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September 28, 2006



-Julie and Laura are both on the phone. Doug asks Alice if she really thinks this will plan will work if they can get everything set. Alice thinks it will help Maggie at the very least. Laura gets off and says she has good news. Julie hangs up and says she has good news as well. They've did it and everything is in place. Alice and Doug are happy as well. Julie says they should be arriving very soon and, once they do, they just have to set up a meeting with Maggie. Laura just hopes this doesn't overwhelm Maggie or make matters worse. Alice says they just need to have faith it will all work out in the end and that this will be the thing that brings, or leads, to Maggie getting better and allowing her family and friends to be there for her.

-Bo and Victor are having breakfast in the living room of Victor's mansion. Victor asks Bo if he slept well. Bo says as well as he could given what happened the last time he saw Hope and with everything else going on. Victor reminds Bo that if he wants to do this he needs to get used to having to push those he cares about most away. It is the only way to make all this work and keep them safe. Victor says he has to go meet with Kate and says they will talk later. Maggie comes downstairs. Victor asks how she slept. Maggie says it was the first full night she has slept. She still woke up a few times thinking about Mickey but she didn't think about a drink or didn't feel guilty about Mickey. She tells Victor that maybe it's the fact the mansion doesn't have the memories and she reminds Victor that being with him just makes her so calm and comfortable. Victor is pleased and says they will talk later.

-Maggie sees Bo and remembers Hope asking her for help. She says hello to Bo and says that the mansion is becoming a full house. Bo laughs and agrees. He asks how she is doing. She says she is much better being in a place with no memories and being with Victor, who is the only thing that seems to make her feel good at this point. Bo warns Maggie about growing too dependent on Victor and reminds her of why she pushed Victor away a few weeks ago. Maggie says she was wrong to do that. Victor and her are friends and they have been there for each other through alot. She will be sure to not grow too dependent but she needs to do what is best right now and being with Victor in his house feels right and is what she needs right now. She just can't be alone and in her house. Bo says she is not alone and has her family. Maggie says she can't be around them because then the memories and guilt overwhelm her. She reminds Bo of his family too. She asks Bo if he is sure he is doing the right thing by moving in with Victor and taking the law into his own hands. Bo says he needs to do what is best for his loved ones and he just can't stand by anymore and watch them suffer. Something needs to be done. Maggie asks how far Victor and him are going to go. Bo says they will do what they need to do. Maggie seems pleased with Bo's words, which stuns Bo. Bo says he is shocked Maggie agrees with what he said. Maggie admits that she knows where Bo and Victor are coming from and that she wants Stefano and everyone involved with that island to pay. She lost Mickey and Jennifer, Marlena, and Bonnie all died as well. Carrie disappeared and now won't come home because she feels it isn't safe. Something needs to be done and she agrees with Bo-the system isn't going to do it. Bo is glad she sees it that way. Maggie says maybe it will even make her feel better seeing some punishment for what happened to Mickey and the others and all the other bad things the Dimera's and Ernesto did in the past. Maggie goes to the kitchen to get more food for breakfast. While alone, Bo is happy that Maggie agreed with him and admits having doubts until hearing Maggie. Now he knows he is doing what is right for all those he cares about.

-Nicole and Eric are sharing a hot, steamy shower when there is a knock on their hotel suite door. They get dressed. Eric answers to find Belle with Claire, who says she has come over to say goodbye. Belle explains that Shawn has left and she needs to go where she truly belongs-with her husband and the father of her child. Eric agrees and embraces her saying he will miss her. Nicole wishes Belle luck and tells her to tell Philip she is thinking about him. She always kinda liked him from her time with Victor despite them hating each other most of the time. Belle thanks them both and wishes them well. She hopes Eric will be around when she returns with Philip. Eric says he hopes so too. They leave. Nicole realizes how late it is and says that a investor with Highstyle is flying in to Salem to meet with her today. She begins to get dressed. She needs to meet him in an hour. Eric is surprised she is working. Nicole explains she has missed too much work and that she will be basing herself out of Salem until things settle down and Eric and her decide what they are going to do. Eric says they are staying in Salem for now. Nicole says they can discuss the matter sometime soon but she needs to go. She leaves.

-Eric gets another headache and nearly collapses. There is another knock on the door. It's Greta and she can see Eric is suffering. She tells Eric that he needs to tell Nicole and his family. Eric wants no pity and doesn't want a long, drawn out goodbye. He just wants to enjoy his final days living a normal life. Greta reminds Eric that he may not die. Eric says that his recent tests were not promising and he does not want chemo so he is out of luck. Greta says she has researched several specialists. Eric says he doesn't want any. Greta asks Eric if he wants to die. Eric denies that but says it is hopeless. He has heard for months that it is hopeless. Greta asks him what will happen when he collapses in front of Nicole or someone else and they find out too. They are going to be so mad at him and he will spend his final days dealing with disappointment and regret. His family and friends deserve to know so they can say goodbye. He tells Greta he wants it this way and that he wants to be alone. He asks her to leave and again asks that she keeps what she knows to herself. Greta says she will even though she hates it. Greta leaves as Eric gets another headache and wonders to himself how much time he has left.

-Victor meets with Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate just wanted to discuss Philip's progress. He has not woke up yet but the doctor's beleive it will be any day now. Belle overhears and apologizes for interupting. She saw them both and felt that she needed to inform them of something they will be happy about. She is going to San Francisco with Claire to be with Philip. She admits she was wrong and that she belongs there. Victor asks Belle why it took Shawn leaving to get Belle to admit her mistake and to go to Philip. Belle says that Shawn leaving was a wake up call to her mistake and to her actions, which were appalling. She just hopes that some day they will both understand that she loved Shawn with all her heart and that she loves Philip too. It will take her a long time to get over Shawn but she is going to do what she can to make her marriage work because she does love Philip and she knows he will need her. It was and is a complicated matter but she hopes they can all get past this and forgive each other. Victor hopes so too and says that Belle has alot to prove to them. Kate agrees and warns Belle she will have her to deal with if she ever hurts Philip again. Belle understands. Kate and Victor kiss Claire and say goodbye. Victor wishes Belle luck and tells her to give their love to Philip. She says she will. Kate asks Victor if he thinks Belle meant what she said. Victor thinks she did and thinks they should give her a break. She is a nice girl but she was in a difficult spot. She loved both of them and all three of their lives have had so much turmoil and they are so young. Kate agrees but still vows that if Belle does anything else to hurt Philip, there are no excuses this time. She will make her pay. Victor agrees and also reminds Kate not to interfere. Kate reminds Victor that she is trying to change and let her children's play out their own lives. Victor is pleased and tells Kate to stay that way.

-Billie is helping Chelsea get dressed as she has been released from the hospital. Billie asks Chelsea if she is sure she is feeling alright. Chelsea tells Billie to lay off. Billie wishes Chelsea would open up to her as she went through a horrible ordeal twice and has been through hell these past few months and she wants to help. Afterall, she is her mother. It will only help if Chelsea lets it all out. Chelsea finally lashes out and tells Billie to back off. It isn't going to help to rehash everything and talking about does not help. She talked about it the first time with Victor and Hope and the whole world eventually learned about it. She is sick of people pitying her and just wants to be left alone. Billie says she just wants to help and she doesn't like Chelsea attitude. Chelsea reminds Billie of everything she has been through and asks Billie what mood she expects her to be in. Chelsea says she tried to change and bad things still happened to her and those around her so why bother. She is done trying to be nice because it does nowhere and she is only pretending. Being raped again made her realize who she was and, strangely, she has Jason and Barry to think. They were right-she is nothing a but a manipulative whore that no one wants. She asked to be raped by how she dressed and trying to change was her being something she was not. Not anymore. She tells Billie she will find her own why home. Billie asks where she is going. Chelsea says it is none of her business but, if she must know, she is going to party somewhere. Billie says that partying and trying to forget by drinking and drugs is not the way to deal with this. Billie knows that from personal experience and she tells Chelsea to just come with her. Chelsea tells her to back off and to stop acting like her mother. Billie says she is her mother and she is trying to help. Chelsea tells her not to and to just leave her the hell alone. She runs off. Billie runs after her but Chelsea gets in the elevator as it shuts. A frustrated Billie wonders what she is going to do. In the elevator, Chelsea is upset she almost spilled that Billie is not her mother but is happy she didn't. She doesn't need Hope getting involved and being on her back. She will go party and forget about everything and be herself. The days of changing are over for her. She sees a headline referring to a murder and remembers shooting Jason and Barry. She says that no one can ever know what she did or she will end up behind bars on top of everything else.

-Kayla boards a ferry boat that takes her to an island. Kayla asks the boat operator why she is the only one on the ferry. He tells her that this island is not on the main maps and that only explorers and historians come there. She asks if it is uninhabited. He says no but explains there is not a large population. She thanks him. He gives her his card and says to call the number when she is ready to return. Kayla searches around looking the marker she sees on the map of the island. She sees a building with old architecture. It looks like a old-fashioned surfer bar. She looks around and wonders if she is in the same place she sees on the map. She then notices a old pier nearby. She runs over to it and says that there is supposed to be old tunnels that were built for the easier transfer of supplies from beach to beach. She looks around under the pier and sees a latch. She pulls on it and it opens up a old, falling apart door. She enters and pulls out a flashlight. She slowly moves down the tunnels and realizes this is what she is looking for as there is supposed to be a connecting network of tunnels that are relatively unknown to newer residents of the island as they used to be used by the police for security and investigative purposes. She searches around and moves items around, hoping to find a secret latch. She begins to get frustrated and throws her flashlight. The flashlight hits a lantern on the wall and the lantern breaks off as the wall opens up a little. Kayla walks over and realizes the wall opens up. She pulls it open and realizes she has found the tunnels she is looking for. She wonders what danger she may find but says it doesn't matter-she is finding her husband. The screen then fades to black and the credits roll.

On the next Salem Lives...

Abby to Max: We need to talk...

Max to Abby: Yeah we do.

Jack to Laura: Billie is a friend and if you can't deal with that then don't let the doot hit you on the way out.

Frankie to Billie: We really do need to do something about Jack.

Billie to Frankie: I have an idea.

Chelsea: Give me whatever you got. I am here to have an unforgettable night.

Stefano to Cassie: The Dimera's are truly rising again in Salem and we will have our revenge.

Cassie to Stefano: Yes and I am happy to be a part of it.

Kayla (with tears in her eyes): Oh my God...


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