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Episode #27 - Tuesday, January 17th:



Episode #27 - Tuesday, January 17th:

- Abe confronts Bo about his wedding ring. Bo tells Abe that he lost his ring.

- Celeste drugs Tek's wine.

- Mimi is horrified when she accidentally eavesdrops on Bonnie and Kate and learns that Claire is Shawn's!

- Max and Abby grow closer than ever.

- Abe tells Bo that the ring was found in Tony's hospital bed covers the night he died.

- Celeste takes Tek back to her room where he passes out from the drugs she gave him.

- Bonnie tells Kate that she will somehow take care of Laura Horton and make sure she doesn't find out the truth about Claire. Kate leaves Bonnie on the roof, and a devastated Mimi comes out from hiding and grabs her mother!

- A photographer arrives at Celeste's. She pays him and then he proceeds to take pictures of Tek and Celeste in bed together. The photographer asks Celeste why she is doing this, and she says that she is doing what she has to in order to protect her daughter!

- Mimi screams at Bonnie through tears and chews her mother out for keeping this secret. Bonnie refuses it, but when Mimi doesn't let it go, she confesses.

- Hope and Billie argue over Bo and how close Billie is getting to him in the wake of Chelsea's death.

- Laura has a joyful reunion with Jen, Jack, Abby, and Jack Jr.

- Max offers to go to Abby's Valentine's day formal with her.

- Stefano plots Abby's murder.

- Mimi and Bonnie's argument escalates. Bonnie tells Mimi that she has to keep this a secret from Shawn. Mimi tells Bonnie that she never wants to speak to her ever again! Bonnie is devastated.

- Tek is horrified when he wakes up in bed with Celeste, and it appears that he has had sex with her!

- Hope and Billie arrive at Bo's house in time to see Abe unwillingly arrest Bo for Tony's murder!


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