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Friday Devember 17 2010



Hope is lying on the bed in her jail cell.

Hope: I need to get out of here.

Hope goes to the bars.

Hope: Guard! Help me!

The guard comes over.

Guard: What’s going on?

Hope: There’s a really sharp pain in my stomach. It really hurts.

Hope bends over, and holds her stomach. The guard opens the cell.

Guard: I’ll take you to the infirmary.

Hope: Thank you.

They leave the cell.

Victor and Kate are in the living room of the Kirikas mansion.

Kate: What are we going to do about Vivian?

Victor: Don’t worry about her. In the meantime, you could move in. That will really piss off Stefano.

Kate: As great as that sounds, I don’t really feel like sharing this house with Nicole.

Victor: You don’t have to worry about that either! Nicole’s moved out!

Kate: Oh. Did Brady finally smarten up?

Victor: I don’t know why they broke up; I don’t really care. I’m just happy she is out of here.

Vivian and Gus are sitting in the Brady Pub.

Vivian: So, I have a plan.

Gus: How many times have I heard that before?

Vivian: Shut up, and listen! Stefano has a new son.

Gus: A new son! How old is Stefano!

Vivian: No, not a new son. He’s about 20! Stefano just found out he is his father.

Gus: So how is he going to help us with anything?

Vivian: If you would stop asking questions and listen to me you would find out!

Gus: Ok madam, go on.

Vivian: Ok, so Stefano is reaching out to this Chad boy, but Chad is pushing Stefano away, and wants nothing to do with his family.

Gus: So, what are you going to do?

Vivian: I’m going to figure out a way to bring Chad and Stefano close, and then that will be my golden ticket!

Vivian smiles.

Bo and Jennifer are sitting in the Pub.

Jennifer: Anything new?

Bo: Carly talked to Ben about getting some shifts in the infirmary.

Jennifer: What happened?

Bo: Carly said he was acting very nervous when she brought it up, but then said he would put in a good word yet, but Carly still isn’t sure.

Jennifer: Maybe it was a bad idea to bring it up to him.

Bo: Because he might inform whoever else is part of it.

Jennifer: Whoever else! We know for sure it’s that damn warden! She put Hope in solitary, because she knew Hope was figuring out too much.

Bo: Ok, we don’t know that for sure. In the meantime, stay away from Ben. We can’t have him figuring out anything.

Jennifer: Ok.

Hope is sitting down in the infirmary, holding her stomach, pretending to be in pain. Lee comes in the room.

Lee: Oh, God. You have got to be kidding me.

Hope: Lee, I’m really sick. It hurts a lot.

Lee gets on the phone.

Hope: What are you doing!

Lee(on the phone): Ya, come down to the infirmary. We have a little problem.

She hangs up the phone.

Lee: What’s the problem, Hope?

Hope: There’s a really sharp pain in my stomach. It hurts so much, and it won’t stop. Who did you call?

Lee: You’ll see.

Hope: Please help me!

Victor and Kate are standing in the living room of the Kirikas mansion.

Kate: And how do you think it would look to Maggie, if I moved back in?

Victor: Maggie knows were friends, and were close because of Philip. Besides, hse probably won’t care anyway.

Kate: Wow Victor, I’ve never seen this before.

Victor: What?

Kate: You, sad, vulnerable.

Victor: I’m not sad or vulnerable!

Kate: What’s the problem?

Victor: She told me to stay away from her.

Kate: Well, how did you think she’d react when she found out you left a woman in a coffin?

Victor: It was for her own good!

Kate: It doesn’t matter. Maggie Horton isn’t that type of person; which is why you two are a good match.

Victor looks at her, surprised.

Vivian and Gus are sitting at a table in the Pub.

Gus: How do you plan to get Chad to accept Stefano?

Vivian: I’ll explain to him how family is important, and how he will regret it when he’s older. You know, stuff like that.

Gus: I think it’s a long shot madam.

Vivian: Well, it’s the only shot I have at getting Stefano on my side!

Gus: Maybe you should think of another way.

Vivian: There is no other way!

Hope is sitting on the bed in the infirmary. Jane and Lee walk in.

Jane: What’s the problem, Hope?

Hope: I need a doctor! I’m in so much pain!

Jane: I’ll have a doctor come examine you.

Hope: No. I want to go to University Hospital.

Jane laughs.

Jane: Why should you receive special treatment?

Hope: I want to see a real doctor.

Jane: Oh, he is a real doctor. He actually works at University!

Hope looks surprised.

Jane: What’s wrong? Am I ruining your plan?

Hope: What are you talking about?

Jane: You want to get to University so you can try and escape. Guess what; it’s not happening.

Hope: I don’t have a plan! I’m sick, and I want to go to a real hospital!

Jane: The doctor will be here shortly.

Jane leaves the room. Hope gets up, and looks through the papers on the table.

Bo and Jennifer are sitting in the Pub.

Bo: Jen, I don’t think it’s the best idea for you to go in the prison.

Jennifer: Why not?

Bo: Ben is working there. He will recognize you.

Jennifer: I’ll stay away from him.

Bo: How are you going to do that? If your working in the infirmary, he is bound to show up.

Jennifer: Bo, I need to get in there. It’s the only way to find out what’s going on in there.

Bo: Carly will be in there, Jennifer.

Jennifer: It’s not enough. Bo, let me do this. It’s the only way of saving Hope.

Stefano is in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Vivian walks in.

Stefano: I thought I told you to do something for me, and I would consider helping you.

Vivian: Oh, but I am doing something for you. I’m going to help you win your son over.

Stefano looks surprised.

Stefano: What son are you talking about?

Vivian: Chad.

Stefano: How do you know?

Vivian: Don’t worry about that. Now I am going to get him to try and open up to you; don’t you worry.

Stefano: Vivian, stay out of my personal business.

Vivian: Stefano! Is this not what you want? For your son to accept you into his life?

Stefano: If you can do that, then I will help you. Now get out, your annoying me.

Vivian: You’ll thank me later.

Vivian smiles, and leaves the mansion.

Victor and Kate are in the living room of the Kirikas mansion.

Victor: I’m a little surprised that you would say that, Kate.

Kate: Well, it’s true. Maggie brings out a side of you that anybody rarely sees. And I can see you light up whenever you talk about her.

Victor: I don’t think that’s enough, Kate.

Kate: I’ll talk to her.

Victor: What makes you think she will listen to you? You left Vivian in that coffin.

Kate: Victor, don’t worry about it. Leave it to me.

Kate leaves the mansion.

Hope is in the infirmary. She looks through the papers on the desk, and sees that another patient died. She continues reading, and sees that her organs were harvested.

Hope: Hold on a minute.

She goes through the filing cabinet, and looks up April’s file. She sees that April’s organs were harvested also. She looks through a few more files, and sees that every woman who died had their organs harvested. She closes the cabinet, and goes back on the bed. Ben comes in the room.

Ben: Hello, Hope. I’m Dr. Walters.

Hope: Hi.

Ben: So, what seems to be the problem?

Hope: I’m having a sharp pain in my stomach. I don’t want to be here. I need to go to a real hospital.

Ben: Hope, there is no difference if I examine you here, or in a hospital.

Hope: I don’t care, I want to go to a hospital!

Ben: I don’t have the authority to do that. I’m going to go talk to the warden about bringing you to the hospital. There’s another doctor here that can check you out.

Ben leaves, and another doctor comes in.

Hope: Oh my God. What are you doing here?


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