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Wednesday December 15 2010



Bo is sitting at his desk in the police station. He dials a number.

Jane: Hello.

Bo: Warden, I'd like to see Hope.

Jane: Listen, I already told you Hope is in solitary. There is nothing I could do.

Bo: Are you being serious right now?

Jane: Yes. Now I have a lot of work to do. You have a nice day.

Jane hands up, and Bo slams the phone down.

Bo: Damn it!

Roman walks in.

Roman: Everything ok?

Bo: No, it isn't! Hope is still is solitary.

Roman: I still find it hard to believe that Hope would break the rules.

Bo: Exactly! She wouldn't do it unless it was an absolute emergency. We need to send someone in there. To find out what’s going on in there.

Jennifer is standing at the door.

Jennifer: You can send me in.

Will is sitting beside Carrie's bed in the hospital.

Will: How are you feeling?

Carrie: Will, I'm fine. I promise. I'm sorry I upset you before, but I think we have to talk about it.

Will: Aunt Carrie-

Amelia comes in.

Amelia: Your test results came back.

Carrie: What did they say?

Amelia: The reason you were dizzy, and almost passed out was because your blood pressure was high.

Carrie: Is that normal?

Amelia: It's not unheard of, but if this persists, then it is not good.

Carrie: This is serious?

Amelia: It can be. I want to check your blood pressure again in a few hours, and see if it improved.

Carrie: And if it doesn't?

Amelia: Then I will have a few recommendations. Just rest now, and I will be back.

Amelia leaves, and Carrie looks worried.

Sami is sitting on the couch in her and Rafe's apartment. Rafe comes in.

Rafe: Hey.

He sits beside her, and kisses her.

Sami: Have you found anything? Any way we can get our kids back.

Rafe looks disappointed.

Rafe: Not yet. I was thinking maybe tonight we can go out to dinner, get a break from everything.

Sami: A break from everything? You just want me to forget that EJ has my kids?

Rafe: I didn't say that-

Sami gets up.

Sami: I can't believe you would suggest going to dinner.

Sami's phone rings. She answers it.

Sami: Hello.

Will: Mom, it's me.

Sami: Hey. What's wrong you sound worried.

Will: It's Aunt Carrie. I had to bring her to the hospital.

Sami: Oh my God I'll be right there.

Sami hangs up, and puts her jacket on.

Rafe: What's wrong?

Sami: My sister is in the hospital.

Rafe gets up.

Sami: Stay here, I want to go alone.

Sami leaves the apartment.

Bo, Jennifer, and Roman are sitting in Bo's office.

Bo: Jen, that's a crazy idea.

Jennifer: Come on Bo! You know it will work!

Roman: I'm with Bo; I think it's too dangerous. Now, I gotta go. I'll talk to you guys later.

Roman leaves.

Jennifer: It's simple! You send me in as a doctor, and I act all shady, pretending I know what they are doing there, and I'll be wearing a wire-

Bo: It's too dangerous! Don't you think that the warden will do all sorts of digging and find out who you are?

Jennifer: I'll use Carly's name, and her information.

Carly is standing at the door.

Carly: Or why not send me in?

Bo sits back in his chair, and holds his head. Carly closes the door and sits down.

Carly: I'll get sent in as a doctor, Jennifer as a patient, and we'll see where it goes from there.

Bo: This is crazy.

Jennifer: It'll work.

Will is sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. Chad sees him.

Chad: Will, is everything ok?

Will: I had to bring my aunt here.

Chad: I hope everything's ok.

Chad puts his hand on Will's arm. They look at each other, and Sami comes out of the elevator. Chad quickly moves his hand.

Sami: Will, is she ok? What room is she in?

Will: Come, I'll bring you.

Will turns to Chad.

Will: Thanks Chad.

Will and Sami walk away, and Chad looks at Will.

Rafe walks into the Cheatin' Heart and sits at the bar. He orders a drink. Adrienne sits next to him.

Adrienne: Rough week?

Rafe: You can say that.

Adrienne: Oh, your Rafe, right? Sami's husband.

Rafe: Ya, Adrienne, right?

Adrienne: Yes.

Rafe: So, what brings you here?

Adrienne: Just thinking about some stuff. What about you?

Rafe: Just feeling like this whole situation is pushing me and Sami away from each other.

Adrienne: Oh, I heard about the kids. My God. I can't believe somebody can be that evil.

Rafe: That's EJ.

Adrienne: I wish you guys didn't have to go through this. I can't imagine being in that situation.

Bo, Carly, and Jennifer are sitting in his office.

Bo: You guys are serious about this, aren't you?

Jennifer: Of course we are! If people are being killed for whatever reason, then we need to stop this!

Bo: Ok, so then how is this going to work?

Carly: We need to get Jenn in the prison.

Jennifer: And around the same time, Carly will be transferred there, and I will suddenly get sick.

Carly: And then the warden will let me in on whatever is going on there.

Bo: If there is something going on, she's not just going to come right out and say it with your first patient.

Jennifer: Bo's right.

Carly: Then I need to start working there now.

Bo: I know a way I could get Jennifer in there-

Carly looks like she just realized something.

Carly: Hold on a minute. I know someone who works as a doctor at the prison.

Sami, Will and Roman, and Carrie are in Carrie's hospital room. Amelia comes in.

Amelia: Ms.Reed, I have your test results.

Carrie: It's ok, you can tell me in front of them.

Amelia: Ok; I was very concerned about the high blood pressure before, but it seems to have gone down. Even though it has gone down, I am still concerned, and I want to see you again next week.

Carrie: Ok, I'll make an appointment.

Amelia: If you feel anything else, come back the minute you feel it.

Carrie: Ok. Thank you so much.

Amelia: Take care.

Amelia leaves the room.

Rafe and Adrienne are sitting at the bar.

Adrienne: So, you said this is pushing you and Sami apart?

Rafe: I try to do things, for example, I suggested that we go to dinner tonight, but she got mad at me. It's like we can't even smile, or she will think it will be betraying Johnny and Sydney.

Adrienne: I understand where she's coming from. You just need to show her that your there for her, and comfort her.

Rafe: I do that, but she still gets mad at me. I think she resents me for putting this all in motion.

Adrienne: What do you mean?

Rafe: If I didn't interrupt their wedding with the tape recording, Sami wouldn't have done what she's done, and she would be with her kids now.

Adrienne looks confused.

Bo, Jennifer and Carly are sitting in Bo's office.

Jennifer: Who do you know that works in the prison?

Carly: Dr.Walters.

Jennifer: Ben?

Carly: Yes. He works there every so often. I could tell him I need a change of scenery, and want to work with him.

Jennifer: Wow, I would have never suspected him.

Bo: Ok, we don't even know if this guy is involved.

Carly: Even if he's not, it's a chance for me to get closer to the warden, and whatever is going on there.

Jennifer: She's right, Bo.

Bo: Ok, fine. You work on Dr. Walters, and I’ll work on getting Jenn in the prison.

Will is on the pier, and looks into the water. Chad comes on to the pier.

Chad: Will, how’s your aunt?

Will: She’s good; they released her.

Chad: That’s good.

Chad puts his hand on Will’s arm.

Chad: If you need anything just ask me.

Will: Ok.

Chad moves closer to Will, but Will backs away.

Will: I need to go.

Will walks off the pier.


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