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Due to some conflicts, I haven't been able to post new episodes of All the Days. Here is a recap of what happened.

Bo received a phone call from Hope, but the line went dead. He called again, and the phone answered, and he heard a man threatening Hope. He found out where her undercover assignment was, and decided to rush over there to help her. He explained everything to Jennifer, and she wanted to help, but he convinced her to stay with Ciara. He headed to Florida to rescue Hope. Meanwhile, Hope was rescued by a man named Leo, who is really kidnapping her.

Carrie woke up from her coma, and learned she had lost the baby. After being released from the hospital, she went home with Roman, where she broke down. Anna tried to comfort her, but Carrie pushed her away. Roman told Anna he is putting her in a safe house until he figures things out. Later, Austin came to see Carrie, and she told him to tell her the truth about everything. He admitted to the affair, and Carrie kicked him out. Later, Jillian overheard Austin leaving Carrie a message, and she realized he was married. She became furious with him, and told him to stay away from her.

Sami and Rafe had a conversation about their relationship, and she decided that she needed some time alone. She decided to move in with Roman, to take care of Carrie. A desperate Sami went to Nicole, and asked her to let her have her kids back. Nicole refused, but wondered if it was the right thing to do.

Rafe and Nicole discussed what happened between them, and decided to keep it a one time thing. Nicole found out that Vivian had a video of Rafe and Nicole having sex. Vivian told her that if she doesn’t give her what she wants, then she will show it to Stefano. Nicole confided in Taylor, and Taylor advised her to come out with the truth, and allow Sami to see her kids.

While Jennifer was at home, taking care of the kids, she opened the door, and Jack was standing outside. She was furious with him, and he explained that he has realized that his family is what is important to him. She told him it is too late, but he tries to convince her to give him another chance. She tells him to leave, and he does. Jack later meets Jillian, and they strike up a friendship. They bond over their relationship troubles, but it does not go any further.

Carly and Daniel began to spend more time together. Chloe became furious, and later talked to Carly telling her to stay away. Carly realized how strangely Chloe is acting, and brought it up to Daniel. Daniel told her he would talk to Victor about it, but it is not his problem. Chloe’s sister, Joy came to town, and noticed her strange behaviour. She went to Philip for help, and Philip decided he has to step in.

Victor, Kate, and Philip discussed Chloe’s behaviour, and Victor and Kate decided they have to take Parker away. Philip let them know he is not taking her out of his son’s life. He then received a call from the daycare, saying that Chloe never came to pick him up.

Melanie, Carly, and Daniel got together for dinner, where Melanie told them she was going to France to study medicine. They were saddened by the news, but were happy for her. She later ran into Philip, who told her it doesn’t have to be like this, but she told him it was over, and about her plans to move to France. He kisses her goodbye, and she left him. She said her goodbyes to Maggie, Daniel, and Carly at the airport, and boarded the plane. While on the plane, she looked out the window and said she wasn’t going to ruin her life, as she held her stomach.

Will and Chad decided to stop their affair, as Will decided he wanted to be with Gabi.


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