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was in bad mood

Ms. Walsh


I was in a bad mood today. I act like such a bitch sometimes. I'm surprised that my roommate is so nice to me. Oh well...I'm better now. Classes are great, but the work is unbearable! I'm off the art library (with the nice comfy chairs!!!) to do some major Spanish and WS reading. Then I have to go work.

Guess what? I only got a measly 4 hours of work study. I'm working Thursdays and Fridays doing dishes, and then Mondays I'm a "runner" which looks daunting. Basically, you just serve the food and make sure that everything full and that ther's enough food, plates, silverware, etc. I'm scared about it though. :blink: So my friend and I are going to be working at Northrop, the vegan/vegetarian house. The problem, though, is that nobody shows up to Northrop because they all go to the other veggie house nearby...so it's going to be so boring, but what am I supposed to do? I need the money.

I hooked up my VCR in like the matter of 5 seconds. I'm proud of my accomplishment. Now I'm going to start taping ATWT, which will be nice because then I'll have the videos to keep and cherish for the rest of my life. :D



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