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August 14, 2006



The guests are beginning to arrive for the funerals. Victor and Maggie are first. She thanks Victor for meeting her there. Victor thinks it would've been better her going with her family but Maggie says she can't deal with that right now. She had trouble making it through the night. Victor says he knows she almost took a drink as he found the wine bottle out. Maggie says she didn't give in because she kept hearing Mickey telling her to fight it. Victor thinks Maggie should consider telling Lucas about this since he is her AA sponsor. Maggie says she will get through it somehow but today will be the hardest day of her life. She doesn't know if she can go on without Mickey and how she will deal with the guilt she feels for his death. She continues to blame herself since her getting on the rescue boat would've meant he would've gone with her but Victor says it was just meant to be. They embrace. Caroline walks in and sees it and then walks back out. Alice, Doug, Julie, Jack, Jack Jr, Frankie, Max, and Abby arrive. Abby thanks Max for being there for her. Billie and Greta arrive to and sit with Jack. Frankie and Max are comforted by Alice and Julie. They leave to check on their families. Alice and Julie reassure Jack and Abby they will get though all this as a family with JJ. Alice, Doug, and Julie try to get through to Maggie but she breaks down on Mickey's casket. Victor pulls her up and tries to comfort her but she gets upset and runs out. Everyone clears the church to make sure she is ok.

-Maggie runs out of the church and bumps right into Sarah Horton (Alli Brown) . Melissa Anderson (Lisa Trusel), Pete Jannings (Michael Leon), Marie Horton (Marie Cheatham), Tommy Horton (Larry Bryggman), Bill Horton (Kale Browne), Laura Horton (Jaime Lyn Bauer), Mike Horton (Roark Critchlow), Jeremy Jacobs (David Tom), and Sandy Horton (Pamela Roylance) are all there too and have gathered together outside the church. They all met at the airport. They are reunited with Alice, Doug, and Julie. Pete says that he just had to come given how the Horton’s treated him and because of how much he cares about Melissa despite not being together anymore. Mike asks about Carrie and Austin and Lucas fill Laura and Mike in on Carrie's disapperance and what happened on the island. Mike, Laura, and Jeremy hope she is alright as they carry no ill feelings for her despite her breakup with Mike. Mike and Lucas embrace and catch up. Jack and Abby reunite with Laura, Bill, Mike, and Jeremy. They all four say they will be returning to Salem more frequently saying that life is too short to stay away. They are amazed by how much Abby has grown and express their condolences to Jack. They remind him if Jennifer's love for him. They are pleased to see Frankie and Max with them and comfrot them. Sarah mentions to Maggie how her father, Neil Curtis, wanted to make it to support her but was unable to get away from work and didn’t want to call her and bother her so he asked Sarah to let her know. Maggie doesn’t even react. Sarah and Melissa worry about Maggie as she embraces them and continues to blame herself for Mickey’s death. She can’t even look them in the eye. All she says is that Mickey is gone and it is all her fault-she took a wonderful man they all loved away from them. Victor, Sarah, Melissa, Alice, Doug, Julie, and Hope try to convince her otherwise but she won’t have it.

-Bo tries to talk to Hope but she tells Bo it is very inappropriate to do that today of all days. Bo apologizes and says he will try again later. Hope says she will let Bo know when she is ready as she has alot on her mind and to handle. Bo is getting frustrated. Hope and Melissa share a nice reunion and catch up.

-Steven Olsen (Stephen Schnetzer) and Spencer Olsen (Justin Hartley) then arrive and reunite with Julie and the Horton’s. Julie notices Spencer carrying a chip on his shoulder as Spencer says that he only behaves like that because he refuses to tell Spencer who his real mother is. Julie asks Spencer who it is but he clams up and tells Julie its not appropriate to discuss that at a funeral. Julie is intrigued.

-Jessica Blake Fallon (Jean Bruce Scott) and Joshua Fallon (Scott Palmer) arrive and greet the Horton’s with their condolences. They express how much they cared about Mickey and know how good of a man he was.

-Bill reunites with Lucas and asks how his mother is. Lucas says she should be here soon but Bill thinks it is best to avoid her given their history and the fact that Laura is there too.

-Don Craig (Jed Allen) shows up and reunites with everyone. Roman shakes hands with him and Don expresses his condolences regarding Marlena as she was a lovely woman. Don then consoles Maggie who thanks him for being there and then once again gets quiet and stares at the caskets again. Don joins the Horton’s and everyone else in worrying about Maggie. Victor tries to get her to speak but she still won't and barely has since breaking down in the church near the casket. Victor says it is almost as if reality has finally hit her and now she knows Mickey is never coming back. It is final for her. Tears stream down Maggie's eyes as Victor, Don, and the Horton's escort her into the church to their seats. Victor seats her and walks away but Maggie grabs his arms and begs him to stay as he is the only one who knows the guilt she is feeling right now from what happened on the island. Victor agrees to stay as Caroline seems bothered by Victor being with Maggie.

-Brady Black (Kyle Lowder) then shows up with Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) . They reunite with Roman, Mimi, Rex, Cassie, Shawn, and Belle who fill the couple in on the recent goings in with all of them. Brady is still stunned that his father is the real Roman and regrets not spending more time with Marlena. He hopes Marlena knew that he loved her and that he was sorry about all the trouble he caused. Roman tells Brady she knew and it is forgotten. roman tells Brady they will all have to undergo changes-such as him changing his name from John to Roman and changing the Black name over to Brady. Brady realizes that he should change his name too and has an idea-Jonathan "Jon" Brady. It would pay homage to his father being called "John' for years and it just seems to fit. Chloe and John both like it but Chloe decides to still call him Brady as a nickname, kind of like Hope calls Bo. Brady consoles Caroline over her loss and they remember the days when she and Grandpa Shawn used to watch Belle and himself. Brady then reunites with Victor and notices him watching Caroline. Brady asks his grandfather if he is ok as Victor says he will be once Caroline stops pushing him away. Brady and Nicole come face to face. They bury the hatchet, as does she and Chloe.

-Kayla is then reunited with her daughter Stephanie Johnson (Shayna Rose) while Shane is reunited with Kimberly Brady (Patsy Pease) and his children Andrew and Jeannie Donovon (Tom Welling and Michelle Williams). Everyone can’t believe how much the kids have grown. They agree to visit more often. Stephanie tells her mother that she found a modeling job out in LA but wasn't pleased with it so she is hoping to move to Salem with her and find work. Kayla says she isn't sure she is staying permantly but Stephanie says she has a feeling they will be. Caroline, Bo, Hope, Roman, Abe, Frankie, Max, Stephanie, and Kayla share an emotional reunion with Kimberly. Kimberly is now in a wheelchair after she injured her back and the surgery on it went awry. Her husband has now left her and the kids because he just couldn't handle the pressure of being the sole provider and having to an overwhelming amount of responsibility at home. Kim hasn’t heard from him in nearly a year. She says she has been living with Shane in London but just as friends and so that he can help with the kids. The still strong bond between them is still evident though. Kayla and Caroline ask why Shane or Kim never told them. Shane says Kim asked him to keep it a secret since she didn't want anyone to know she was paralyzed. Kim says she has learned to do things on her own but living with Shane was a great help in making progress. She comforts her family on the loss of Shawn Sr and is stunned by Mickey, Jennifer, and Marlena's deaths. Caroline hopes Kim will stay for a bit as Kim says she will think it over but the kids need to go home for school so they will see. Kim learns about Carrie and all the island happenings. She also learns about John being Roman and welcomes him back into the family. She asks about faux Roman. Caroline says she is worried about him since he was very upset and is nowhere to be found. He was invited and should be here since they will always be his family no matter what but they can't force him. They can only hope he shows up.

-Sami arrives with Austin and says that she is going nowhere near John. Austin agrees that sami should try to keep a low profile and not to start trouble. Kim comes over to catch up with Sami. She tells Austin she hopes they find Carrie soon and tells Sami she hopes she will accept John as her father. Sami says she never will and will ignore and avoid anyone that does. She walks off as Austin apologizes for her and tells Sami to calm down. Sami says she will when everyone else stops accepting John as Roman because it isn't right. Austin doesn't want to argue and drops the subject. Eric and Nicole join them and enter the church with them. Nicole and Austin talk business while Eric tells Sami not to start anything and just accept what is happening. Sami says she never will and, if he is she no longer has a brother either. Eric is stunned by this as they all enter the church.

-Frank and Martha Evans (Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden) arrive and embrace Roman. They know Marlena loved him and know she is looking down on him and their family. They can't beleive how their daughter snapped like that but since Samantha was mentally ill perhaps it ran in the family. Roman thinks it was just all the mind control and the Dimera's. Frank and Martha share a nice reunion with Belle, Eric, and Sami. They are horrified by Sami's hatred toward John/Roman and her vow to never accept him as her father and to phase anyone out of her life that considers John to be Roman Brady. Sami ignores their advice to just let the hate go and to unite as a family since it is what her mother would want. Sami says that mom wanted the family together but John being Roman destroys the family so if people want to honor Marlena's desire for family unity they need to forget about John being Roman. Sami walks away with Austin as Eric and Belle wonder with Frank and Martha when Sami is going to finally grow up and get past all this.

-Bo, Kayla, and Kim ask Caroline where their aunt Molly Brady-Murphy is. Caroline says that Molly called and said she couldn’t make it and mentions how Molly has never cared too much for family gatherings. She only cares for herself and losing Colin made her worse. She is even more out of control. The only time her or Shawn Sr ever saw her is when they went to Ireland themselves to see her and even then she was MIA a lot of the time. Before she can go into more detail, Fr. Jansen enters and is ready to begin Shawn Sr’s, Mickey’s, Jennifer's, and Marlena's funeral. The guests take their seats.

-The funeral then begins as Fr. Jansen says an opening blessing and the screen focuses on the large pictures of Mickey, Shawn Sr, Jennifer, and Marlena near their coffins as their loves ones look on lovingly in tears as the screen fades to black and the credits roll.

On the Next Days...

Kate to Faux Roman: Go in...you know you want to. It's where you belong.

Fr. Jansen: It is time to say goodbye to four wonderful people (clips of the funeral guests putting roses on the caskets).

Sami (in tears looking at John/Roman): My mother's death spelled the end of my family.

Maggie (banging on the casket): I can't live without you. COME BACK MICKEY!!! COME BACK PLEASE!!!


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