled her eyes, “Oh my God! Michelle?”

“Don’t look at me like that? Like I’m some common tramp…” She warned Mel, “That’s not what I need right now and if you think I’m not fully one-hundred percent aware of what is going, well then you’re mistaken, because I am.”

Rick stood, “Mel why don’t we go get some fresh out and let these two talk.”

Without a word Mel stood and followed Rick out of the kitchen leaving Ed alone with his daughter, “Is the baby healthy?”

Michelle shook her head, “Of course. I’ve been down this rode before.” She lowered her head into her hands, “Daddy, what am I going to do?”

“Oh baby.” Ed towered above her and brought her head close to this chest, “Sshh!”


Rick finally caught up with Mel and reached for her arm, “What is wrong with you?”

She sighed heavily, “Oh no…you really just asked me that? Your sister is pregnant with a baby and she doesn’t even know who the father is? It’s so unfair.”

Rick took her in his arms for mere seconds and Mel shoved away, “Oh my God, listen to me. I practically just called your sister a whore, much like you did with me a few days ago.”



“Then by all means get to it.”

“You remember that woman you married a long time ago? The Hope that was weak and a doormat, that stood by and was content being your wife?” Hope shook her head, “That woman is long gone and am no more a doormat for you or any man, I am strong, fierce and independent woman that is not afraid of your or your kind.”

“You are playing some kind of game and you’ve gotten my son involved.” Hope took a step toward him, “I don’t like that Alan, not one bit.”

“Oh lay off the momma bear act.” He retorted, “I’m not playing any kind of a game with Alan-Michael, he’s a grown man for God’s sake Hope. And if anyone is playing games it’s Alexandra, she gave him that proxy.”

“Oh Alan! Do you think that I’m naïve or stupid, well my darling ex-husband I am neither of those things. Quite frankly I could care less who gave Alan-Michael those proxies, Alexandra, Phillip, the Queen of England, the point is I don’t give a damn. Everything ties back to you and how Alan-Michael has worked his entire life to win your approval.” She walked over and collecting her overcoat and purse, “So when are you finally going to give to him? What more does he have to do to get the attention and admiration you’ve given to Phillip his entire life? He’s risked everything this time Alan to come back here and fight for one ounce of your approval and it could very well cost him his marriage.”


“You know I was just telling Holly a few days ago how I much I’ve let you down these last few years, not being around.”

“Stop it.” Michelle ordered him, “That has nothing to do with this daddy.”

“I know it doesn’t but still you can’t blame me for thinking that…”


“Okay. Have you told the men in your life about this development?”

Michelle shook her head, “Last night. It was a grand event, truly. Danny and Marah who by the way are a couple now got mine and Bill’s room by mistake. One thing led to another and by the end of the night I was sitting in corner of a Beacon suite crying because, yes the men in my life know the truth.”

“All right.” Ed sighed, “Then what do you suggest we do next?”

“I talked to Bill earlier, he wants a DNA test immediately.”

Ed rubbed his forehead, “You said you were how far along?”

“Seven months, the babies due in May.”

“Michelle…an amnio DNA test this late in the pregnancy is high risk, I would highly advise against it.”


“Mrs. Spaulding is not in the hotel, she’s already gone for the day. Again I’ll ask, who are you?”

Beth looked her over and took a step back, “I’m…I’m sorry, what did you say your name…was? You look so familiar.”

“My name is Sandra and I’m Mrs. Spaulding’s new administrative assistant. I just moved here to Springfield and she was kind enough to put me up in her suite.”

“One thing that Olivia is not is kind.” Beth shook her head, “My name is Beth Raines-Spaulding. When you see Olivia tomorrow tell her I was looking for her please.”

“Of course. Have a good night.” Beth walked towards the elevator as Sandra watched her intensely, “It was a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Raines…I’m sorry, Mrs. Spaulding. I am just so terrible with names.”


“Nothing much. Your dad and I were heading out to meet Billy. The two of them are going to have a working dinner, you should come with us.”


“I know, it’s okay,” Reva lowered her voice, “I don’t want to go all that much either.”

“Sounds like the three of you are going to have enough fun with me, so I’ll pass.”

Reva blew him kisses, “Okay then you study and if you go out make sure to lock up.”

“I always do.” Shayne waited till she was gone and then opened the laptop.

university_stud: um hello….Shayne????
lewis_man: sorry my mom popped in.
university_stud: awe fun! So what are you up too?
lewis_man: nada…my parents just left…what `bout you?
university_stud: bored out of my mind! So…could we maybe meet tonight, somewhere private?
lewis_man: your apartment.
university_stud: no…this place is a mess…
lewis_stud: okay, then. how about the docks by the lighthouse, half an hour
university_stud: okay, see you then.

Shayne shut off his laptop, grabbed his backpack and headed towards the door, off to meet Derek Bowden for the first time since they last saw one another in Minnesota.


“Don’t, just…please don’t!” She sighed, “I am having enough trouble wrapping my head around Michelle and us…I just think it would be best if I stayed with my parents a little while longer.”

“You are my wife Mel!” Rick reminded her.

“And you think I need to be reminded of that?” She retorted, “Maybe I should remind you of something, I miscarried your child because one of your crazy ex-lovers decided to wreck havoc upon my life. I stood by for days, weeks and months while you and Harley played house, I stood by you when you were dying, so don’t you dare remind me that I am your wife and don’t you even dare put me in a position where I will have to look at your sister with hate and anger. I am staying with my parents until I can come to terms with what I have lost.”


“So I’m supposed to wait? Two more months, I have to know who the father of this baby is I’ve kept this secret too long, I need to know.”

“My advice as a doctor and more importantly as your father is for you not have this DNA test. We can talk to Claire and try to pinpoint the date of conception. That’s the best I can suggest Michelle, but it’s really up to you.”


“He’s a grown man, Hope.”

“Alan! Really? You’re a grown man and you still make stupid, irrational, cold and heartless decisions, but not with my son. Are you listening to me? Because I will only say this one time, if you hurt my son, if you cross my son if you so much as look at him cross eyed and he tells me about, so help you God in Heaven you will have to deal with me.” She walked towards the study, “And it’s not threat or warning. It’s a mother’s promise.” She winked, took her leave and called out from down the hall, “Goodnight Alan, sleep tight.”

:Fades to Black:


- Episode 054: Alexandra vs. Harley!
- "IN the LIGHT"



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Mel doesn't hate Michelle to begin with. When I began writing the blogs I picked up on GL time from February 2003 which was during Reva's stalker. So I wrote that Reva's stalker was her sister Roxie who is crazy. Roxie believed Mel didn't deserve Rick and stalked her and ran her down with a car. Mel had just found out she was pregnant with Rick's child and then lost her baby. Mel hates the fact that Michelle is pregnant and so careless because she does not know who the father is. And that is upsetting her. Thanks for asking!

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