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Episode 13: Sonny and Brenda Kiss!



"So you two having a nice night out? Where's Patrick and James?" Sonny asked. He signaled to the waiter for a drink and leaned back in his chair, fully aware of the drama going on around him regarding Carly and Brenda and not caring.

Amused at the situation going on around her, Brenda answered, "James is with Ned. He didn't mind watching him so I could go out with Robin. I was thinking of hiring a nanny though."

Sonny raised his hand to accept his drink and offered, "Leticia is always available if you want to bring James over. She is very good with Michael and Morgan and she loves kids."

"Yeah, Carly won't mind that one." Brenda said sarcastically.

"Patrick's on call tonight." Robin sipped her margarita, "Brenda and I haven't seen much of each other so we decided to come out tonight. I need the relaxation. Obviously my life has turned upside down recently."

"I know Robin," Sonny said sympathetically, "I know you and Felicia were close."

Robin shook her head. She wanted to have fun tonight and not get depressed. Plus watching Carly at the bar watch Brenda was fun. Brenda leaned over and laid a hand on Sonny's arm, "What have you been up to lately? I haven't seen you around much." Brenda cooed as she sipped her margarita.

Sonny leaned back in his chair,he knew exactly what Brenda was doing, "a little of this, a little of that."

"How's Jason?" Brenda looked from Robin to Sonny, "Can you believe I once was married to him."

Robin interjected, "I can't." She looked down at her pager, "Shoot, my pager is going off, it's the hospital. I have to go. Sonny do you mind bringing Brenda home? I would appreciate it. Brenda you don't mind do you?"

Brenda shook her head, her hair smoothly falling into place down her back, "Not at all Robin. Call me later."

Robin walked out into the hallway and too her car. She jumped when a hand came down on her shoulder. It was Patrick and he leaned in and kissed her passionately. "Did you like the page I just sent you?"

"That was you?" Robin said, tightening her embrace.

"Yep, I left the hospital and thought we could, you know. Come here." Patrick said. He pulled her into a coat room and started to kiss her passionately. Her hands ran over his chest feverishly and she lightly scratched his chest. She pulled his shirt off and kissed his chest. He quickly discarded her shirt and bra, molding her breasts in his hands. Robin's fingers nimbly undid his pants and she also quickly undid her jeans. Patrick put a condom on, then picked her up. Robin wrapped her legs around his waist as he entered her. She gasped and bit down lightly on his shoulder. They moved together, their passion for each other knowing no bounds. They were both breathing heavily as they both came. Robin kept her legs wrapped tightly around him, not wanting to let go. Patrick tenderly kissed her. "I love you Robin" He breathed in her ear.

"I love you too." She responded, eyes closed.

Jax walked into Metro Court and walked towards an angry Carly. She leaned up and kissed him, but he could sense something was amiss. Checking out the restaurant, he immediately spotted the cause of Carly's mood. "Carly. What's wrong?"

She looked away and ordered a drink, "Nothing. What makes you think something is wrong?"

"Oh I don't know. Because Brenda and Sonny are here having drinks. I know how you are Carly." Jax answered knowingly. "Don't bother hiding it from me."

Carly whipped around and retorted, "I don't know why she has to throw it in my face that she could get Sonny back. That's not what is really bothering me Jax. I am afraid that she will try to get her claws into you and you will want her back."

Patiently Jax took her in his arms and kissed her, "Carly, it has been over between Brenda and I for years. It is you that I love. You are going to have to trust that. You are going to have to trust me."

"Well then, you are going to have to prove it to me." Carly said.

"How can I prove it to you? Can't you trust me?"

Carly looked him squarely in the eye and gave him an ultimatium, "In one month, I want us to get married."

Back in Metro Court, Sonny stared at Brenda, "I know what you are doing and you know what? It's working."

"What are you talking about?" Brenda said innocently.

"Making Carly jealous. If you really wanted to make her jealous, you would kiss me." Sonny said, edging his seat closer.

"Kiss you, you want me to kiss you?" Brenda laughed. "In your dreams Sonny."

Sonny inched closer, "You know you want me too. It used to be so good between us. Let me take you out to dinner. Let me show you that I have changed. Let's give us another chance."

"Another chance for you to trample all over my heart again? You will just go back to Carly if given half a chance. I think you are only using me to get to her. Forget it Sonny. I have a son to think about." Brenda said, raising her drink and sipping it

"I never got over you Brenda. It's always been you." Sonny leaned over and kissed her. He put his hand on the nape of her neck and pulled her close. He pulled back briefly to look into her surprised eyes and kissed her again and again. "Come home with me Brenda." he whispered huskily.

Brenda stood up and smiled faintly, "No Sonny, it won't work." She walked away. Once she got out to the foyer she leaned against the wall, her heart racing. Sonny could still get to her.

Elizabeth knocked on the door to her and Lucky's loft before letting herself in. Nikolas and Emily were there as well as Lucky. "Hi everyone. Lucky, can I talk to you for a moment?"

He looked at her coldly, "Now is not a good time. But feel free to get some of yours and Cameron's stuff." His voice was so cold she could barely recognize it.

Nikolas stepped over to his brother and said in a low voice, "Come on Lucky, hear her out. At least she was brave enough to come here."

"Please Lucky, let's just go to the bedroom and talk." Elizabeth pleaded.

Lucky shook his head, "I am not ready. I can't help it, I am too mad. Give me a couple days to cool down Liz, then we can talk. I will call you."

Emily stood up, "Come on Liz, I will go into the bedroom and help you get some things together." She and Elizabeth walked into the bedroom, leaving the brothers alone.

"Come on Lucky, cut her some slack. She took you back when you were sleeping with Maxie. The least you could do is hear her out." Nikolas tried reasoning.

Lucky stared down his brother, "Do you know how guilty I feel right now? Maxie is dead because of me. My wife is pregnant with another man's baby which she convinently forgot to tell me about. I can't do this right now. I look at Elizabeth and I see Maxie in her final moments. Plus I see Jason. I just can't do it."

"Ok, ok. But talk to her soon. She will need you." Nikolas implored.

"I will." Lucky said, walking towards the kitchen to get a drink.

In the bedroom Emily whirled around on Elizabeth, startling her, "How could you sleep with my brother? How could you do this to Lucky? Have you no conscience?"

"Emily you don't understand." Elizabeth said, opening up some drawers to get some clothes.

"Oh really," Emily folded her arms, "Tell me what I don't understand."

Elizabeth faced her, "I had just seen Lucky with Maxie and I went to Jason. He had just lost Sam not to long ago. We were both upset and lonely and one thing led to another."

"So why didn't you tell either one of them about the paternity? You realize that you could have saved a whole lot of pain if you had been truthful." Emily said self righteously.

"Oh shut up Emily. I know I made a mistake. People make mistakes. We aren't all perfect like you." Elizabeth said, trying to get past her. Emily moved quickly to block her.

"I can't believe that you did this to my brother. This is my brother we are talking about. Not to mention your husband."

Elizabeth spoke calmly, yet getting more angry , "Emily, please move out of my way. This is none of your business. This is between me and Lucky."

Emily backed away, "I will tell you this, we are no longer friends."

~Next time

Elizabeth has no where to go as Nikolas looks for her

Jason has a lover

Robert picks up Mac at the police station


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