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DAYS In Salem

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DIS - August 26th, 2010.



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Nathan tells Melanie to back off

At The Black Penthouse, Nicole's Room:

Jason and Nicole just finished making love, Nicole says that was amazing and askx him if he lives around here, he looks familier! Jason says hes a doctor at the Salem Hospital. Nicole realizes that she seen him at the hospital. Out of no where, Nicole asks him how he knows Vivian Alamain! Jason is taken back and doesn't know that to say, he then tells her that he used to to work for her.. Nicle laughs and says that it sounded like he was being blackmailed or something. Jason gets nervous and says he has to go, Nicole tells him thats crazy and he can stay.. maybe she can get to know him better since hes gonna be sticking around. Jason says that he has seen her around with Brady Black..do they know eachother? Nicole tells him that they were in a relationship but things didn't work out with them.. Jason asks what happened, Nicole tells him its nothing..she really doesn't wanna talk about it. Jason asks if they just broke up, Nicole says they did and earlier at the pub she just had to get her mind off things so she bumped into him! Jason says goodbye to Nicole and leaves; Nicole tells herself that she needs to start moving on with her life, because theres more to her life then just Brady.

At Daniel & Chloe's Place, livingroom:

Chloe is shocked to learn that Carly changed the DNA test! Carly tells her that she didn't want her to freak out and do something stupid..and the whole point of her and Daniel being happy together would be for the baby to not be Philip; Chloe knows this but wonders what Carly was thinking, was she just planning on keeping the baby daddy a secret! Carly says yes, and it was stupid..but she realizes now that she needed to know. Chloe asks Carly what are they gonna do now? Carly tells Chloe that they next time she sees Daniel, she has to tell him the truth! Chloe says fine, shes right..its the only way things are gonna go her way is if shes honest. Suddenly, Daniel enters from work and hugs Chloe.. he asks her why shes shaking? Chloe tells Daniel that he might wanna sit down, she has something huge to tell him.. Daniel tells Chloe that she looks like its urgant, Carly tells them she will let them talk in private. Chloe yells for Carly to stay, she has to be here. Carly says fine and stays. Daniel tells Chloe to spit it out, what does she have to tell him? Chloe tells him that hes never gonna forgive him after he hears what shes has to say!

At The Hospital, Desk:

Nathan is working and Stephanie shows up and gives him cookies she made, Nathan thanks her and didn't realize she could make homemade cookies. Nathan apoligizes to Stephanie, he forgot he had another shift to do today.. Stephanie says its okay. Melanie comes around the corner and says hi to them, she asks them if they have seen Philip? he was supposed to come by, Nathan and Stephanie say they havn't. Stephanie gets text message from Adrienne, She tells her that she wanted her to come spend the day with her. Stephanie tells Nathan she has to go but she will see him when he finishes work. Stephanie kisses Nathan and she walks off. Melanie asks Nathan if he ever gets time to spend with Stephanie with they're busy scheduals. Nathan tells Melanie that its none of her business, he doesn't ask her questions about Philip. Melanie asks Nathan why hes being for guarded, shes asking him as a friend. Nathan tells Melanie to back off away from his and Stephanie's relationship! Melanie says fine and tells him shes going, she walks off. Nathan asks himself if Melanie will always be an obsticle in his and Stephanie's relationship.

At The Kiriakis Mansion, Livingroom:

Stephanie shows up and hugs Adrienne, she asks her if something is wrong? Adrienne tells her that she just wanted to spend time with her niece, Stephanie hugs her. Adrienne asks her how things are with Nathan, Stephanie says that things are getting a bit better..shes starting to feel like they can finally get past Melanie being in there lives and they can surive as a couple. Adrienne is proud of Stephanie and asks her if she has finally accepted that Nathan loves her and not Melanie? Stephanie thinks so, after all he is with her! Stephanie asks Adrienne if she has talked to Hope lately, did she already go to court? Adrienne says she has and she got the death penalty.. Stephanie is shocked and didn't think Hope was the type of person to do those crimes, Adrienne agrees and says that her best friend wouldn't do something like that.. she was taking sleeping pills with crazy side effects, that was the only reason. Stephanie asks her if she really buys that? does she thinks that maybe Hope just lost it and coupldn't handle the stress anymore? Adrienne thinks its impossible, theres no way.



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