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Chapter 11 - Episode 4



In the limo --

As Ric and Alexis head back to the safe house, the silence is broken by the ring of Alexis' cell phone. She pulls it out of her purse and flips it open to answer it.

"Alexis Davis..."

"Alexis ... It's John. I shouldn't be doing this but out of professional courtesy, I am giving you a heads up. My task force and I will be carrying out search warrants tonight."

"Thank you for letting me know. I hope you know what you're doing and what will transpire because of it."

"I do ... and I hope the search will give me the evidence to put Sonny and Ric away for a long time."

"Well, good, I look forward to going up against you in court, John. Because effective immediately, I will be defending my husband if this goes to trial. I hope you come prepared, counselor."

Alexis flipped the phone closed and hung up on Durant. Ric looked at her, "Did you just quit the DA's office?"

"Yeah I guess I did." she laughed. "John Durant wanted to let me know he is coming after you and Sonny tonight. I just hope he knows what kind of a fight he has ahead of him."

Ric feeling a little more confident knowing his wife was in his corner, but his first priority was keeping his family safe.

The waterfront --

Durant and his task force stormed one of Ric's warehouses, search warrants in his hand. The warehouse dark, it didn't seem like anyone was around. He dispersed his men and they began searching the offices and the entire building. A few crates sat in the corner of the huge dim light room.

"Let's get those crates open ..." Durant ordered.

A crowbar was used to open up the crates. The aroma of coffee filled the air as Durant and his men stood there hoping to find something other then coffee.

"It's been cleaned out, sir. The office is empty." said one of the men as he returned from searching part of the building.

"Dammit, there has to be something left here! Find it!"

As Durant oversaw the execution of the warrant, his men emptied the contents of the crates onto the floor. Ground coffee spilled onto the concrete floor as they poured it from the crate. When the crate was empty, there were traces of what was in the crate left behind.

"Sir .. I think we found something!" one of the men said and Durant raced over to see what they found.

He looked into the empty crate and found some white residue at the bottom of the crate. "Call forensics and get them down here, I want to be 100% certain that is what I think it is!"

At Sonny's warehouse --

At Sonny's warehouse, Detective Lucky Spencer executed another search warrant. The team stormed the warehouse in search of incriminating evidence against Sonny. It seemed the latest shipment wasn't removed yet by Sonny's men, Lucky and his team had hit pay dirt. Lucky quickly got on his phone and informed Durant of what they had found.

"All those crates ... open 'em up!" Lucky ordered.

Inside the crates was all they needed to put Sonny away on weapons charges, drug charges and a host of other offenses. It was a good bust and it made Detective Lucky Spencer quite proud.

As the men continued to search Sonny's warehouse, Durant and his team arrived to see what the other team had discovered.

"Detective, what did we discover here?" Durant asked as he approached Lucky.

"You'll be pleased I'm sure. We got 'em on a list of charges, sir. From weapons to drugs to money. You name it, we found it." Lucky boasted.

"Good work .... great work, Detective." Durant quite pleased with the discovery, but it was all a little too convenient.

Lucky noticed it Durant's smile soon was overcome with concern. "Sir, anything wrong?" Lucky asked as their search continued.

"Nah, I guess not." Durant replied, brushing off the feeling that things were as kosher as it appeared to be. "Get all this stuff back to the evidence locker and make sure it's done by the book!" Durant barked the orders to the team.

"I'll be back at the office filing the necessary paperwork against Corinthos. Good work, Detective."

"Thank you, sir. I'll make sure it all gets back to the house safe and sound."

Durant smiled at Lucky before leaving the warehouse. Lucky and his men continued collecting evidence against Sonny and his organization. With all they had discovered, Sonny was in for a long time behind bars.

At the hospital --

Georgie Jones was working the nurse's station in the ER, her first night on rotation at the hospital as a nurse's aid. She was expecting an eventful night in the ER, it usually was in PC. As she stood filling out paperwork, the door to the ER opened up and Zander came rushing in with Emily passed out in his arms. Georgie quickly went to see what was wrong and how she could help.

Zander filled her in on Emily's condition and that she had been having pains after dinner and then passed out. Georgie called for a gurney and for Emily to be taken to cubicle #3. Being Emily was pregnant, Georgie called for the OB/GYN who was on call. She also tried to reassure Zander they were going to do their best and that he should wait in the waiting room until the doctor examined Emily.

Zander wasn't about to sit by and wait, he wanted to be with his wife and no one was going to deter him from being by Emily side. It took a few orderlies to keep Zander from the examine room, but he complied to the doctor's orders. Emily was in her first trimester, and though her doctor's didn't think it would be a risky pregnancy, they did have her on a strict regiment. Zander began thinking all kinds of things, none of them good. He sat and waited a while before the OB/GYN emerged from cubicle #3.

"How's Emily and the baby?" Zander asked frantic with worry.

"She's stable, we're going to keep her here for a while to monitor the baby. That's all I can tell you for now. We're running tests, we should know soon though." Dr. Swenson replied. "We'll be moving her to a room as soon as one becomes available. But until then, you can sit with her if you would like." he continued.

"Thanks, doc." Zander replied and he ran quickly to be with Emily.

Georgie was in the cubicle with her, making sure everything was working properly and writing down Emily's stats. She was startled by Zander's entrance.

"I'm sorry, I'll get out of your way, I just wanted to double check on the stats." Georgie said as Zander took a deep breath and a seat next to Emily.

Georgie wanted to be helpful and asked if she should call Drs. Quartermaine and let them know Emily was going to be admitted. Zander thanked her for her kindness and if she could do that, it would be appreciated. She left Zander alone with Emily and went to the nurse's station to call Emily's parents. She didn't know Emily and Zander all that well, but she knew Drs. Quartermaine and they had been helpful to her during her time in the nursing program at the hospital.

Zander was soon joined by Monica and Alan. Monica had reminded Alan to keep his mouth in check while around Zander, their dislike for each continued even after he and Emily moved to Florida. In the time of crisis was not the ideal moment to start with each other, Emily didn't need the extra stress and aggravation.

The family sat by Emily's bedside waiting for the test results to come back, Alan had called the lab to put a rush on the results. This was his daughter and grandchild, the concern he had for them was overwhelming.

Coming up ...

~Arrest warrant is issued for Sonny

~Forensics test the white substance found at Ric's warehouse

~Test results are in on Emily and the baby

~Lorenzo and Faith plans are coming together


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I seriously thought at first Durant was going to come up empty when tearing up Ric's warehouse....

This whole episode kind of reminds me of Scarface (just hints of it)...folks going to great lengths to get the goods on an empire they have had trouble destroying for I don't know how long.

It's good to see that Sonny of all people was busted (don't know why I feel that way, considering I like Sonny); Now let the real fireworks begin, because I can see a big showdown coming, especially between Zander and Jason.

Excellent episode Jen...As always you know how to draw me in when you post your latest episodes ;):D

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You made my weekend.

Georgie being involved as a nurse and with Zem's baby.

Not to mention MY Man finding incriminating evidence at Sonny's warehouse - WOOHOO!!

Yay! Why couldn't this happen on the actual show?

Great work Soap!

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