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Monday January 24 2011



Sami, Austin, and Kate are in the waiting room in the hospital.

Kate: Sami, why don’t you either take your drama somewhere else, or grow up a bit! This may come as a shock to you, but this is about Carrie, not you!

Sami: Your right. This is about Carrie. The woman he abandoned!

Bo walks in.

Bo: Sami, stop!

Julie is sitting in the living room of the Horton house. She is looking through a photo album, and smiles. She flips the page, and there is a picture of Bo, Hope, Jack, and Jennifer.

Julie: Oh my, how things change.

Jennifer walks into the living room.

Jennifer: That’s true.

Julie: Jen, hey.

Jennifer: Hi.

Jennifer notices the picture Julie is looking at.

Jennifer: I guess you were referring to that.

Julie looks down at the picture.

Julie: At least there’s progress. Bo and Hope were working together with that prison thing. He broke up with Carly. And-

Jennifer: And Jack is still finding himself.

Julie: Things could change.

Jennifer: And if Jack knocked on that door right now, why would I take him back?

Rafe and Nicole are sitting in their motel room, eating.

Nicole: Well, this is interesting.

Rafe: What is?

Nicole: Me and you. Sitting here eating…after all that.

Nicole laughs.

Rafe: Well, this is the only time this is going to happen. And nobody could find out about it.

Nicole: My lips are sealed.

Outside their motel room, Vivian is standing, on her cell phone.

Vivian: I hope you installed it right, Gus! This is my only chance to get back into Stefano’s good graces.

Gus: Madame, what do you really need Stefano DiMera for?

Vivian: I don’t pay you to ask questions! Just do as I tell you!

Sami, Bo Austin and Kate are in the waiting room at the hospital. Sami and Roman are sitting far from Austin and Kate.

Bo: Will you calm down?

Sami: Why are they here! All of a sudden Austin cares?

Bo: I fell the same. You know I want to punch his teeth out; but we’re here for Carrie.

Sami: Whatever.

Bo: I tried calling your father, but he still isn’t answering.

Sami: I don’t know what is going on with him lately.

Amelia walks into the room. They all get up, and walk over to her.

Austin: How’s Carrie?

Amelia: I’m sorry but I have bad news.

Anna is sitting in the living room in Roman’s house. Roman walks in.

Anna: I didn’t try and escape.

Roman: Because you know there are guards outside.

Anna: Roman, why are you keeping me hostage? I need to know how Carrie is!

Roman: Do you really think she wants to see you? Do you think your just going to walk into the hospital, and Sami will have forgotten what you did?

Anna: I will explain to her what I explained to you, Roman. Besides, this isn’t about Sami!

Roman: Your right. This is about Carrie, who doesn’t need anymore stress.

Roman checks his phone. He notices the missed calls.

Roman: Damn it.

Anna: What is it?

Roman: Stay here. I’ll be back.

Anna: Roman, tell me what it is!

Jeremy, and Abby walk into the Horton living room. Julie gets up.

Julie: Jeremy! I didn’t know you were back in town.

Jeremy: I meant to call you.

Julie hugs him.

Abby: Jeremy came back to town a hero.

Jeremy: Oh please.

Jennifer: He saved Stephanie after her car crashed.

Julie: Trying to win her back, are we?

Jeremy smiles.

Jeremy: No, I’m not trying to win her back.

Vivian is sitting in a hotel room, on the phone. She sips some champagne.

Vivian: If I recall correctly, the little boy was taken back from his father.

Vivian pauses as the other person speaks.

Vivian: Exactly. I need you to find everything about her. If there is anything, that is.

Vivian hangs up the phone.

Vivian: Oh Stefano, your going to be kissing my feet.

Roman gets out of the elevator of the hospital, and joins Sami, Bo, Austin, Amelia, and Kate.

Roman: What happened?

Amelia: I’m so sorry to tell you this. The baby did not survive.

They all look saddened.

Sami: How’s Carrie?

Amelia: She’s still recovering.

Austin: Will she come out of the coma?

Amelia: I am confident that she will very soon.

Roman: Can we go in to see her?

Amelia: Of course. Follow me.

Roman, Sami, and Austin follow Amelia.

Kate: I can’t believe this happened.

Bo: Me too. So where did Austin come from?

Kate: I have no idea. Just the other day he finally answered my phone call.

Jennifer and Jeremy are in the kitchen in the Horton house.

Jeremy: So, have you heard anything about Jack.

Jennifer: Nope.

Jeremy: Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.

Jennifer: Don’t worry about it.

Jeremy: So, have you heard anything from Hope?

Jennifer: I was on the phone with her for a little. She said everything’s ok.

Jeremy: That’s good. Any idea when she’s coming home?

Jennifer: Not yet. I hope soon. I hate seeing Ciara like this.

Nicole wakes up in bed with Rafe. She gets up, and starts getting dressed. She looks guilty, and puts her coat on. She goes outside, and sees Taylor in the hall.

Nicole: Taylor?

Taylor: What are you doing here?

Nicole: I was seeing a friend. Wait are you staying here?

Taylor: Until I get together some money.

Nicole: Come, you can come home with me.

Taylor: No, Nicole, please. I don’t need that.

Nicole: Taylor, look at this place. Please, swallow your pride and come stay with me.

Taylor: Ok.

They leave the motel.

Anna is sitting in the living room of Roman’s house. She gets up, and calls Roman.

Anna: Answer your damn phone!

She hangs up, and throws her phone.


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