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Return Promo!



Announcer: This Thursday, All the Days returns with shocking twists!

Clip of Hope and Leo kissing.

Announcer: And 3 big returns rock Salem!

Clip of Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady.

Announcer: Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease return this Thursday as Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady!

Clip of Billie Reed.

Announcer: And Lisa Rinna returns to the role she originated, Billie Reed! Is she here to help…

Clip of Bo, Hope, and Billie in Billie’s apartment.

Billie: This might help put things together.

Announcer: Or does she have her own agenda?

Clip of Bo and Billie on her couch.

Billie: Maybe Hope has finally moved on from you.

Billie moves closer to Bo, and puts her hand on his thigh.

Announcer: Then, two marriages fall apart.

Clip of Sami, Rafe, Jack and Jennifer.

Clip of Jack and Jennifer in the Horton living room.

Jennifer: This is the last straw, Jack. It’s over.

Clip of Vivian and Sami at the bar in Chez Rouge.

Vivian: I have something that will interest you, Samantha.

Vivian hands Sami the folder with the pictures of Rafe and Nicole having sex. She holds back tears.

Clip of Sami slapping Rafe.

Sami: That’s it!

Announcer: Then, two sisters lock horns over a man.

Clip of Nicole, Taylor and Brady in the Cheatin’ heart.

Taylor: What’s your problem? You made your choice when you picked EJ over Brady!

Nicole: Why can’t you just stay away from him!

Clip of Brady and Taylor kissing in front of Nicole.

Announcer: What happens when ex-lovers return?

Clip of Lexie standing on the pier. A man comes behind her. She turns around.

Lexie: Oh my God!

Clip of Tek Kramer.

Flashback to Tek and Lexie having sex.

Clip of Abe and Faye sitting in the Java Café.

Faye: Abe, I will always have a special place in my heart for you.

Abe: So will I.

They hold hands.

Announcer: A woman scorned…

Clip of Chloe watching Daniel and Carly kiss on the pier.

Announcer: Will do anything.

Clip of Chloe in Daniel’s apartment.

Chloe: If I can’t have him, nobody will.

She pours gasoline all over his apartment, while Daniel and Carly make love.

Announcer: Then, a secrete romance takes a surprising turn.

Clip of Chad and Will in Chad’s bed, making love.

Will: Chad, we can’t do this anymore.

Chad: Why not?

Will: Because it’s starting to become more than sex for me!

Chad looks shocked.

Announcer: Then, a woman hell-bent on revenge begins taking the first steps.

Clip of Vivian, Brady, Maggie, Victor, Nicole, Philip, Kate, and Stefano.

Clip of Vivian handing Sami a folder;

Clip of Vivian and Kate in Kate’s office.

Vivian: What happens when your beloved shareholders believe that this lovely company of yours is just a front for your illegal activity?

Clip of Vivian and Victor in the living room of the Kirikas mansion.

Vivian: You do exactly as I say, or your lovely little housewife will be lying in a gutter!

Announcer: But will Vivian be shut down?

Clip of Stefano and Vivian in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Stefano grabs Vivian’s arm.

Stefano: Enough!

Announcer: And in three weeks, don’t miss the beginning of a shocking storyline, where three huge returns rock Salem!

Clip of a blonde woman sitting in a cell. Her face is not shown.

Woman: Help me!

Announcer: It all begins April 15! All this and more on All the Days!


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