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October 4, 2006



-Victor arrives at the pub and sees Caroline at the bar. He gives her a loving glance but decides to just keep his distance. Caroline looks on, disappointed he didn't come over but tells herself it is for the best. Victor sits with Austin and Lucas and asks why they wanted to meet with him. Lucas tells Victor that Austin and him want to join Victor's cause. They heard Bo joined and they want Carrie to be able to return to Salem and raise the baby in a safe Salem, not one with the danger of the Dimera's and others looming upon it. Victor understands their motivation but asks both of them if they know what they are getting into. Bo has police training at least but neither of them have no experience dealing with what they are about to. Lucas reminds Victor of his work with Tony a few years ago. Victor tells Lucas this is a whole different ballgame. Austin tells Victor he has reservations about it too but the only way Carrie will come home is if they clean things up so he asks Victor to just give them a chance. Victor says he can give them a chance and, if they mess up, they could get themselves killed or others. Lucas reminds Victor of how long they have all three known each other and tells him to have faith that this will work. Victor reluctantly agrees and tells both of them what he told Bo-they need to avoid and isolate themselves from their loved ones for this to work. They can't risk interference or anyone they care about getting caught in the crossfire. Kate walks in and overhears and says she will let them join Victor's side over her dead body. Austin begs Kate to stay out of it and explains his and Lucas' reasons for doing this. Kate understands but knows it is dangerous. She went through this same sort of thing when Lucas was working for Tony and when Philip became a marine. She doesn't want to deal with it again. Lucas apologizes but tells his mother she can't talk them out of it.

-Belle and Claire arrive at Sami's apartment to say goodbye as their flight is leaving in a few hours. Sami fills her in on her confessing her lies to everyone and on her giving Lucas unoffcial custody of Will until she proves she can change for good and be worthy of having everyone she loves in her life. Belle applauds her and wishes she could be around to help. Sami understands why Belle is leaving and says they will keep in touch. She tells Belle she is sorry about Shawn. Belle says it is for the best as it was consuming their lives and making them into people they don't want to be. Sami hears someone in the hallway yelling and goes outside to check it out. It's Will, who can't seem to get his key to Lucas's apartment to work. Sami tells Will she will help him. He tells her to stay away and that he doesn't need her. He also calls her "Sami" rather then "mom." Sami reminds Will she is his mother. Will tells her she may be in name and legally but he doesn't feel that way. She has hurt him and their family so many times he wants nothing to do with her. He finally gets in the apartment and slams the door. Sami goes back into her apartment upset. Belle tells Sami to give him time and, once he realizes she is changing, it will all be ok. Sami says she hopes so and just hopes it isn't too late to change. She fears the damage she caused may be too much to get past. She also confesses she is worried about Lexie getting back at her for spilling their secret. She has lost Abe and may lose her job and Theo. Belle tells her not to worry about that and just to worry about herself and her family. If Lexie tries something, Sami should just tell someone or the police and they will take care of it. Belle suggests telling their father but Sami tells her not to go there. Sami embraces Belle. She gives Claire a kiss and wishes them good luck. Belle says it will all be fine with mom watching over them. Sami says i is good to know they have a angel up there in their corner. Belle says a final goodbye and leaves while Sami talks to the heavens and asks Marlena for continued strength as she tries to change and get through all this.

-Roman arrives at the Pub through the back entrance and hears all the arguing. He asks Caroline what is going on. Kate comes over and tells him that Lucas and Austin are joining Victor and Bo's little rebellion. Roman tells Lucas and Austin it's a bad idea. Caroline agrees. Victor reminds everyone that it is their decision and they are big boys. Bo arrives and agrees. He tells Victor that he has been looking for him as their is something they need to discuss right now. Roman tells Bo it is wrong for him to be doing this too. He is pushing away everyone he cares about and now he is advocating Lucas and Austin to do the same and be in danger too. Victor tells Roman to stay out of it, as does Bo. Roman explains to Victor how his style will only makes things worse and lead to constant retaliation. He says he wants to protect the people he cares about but he will only be endangering all of Salem with this war and innocent people, maybe even people he loves, will get hurt. Victor tells Roman to just stay out of his way and stop interfering. Roman wanrs Victor he will not continue to stand by and watch him corrupt the people he knows and loves about. Victor tells him again to stay out of his way and let people live as they choose. Roman reminds Victor he is a cop and if Victor is partipating in illegal activity he can't stay out of it. Same goes from anyone who associates with him. Bo warns Roman to back off. Caroline tries to break the fight up. Lucas and Austin watch all this as Kate begs them not to do this. She tells them to look what all the tension and takins sides is doing to all of them. They can get Carrie back another way. Lucas tells Kate they are doing it no matter what she says. It is time they take action to protect those they love. Kate is furious and frustrated.

-Laura arrives at the Penthouse Grill to see Jack and Billie having a good time. She tries to stay out of sight, which is made easier because Jack and Billie have a back table. Laura sees Greta at the bar and also sees Frankie finishing up a meeting with a client. She thinks she has an idea how to stop Jack and Billie before things go too far. Meanwhile, Jack and Billie are having a good time talking about movies and TV. They are happy not to be talking about their lives. Jack asks Billie if she would like to dance. Billie says she would like that. Laura hides as they hit the dance floor. She is upset to see them dancing and having fun. She makes her way over to Greta at the bar and says hello. She asks how things are. Greta says they could be better. Laura then acts surprised when she sees Jack and Billie on the dance floor. Greta mentioned going over to say hello but doesn't want to interupt. Laura says that she is sure they wouldn't mind and that they would love to see a friend. Greta changes her mind and decides to go talk to them as Jack and Billie return to their table. Laura goes to Frankie's corner table and says hello. Frankie asks what she is doing there. Laura says she just came out for a drink and once again acts surprised when she sees Jack and Billie there. Frankie recalls them asking him to join them and Laura encourages him to do so. He says his meeting is over so he may as well. He goes over. Jack and Billie are happy to see them and all four sit down and talk. Laura is pleased and hopes this separates Jack and Billie. All four are having fun when Greta mentions that they should ask Laura if she wants to join them. Jack asks what she is talking about. Frankie tells Jack that Laura is there too and mentions she is the one that told him where him and Billie were. Greta adds that Laura did the same thing for her and she thinks they should invite her over. Jack and Billie have both realized what is going on. Jack says he will be right back. Greta and Frankie ask what is going on. Billie tells them it seems Laura was using them because she doesn't want her and Jack to spend time together even though they are only friends. Greta and Frankie are stunned. Laura is near the bar trying to stay out of sight when Jack sneaks up on her and tells her the jig is up.

-Nicole arrives at the Penthouse Grill looking for Eric. She shows a picture of Eric to the host, who tells her that he saw Eric earlier with a young woman. He points at Greta. The host says that Eric left some time ago. Nicole thanks him and wonders why he has seemed to be alot with Greta lately. She beleives Greta is simply trying to find out what Eric is hiding for her since she asked her and Sami to help her. Nicole returns to her hotel suite to find an angry Eric. Nicole explains to Eric that her business meeting went late. Eric reminds Nicole of how many times the same thing has been happening recently. Nicole tells Eric she missed alot of work and that she needs to be doing some of it as long as they are out here. She knows he wants to stay in Salem but she has a job and she needs to keep doing it since she should be in LA. Eric asks why someone can't be hired to handle things in her absence. Nicole reminds Eric that things were being handled but it has been a long time. She has been gone since May and there is no budget room to hire someone to run things while she is in Salem. Eric gets furious and tells Nicole he doesn't have much time left and he doesn't like the distance between them at the moment. Nicole asks what he means. Eric reminds Nicole how short life is and that they saw that on the island seeing so many people die, including his mom. He wants them to have a happy life together but her work is ruining everything. Nicole explains that Highstyle was given to her by Austin and is her dream job. Eric asks her about their dreams for their future. Nicole is frustrated and says she doesn't want to argue. They both need to cool down so she leaves the suite. After she leaves, Nicole realizes she may have to choose between her dream job running Highstyle or her dream life with her true love, Eric. Meanwhile, back in the hotel suite, Eric is angry and says he just wants things to be right as time is running out. He then gets bad headache and holds his head in agony as he collapses to the floor of the suite. The screen then fades to black and the credits roll.

On the next Salem Lives...

Belle to Roman: It's so hard saying goodbye

Roman to Belle: I know. Come here, baby.

Victor to Roman: This is your only warning. Interfere and you will pay the consequences.

Jack to Laura: If you don't stop this, you are going to lose all of us.

Billie to Abby: I need you to look for Chelsea.

Chelsea: Why don't both of you take me somewhere so the real party can get started?

Greta (sees Eric laying on ground): Oh my God...Eric!!!

Nicole (opening suite door): What the hell?


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