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Chapter 11 - Episode 2



At the hospital --

Zander stood waiting for Ric's answer, though Ric was reluctant to point to the suspect he believed Zander wanted. Zander grabbed the photo sheet from Ric in disgust. He knew Ric wasn't going to tell him the truth, no matter how long he stood there and waited. Ric noticed the frustration from Zander.

"I'm sorry Zander, I don't recognize anyone."

Zander rolled his eyes at Ric's comment. "You honestly don't expect me to believe that, do you?"

"Yeah Zander, I do."

"You know I figured you'd do the right thing here, Ric. But you know what? I don't need your ID, I have enough evidence to put both you and Sonny away for a long time, without you."

"If you did, Zander, I would be in handcuffs by now!"

Zander knew what Ric was saying was the truth. He didn't have enough evidence, but he surely didn't need Ric's testimony to get warrants for both he and Sonny. Zander turned to leave, but turned back towards Ric.

"For Alexis' sake, Ric, I hope you know what you're doing. I would hate to see you regret your decision."

Somewhere on the docks --

Alexis was heading towards the launch, where a boat waited for her to take her to Wyndamere. She had made plans to visit with Nikolas to go over a few details about Cassadine business. As she approached the launch, she encountered someone.

"Well, well .... It's nice to see you again Alexis..." the shadowy figure said as she came into the dim light of the moon.

Alexis tensed up when she realized who was approaching her. "Faith ... what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I was hoping you could get a message to your husband."

"Oh really, and who's to say I'm going to do this for you, Faith?" Alexis replied as two of Faith's bodyguards came from out of nowhere and came up behind her. Alexis felt their presence beside her and she tensed up even more.

"You are going to deliver this message for me, Alexis, because if not ..." Faith seethed and nodded to her two goons, who then grabbed a hold of Alexis' arms to hold her steady, as Faith approached her.

Faith stepped up and got in Alexis' face, standing nose to nose with her nemesis' wife. "Let your husband know, I am coming after him, and if he stands in my way, those he loves .... let's just say accidents do happen." she threatened.

Faith's goons released Alexis from their grip, and Faith stepped back and away from Alexis, letting her pass, now. Faith and her goons disappeared into the shadows once again, leaving Alexis on the docks alone. After the encounter, Alexis quickly fled the docks and headed to the hospital to tell Ric of her encounter with Faith Roscoe.

Coming Soon

~ Durant issues warrants for Ric and Sonny

~ Ric takes back control

~ Emily is hospitalized after she encounters problems with the baby

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Wow....Zander's not messing around when he says he wants to bring someone down...Once again, I can get a good visualization of Ric and Zander's scenes...Faith is a handful all her own, and I'm wondering whot it might be that tries to attempt to keep her silenced or at least contained for a bit

I really liked the Alexis/Faith scenes...Fantastic episode Jen :)

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