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2008: September



September 2008



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, people embraced their dark sides, while others opted for happiness in August...

  • Eddie (Jeffrey Carlson) coldly shut out Edina (Ilene Kristen) until he returned from his trip to Canada.
  • Ava (Christina Chambers), with nowhere to turn, became fast friends with Ford Collins (David Chisum), who roped her into a burglary job for Leo (Jeff Branson).
  • Lauren Sapphyre (Lynn Herring) was impressed by Carina’s (Natalia Livingston) fiery passion, and chose Carina to be the face of “Artemis”!
  • Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) came up empty when trying to get Esther (Kathleen Widdoes) to incriminate Hattie (Kate Collins) in her late husband Larry Lawless’s death.
  • Henry (Sebastian Roché) offered to fly the entire wedding party to Canada on the VSI jet for Terrence’s (Walt Willey) wedding to Christian (David Evan Smith).
  • Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) was caught in the middle of Jenna (Kari Wuhrer), his date for Terrence and Christian’s wedding, and Eddie, the man he wanted to be with, and right under the noses of his bosses Henry and Leo.
  • Julia (Melissa Archer) and James (Alec Musser) rescued a malnourished and weak Ramon (Kamar de los Reyes) and Nathan (Jason Thompson), and saved the life of injured Rachel (Sherri Saum).
  • Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio) realized that he slept with alternate personality Ava, and was threatened by Hattie for breaking Tiffany’s (Ambyr Childers) heart.
  • Fashionista Valentina Gembressi (Vanessa Williams) descended upon New York when she learned her daughter Rachel had been attacked.
  • Eddie reunited with sister Didi (Kelli Giddish) in Quebec and included her in Terrence and Christian’s wedding, where she had fun mingling.
  • Henry appeared to be remorseful about his role in Charles Halperin’s death, and ordered Leo to abandon the quest for the evidence left to Eleanor.
  • Thomas (Bobby Steggert) and Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) caught Eddie and Shawn in a compromising position, and struggled with whether to rock Jenna’s world with the news.
  • Fear of losing Christian to his marriage to Terrence caused Dominic (William Shew) to drink too much and spill to Shawn about his and Ford’s roles in Rod’s shooting back in March, and that he was working for Henry and Leo. Shawn realized that this information could get him exactly where he wanted to be.
  • Rod (Forbes March) put his reservations aside and went to participate in his father’s wedding to Christian.
  • Crystal (Kerry Butler) got a surprise when talent manager Trevor Allen (Tuc Watkins) expressed professional interest in her after hearing her on karaoke night.
  • Ramon returned home from the hospital to discover Rolo had been stabbed!
  • Terrence collapsed after his return to New York and the Applewhites were devastated to hear this may be Terrence’s last month to live.
  • Hattie interrupted Ford and Ava’s burglary attempt.
  • Shawn was reunited with his mother Valentina, who pulled her gowns from Lauren Sapphyre’s "Artemis" campaign at the last minute.

Opening Sequence

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Terrence must face the truth that he will die soon. Christian and Fiona try to keep Terrence's spirits up, but Rod begins distancing himself again.

Jenna wastes no time in making a beeline to Lauren Sapphyre to secure an investment. Lauren is hesitant and will only consider the investment if it involves Lauren reaping 50% of the profits. Jenna is incredulous, but Lauren insists that 50% capital should garner 50% profits. Jenna reluctantly agrees, and Lauren agrees to consider the request.

Rachel Marks finally awoke, shocked to find her mother and brother at her bedside. “Wow, a girl’s got to get bludgeoned to make mommy’s calendar, huh?” Rachel cracked. Valentina swore she wasn’t going to lecture her about the danger of Rachel’s line of work, but it ended up sounding like a lecture anyway. “If you go getting yourself attacked because you stuck your nose into someone’s private business, who is going to be around to keep your little brother out of trouble?!” Valentina continued her non-lecture. Rachel brushed off her mother’s pleas, “Please, Shawn is so focused and driven he doesn’t have time for scandal.” “Well I’m glad you’re bouncing back, dear,” Valentina assured her daughter, “but I must be off or I’ll miss my plane,” she added, getting up and turning to Shawn, “Talk her into becoming a librarian or something?” Valentina suggested, garnering laughs. “No one has ever famously tried to kill a librarian!” Valentina hammered at her point, as she raced out the door. Rachel looked at her brother in shock, “What, was that two whole conscious minutes with my mother in... three years?” Shawn smiled, “Consider yourself lucky, I would have given anything for a hairline skull fracture about three minutes before you came to.”

Detective Nathan Weber and some uniformed officers storm the Von Stadt penthouse at The Dorilton and capture the would-be thieves! Ford and Ava are caught, and Hattie is somewhat shaken. Nathan advises her to go home and have some tea to calm her nerves. Nathan will be by her place later, to take her statement. Nathan feels victorious to have recaptured Ava, who stands to be tried for many more crimes than just burglary!

Within hours of Ramon leaving the hospital fully recovered, he returned with his wounded brother Rolo, who was clinging to life! Rolo had lost a lot of blood, according to Dr. Julia Lawless, and she’d see what she could do to save him. Ramon worried he would lose his brother, and couldn’t imagine who would do this to him. Ramon feared this was a sign that Ava wasn’t through with her quest for vengeance.

Henry, Eleanor, and Leo return to the Von Stadt Penthouse to find a team of police there, taking photographs and collecting evidence. “What is going on here? What’s the meaning of this?” Henry demands to know. The officers tell Henry it was an attempted burglary, and immediately Henry is suspicious because there is high-tech security in the penthouse and the building. Burglars couldn’t have made it as far as they did without help... some kind of information. Eleanor realizes her belongings have been rifled through, and Henry realizes Leo may have ordered action to be taken outside of Henry’s direct orders to cancel their plans for Eleanor. Henry leaves, to find more details.

Nathan knocked on Hattie’s door, to collect her official statement about walking in on the burglars at the Von Stadt penthouse, but inside Hattie’s apartment, she sat on her couch staring at the bloody kitchen knife in her hand! Hattie was frozen, speechless, transfixed, until Det. Nathan’s continual knocking shook her back to reality. Hattie looked around, unsure of what to do with this damning piece of evidence, until she spotted a roll of paper towels. She wrapped the knife heavily with the paper towels, and sat it outside on her fire escape. “Coming! Just a second!” Hattie called to Nathan, vigorously scrubbing the bloodstains from her hands. Realizing she couldn’t get them out of her skin so quickly, she threw on some rubber gloves and ran to answer the door. Thanks to the knife, she’d forgotten all about the burglary at the Von Stadt penthouse. “What a pleasant surprise, I was just washing some dishes,” Hattie smiled, throwing Nathan off, since she should have been expecting him. After giving Nathan her statement about the burglary, he left, and Hattie called Esther, ordering her to return to the apartment.

Evan was notified that Ava had been apprehended. Evan went to visit her at lockup and wanted details of her crimes. Ava swore she’d been set up, blaming Ford, who had told her his boss wanted him to rob him.

Meanwhile, at Ford’s cell, Henry Von Stadt turns up. Ford is surprised, “Well, well, well. The big cheese himself, paying the lowly thug a visit.” Henry has never been amused by Ford, “What possessed you to burgle my apartment?” Ford insists he was just working a job, a job Leo hired him for. Henry couldn’t decide if the news surprised him. Ultimately, it didn’t. Henry was able to extract from Ford that Leo told him to trash some expensive items and grab things like electronics that could store information, books, significant-looking keepsakes. It was obvious to Henry that Leo had no intention of giving up the search for Charles Halperin’s incriminating evidence.

Ramon visited Rachel at her room while waiting to hear about his brother’s surgery. “How are you doing?” he asked her, a tone much less hostile than how he normally spoke to her. “I’ve got a bitch of a pounding headache,” Rachel attempted to joke. Ramon didn’t find it funny, but appreciated Rachel’s effort. Ramon apologized for his part in Rachel landing here. Ramon felt like a fool for not realizing Aviva was behind all the threats. Rachel didn’t blame him. Obviously Aviva had a lot of issues Ramon didn’t know about. It may mean Ramon’s a little dense and a little self-involved, but doesn’t mean he’s to blame. “Thanks... I think,” Ramon smirked briefly. Rachel sensed there was more hanging over Ramon’s head. Ramon told her of Rolo’s stabbing. Rachel was shocked, “Aviva wouldn’t...” Ramon didn’t know how to respond, and shrugged, “I don’t know what she would do. Especially when she’s Ava.”

Unaware of the falling out between Tiffany and Rolo, Julia called Tiffany to tell her that she just treated Rolo for a stabbing. Tiffany was horrified for him, and raced to the hospital. Rolo was recuperating from surgery, heavily medicated, and lying face down in the hospital bed. Tiffany hesitantly crept into Rolo’s room. Walking slowly up to his bedside, she couldn’t tell if he was conscious or not. “For what it’s worth, even though you betrayed me, and basically stabbed me in the back, I’d never wish this on you,” Tiffany said, her eyes watering.

Terrence wants to make everything right before he passes. Christian is shocked when he demands to see his ex-wife Emma. Fiona makes it her personal mission to try to track down her mother and retains Rachel Marks's services to find her. Rachel offers to do as much as she can with a phone and a laptop (and a head injury!) from her hospital bed.

Lauren consults with Henry for his professional opinion about doing business with Jenna. Henry supports Jenna’s talent, just not her tactics. Lauren believes an iron-clad contract can cut out the possibility of any funny business. Lauren has Evan draw up the contracts, and makes Evan part of the package deal since he is the only lawyer Lauren trusts implicitly. Jenna accepts the deal since she really has no choice. Lauren decides she will find offices for Baldwin Enterprises, and Jenna’s assignment is to come up with a line of Grecian Goddess dresses that Lauren can use in her “Artemis” campaign.

Eddie visits Thomas as he takes a lunch break from VSI. They go to the Redeye, where Eddie wants to explain. Thomas can obviously see the situation is complicated and decides he has no intention of getting involved. Thomas realizes that any spilled secrets could be damaging to Eddie’s happiness and wouldn’t want to hurt him. Furthermore, Shawn is Thomas’s supervisor, so it could have negative implications on his future with VSI as well. Eddie appreciates Thomas’s consideration and the trust forming between them.

Crystal knocks on Trevor Allen’s door at Upstart Agency, and Trevor welcomes her warmly. Crystal has a hard time hiding her nervousness, and Trevor tries to put her at ease. “There is no need to be nervous, trust me,” Trevor flashes a comforting smile that seems like a smile someone could believe in, “We just want to test the waters with a couple of producers, maybe get you in a studio and see how you sound ‘in the box’ as they say, get you working with a vocal coach for a few hours a week, and maybe a stylist to give her opinions and make you a little more glamorous and marketable,” Trevor finishes without losing the trademark smile. Crystal seems equal parts overwhelmed and judged by all of Trevor’s plans for her. She scrambles to find a question to ask, “Well... where do you see me going in the business?” Trevor doesn’t seem to have an answer to that on the tip of his tongue, but quickly pulls one together, “Straight to the top, baby!” Trevor infuses a contagious enthusiasm, which pulls Crystal right along.

Ramon visits Carina at Sapphyre Cosmetics. He just heard from Nathan Weber that Aviva was arrested. “How the mighty have fallen,” Carina smirks to herself. “How can you be so cavalier about your sister when she’s been nothing but devoted to you?” Ramon wondered. Carina laughed, “Please! Aviva has never done a thing for me. Maybe she had the best of intentions, but her priority has always been her own success. What the hell do you want from me anyway? Sounds like she needs a lawyer a hell of a lot more than she needs me,” Carina huffs. Ramon wants answers. Details. Something from Aviva and Carina’s childhood that might have brought Aviva to this point. “Everything with Aviva was always perfect,” Carina groaned, “She had the model upbringing, was in a cushy boarding school through most of our parents breakup so she didn’t have to watch them fall apart like I did. And she landed herself a great job and always was in some kind of relationship with a man. I can’t help you Ramon. And if I were you, I’d be glad she showed herself for the freak of nature she was, accept that it was probably the pressure of being so perfect all the time that finally got to her, and take the opportunity to walk the hell away.” Ramon can’t believe Carina could care so little for her sister’s troubles, and leaves.

Lauren couldn’t help but notice the broken relationship Carina had with her sister Aviva, and Carina fully expected Lauren to urge her to appreciate her sister. “And why would I do that?” Lauren challenged Carina’s expectations of her. “Well, you turned your back on your family and don’t know if they’re alive or dead, so I was expecting some speech about not missing opportunities, and remembering where you come from, and all that,” Carina speculated. Lauren just scoffed, “I’m not about to tell you how to live your life. What kind of hypocrite would I be? I’m sure you know what’s best for yourself.” Carina didn’t know how to process Lauren’s surprising confidence in her.

Tiffany returns home and catches her frantic mother Hattie trying to dispose of a bloody kitchen knife! Tiffany is rendered speechless and starts to hyperventilate at the thought that her own mother stabbed Rolo. “You... you did this?! You did this to Rolo?!!” Tiffany accused her mother in a fit of rage and feeling betrayed. “No, honey, of course not...” Hattie insisted, “... Rolo was stabbed?” Hattie grew nervous at this news. Tiffany refused to believe her, “No, it all makes sense... Rolo left me a voicemail! He said you threatened him with a rake and he sounded terrified! You tried to finish him off!” Hattie grew frustrated and ordered Tiffany to sit down, shut up, and listen.

Edina is at the hospital, and is assigned to the case of Dana Worthy (Brittany Underwood), a brunette young woman who came to the ER looking roughed up. Edina suspects Dana’s been living on the streets. Dana downplays her injuries and dashes out before Edina can get much information out of her. But Edina’s heart definitely goes out to the girl.

Henry calls Leo into his office at VSI. “I know, I’m behind on the Olin Publishing reports, but I’m catching up right now, the trip set me back,” Leo made excuses for himself. “Oh not to worry about that, son,” Henry assured him, “You’re off that project, I’ve given it to Shawn, he’s better at multi-tasking anyway. You’re taking a few days off.” Henry’s declaration worries Leo. Henry realizes he should explain, “You’re moving. You’re probably late with your reports because you were conspiring with that ridiculous cretin Ford Collins to burglarize our penthouse. You’ve proven that you are out of control and can’t be trusted. What’s left of your things will be packed up and moved to a location of your choosing as of 5pm tomorrow. Give your forwarding address to Hattie when she comes in, so she can update the records.” Leo is outraged, “You can’t do this!” Henry, unfazed, simply tells him, “It’s done. And your assets will be frozen until everything that was stolen, broken, or damaged in the burglary is replaced.”

“I want answers, mom, or I swear, the next thing I will do is call the cops... unless you want to stab me too!” Tiffany swears. Hattie takes a deep breath, “I need you to listen to me. I came home not too long ago, and had just left the Von Stadt penthouse. I was there to prepare for Henry and Leo’s return from Canada. I interrupted some burglars and called the police. The police came, made arrests, I made a statement, there is proof. If Rolo was stabbed, I have been with the police, Detective Weber is my alibi!” Tiffany is slightly convinced by the story, but skeptical, “What the hell is this knife then, mother?!” “When I came home,” Hattie continued, “it was just lying here. At first I was afraid that you’d done something. Now, after your accusations, I don’t know what to think. One option could be your professor, that unhinged woman Aviva... She was involved in the burglary, but perhaps she was trying to establish a twisted alibi for the time that Rolo was stabbed and the time she needed to plant the knife here...” Hattie speculated. “And the other option?” Tiffany prodded. Hattie was hesitant to speak it out loud, “... The other option... might be your grandmother.” Tiffany’s mouth dropped in horror.

Lauren calls a board of directors meeting, summoning Theodore, Evan, Jenna, and James to the table, and it becomes clear just how much work Lauren is planning to hold them accountable for in getting Baldwin Enterprises off the ground. Frustrated and distraught after the meeting, Jenna goes driving in her car and accidentally hits a young brunette woman!

Shaken, Jenna calls James and says she needs a dent on her car repaired! The girls wakes up, and it turns out she is Dana, who was seen earlier at the hospital. Dana claims she has neck, back, and leg injuries, and jokes, “Don’t bother calling 911 or anything.” Something familiar about the girl inspires Jenna to ask if she knows her from somewhere. The girl is certain Jenna doesn’t, and threatens to sue her for every penny she’s worth. Jenna writes her a check for $2,000. The girl stubbornly asks if it’s a bribe, and Jenna says it’s a settlement, and orders Dana to get out of there. Dana leaves, but still appears to have the upper hand.

“My grandmother could have stabbed Rolo?! I just can’t see that...” Tiffany said, shaking her head. Hattie explained, “I’ve seen a lot of what your grandmother is capable of doing when she’s not being properly monitored. This is one of the reasons I was so adamant about leaving her institutionalized and letting you believe she had passed away! I fought like hell to keep her contained. If she’s not staying on her medication, or being monitored by medical professionals, I don’t know what lengths she might go to. But I have no idea where she is right now, so if she’s out there somewhere, wandering around, we need to find her to determine whether she did this to Rolo!” Hattie and Tiffany go out looking for her, hiding the knife in the stove.

Crystal bounces into The Redeye and Eleanor is thrilled to see Crystal so happy for a change, “Honey, what has you lit up so brightly?!” Crystal shares her news about all the plans Trevor Allen has for her. Eleanor’s demeanor changes to a worry, “You are going to be careful about this, aren’t you? There are all sorts of people in this city who like to dazzle people with notions of fame and fortune and their other hand has already cleaned out your purse.” Crystal shrugs off her mother’s suspicions, but appreciates her mother’s concern. “Have you told Rod about any of this yet?” Eleanor wonders. “He’s got so much on his plate right now with his dad, I’m just going to keep this my happy secret for now. Who knows, it may lead to nowhere anyway, so why get everyone else’s hopes up?”

Ava is brought to the visitor’s window at the jail, and Trevor Allen is sitting there waiting to visit with her. “Who the hell are you?” Ava wants to know. “Your salvation,” Trevor smiles his patented smile, “Ms. Reynoso, I’ve been following your story in the papers and it’s a story that’s just begging to be told on the big screen... or at least on a movie-of-the-week sized-screen. It has everything, betrayal, lust, greed, sex, violence, multiple personalities – oh, is that the politically correct term? Alters? Is that preferred? What do you prefer?” Trevor’s rambling is met with stunned silence from Ava. So Trevor continues, “Who am I speaking with right now? Are you Ava? Do you speak? I’ve read about some ‘alters’ that don’t even have language skills, they’re just primitive, existing to act out aggression towards their oppressors... abusers...” Trevor’s rambling seems to bore Ava, and she stands up. The sudden response quiets Trevor. Ava gets close to the mesh grate that separates them. “I don’t know who let your slick, greased-up self in here, but if I ever see you in here trying to sell the importance of my own story to me... you’re gonna need an ‘alter’ or two to handle what I’m going to do to you. Ava walks out to return to her cell without looking back. Trevor shouts after her, “I’ll just leave my card, then! Call me! You, me, lunch meeting in the mess hall!”

Terrence loses his eyesight completely. Terrence, terrified because he doesn't know if he's waking up every morning because he can't see, decides to hurry and calls Evan Royale to revise his will.

Leo called Fiona, “Fiona, I know you’re handling a lot with your father right now... but I need your help. I had a disagreement with my father, and he’s put me out of the penthouse. He froze my assets. Call me back.”

At the Sapphyre Cosmetics offices in the VSI building, Carina drops in on Lauren, who is weighing designs that Jenna submitted to her. Lauren asks Carina’s opinion and lays the designs out on the table. “Oh I don’t know about these things,” Carina dismisses the challenge. Lauren refuses to let her, “Just look at the sketches and tell me what embodies ‘Artemis’ to you?” Carina looks at Lauren, almost to confirm that she’s seriously requesting her opinion. Seeing that she is, Carina studies the sketches. She picks one out of them all, and Lauren wants to know why. Carina thinks on her answer, “Well, the wide, low-cut neckline almost broadens the shoulders, giving the body a more powerful, a stronger, more masculine aggression. But the color and the detailing suggests a gentle softness, more femininity. Aggressive beauty. Best of both worlds.” Carina looks up to gauge Lauren’s reaction, and Lauren seems quite impressed. “It’s settled then... that’s our gown,” Lauren confirms, taking it upon herself to brush Carina’s hair behind her ear. Carina was taken by surprise at the physical contact, and wasn’t sure of the significance, if any.

Jenna brings her car into James’s garage for repairs and tells him the story of hitting the girl. James is shocked. Jenna considers the girl “an operator” and isn’t concerned since she paid her off. James repairs Jenna’s car.

Theodore Baldwin has a private meeting with Lauren Sapphyre to discuss Jenna, and Theodore admits he’s always been lenient with her. He knows it’s contributed to her sense of entitlement and regrets it now, but plans to be more firm with her now. Lauren hopes to help him correct the problem.

Dominic tries to get Christian to take a night off from "Terrence watch" (at Terrence's urging!) but Christian refuses, and spends every night at the hospital reaffirming that nothing is more important to him than Terrence.

Jenna was shocked when she ran into Trevor Allen at The Redeye. Trevor was dining with Crystal Halperin, discussing ideas for the right audition songs for Crystal to use. Trevor was excited to see Jenna, and Crystal ended up feeling invisible. Trevor was an old college fling of Jenna’s. He seemed to bring up old feelings in Jenna, but she fought hard to play it cool. Seeing Trevor after all these years gave Jenna an idea.

James met Jenna for drinks at The Redeye later that night. James wanted to explode when he learned from Jenna that Trevor was in town. James remembered Jenna’s struggle when she learned she was pregnant by him in college and gave the baby up for adoption. Jenna thought the baby could be of use to her now, and producing a daughter could give her more of a foothold on Theodore’s millions. James is shocked Jenna kept track of her daughter all this time, but Jenna admits she hasn’t. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t produce a daughter,” Jenna says, spotting the girl she hit with her car earlier. The girl is obviously not injured. Jenna approaches her, “You’re obviously feeling better.” Dana smirked, “The check cleared.” Jenna secretly admires the girl’s spunk. Jenna tells Dana there’s a lot more money where that came from... if Dana agrees to be Jenna’s daughter.

At VSI, Thomas feels awkward working around Shawn and keeps having flashbacks to catching him with Eddie back in Canada. Meanwhile, Shawn asks Rachel to do some digging around VSI for anything connected to Dominic Soletti and Ford Collins. Rachel starts her digging and Shawn provided his passcodes to give Rachel full access.

Fiona explodes at Rachel because she can't find Emma. A weak Terrence asks Dr. Julia if he can be at home for his final days. Julia agrees. Terrence relocates home. Christian finds it hard to take, waiting for Terrence to pass away. Christian saves his outbursts for Fiona and tries to hide his fear from Terrence, who knows Christian is a wreck.

Attempting to be the voice of reason, James thinks it will look mighty convenient if Jenna suddenly produces an heir. Jenna’s already thought of that... Dana will befriend Thomas and it’s Thomas that will make the connection that she’s family! Thomas would be the perfect cover for Jenna’s scam.

Using Shawn’s passcodes, Rachel unlocks a secret encrypted file that was deliberately mislabeled in the VSI database. Searching the file for names, she finds Dominic and Ford’s names! Shawn finally has proof to corroborate drunken Dominic’s claims. Dominic’s been on the payroll on a “freelance basis” for months, and he and Ford both collected checks right after the Large Bar hostage crisis, in which Rod was shot. Shawn calculated his next move... after copying the decrypted files.

Continuing to work side by side with Lauren, Carina felt a bond forming. No one ever invested in Carina before, was interested in her opinion, was willing to hang an entire fragrance line on her beauty... Lauren seemed to be the first person to ever see something valuable in her... or even to simply see her. There was a pull there, a magnetism, unlike anything Carina had ever experienced. At her fitting for the gown Jenna designed, Carina noticed Lauren watching... and didn’t really mind.

Fiona helped Leo move into her apartment, and get him settled, but just as quickly packed a bag for herself... she decided to stay back at the Applewhite brownstone while her father was going to be there for his final days. Leo wants to know if there’s anything he can do. Fiona, quite frustrated with her life right now, doesn’t have time for Leo, but tells him they will have to have a serious conversation when Fiona moves back to the apartment. Leo wonders if Fiona knows something more about Leo’s VSI troubles than she had previously let on.

Rachel urges Shawn to cut ties with VSI for his own safety and freedom. Surely this kind of information can ruin lives and the Von Stadts might kill to protect it. Shawn realizes the magnitude, but this information could also give him all the power he could ever want.

Eddie is shocked when Didi (Kelli Giddish) comes to NY, wanting to get to know her father and the rest of her family. Eddie thinks Didi will be overwhelmed by the city, but Didi seems excited by the pace. Didi realized she’d been in a shell and it’s finally time to break out. Jenna hears of Didi’s arrival and is furious at Didi’s change in plans. Jenna thinks this is the time, more than ever, to introduce her new “daughter” Dana!

Jenna pulls strings at Hunter College and learns Rebecca is still single in her dorm room, and gets Dana into the room. Jenna gives her background information and instructions on how to use Rebecca to get to Thomas.

Christian seeks out Rod to attack him for ignoring and neglecting his father in his time of need. They fight. Rod breaks down that he can't lose his father. Christian convinces Rod to come home. Rod takes off from work to stay home with his father. Terrence, Christian, Rod, and Fiona all stay up late every night watching old movies and joking with each other. Terrence calls attention to things Christian and Rod have in common through movies. Once again Rod sees Christian does love Terrence. Rod takes Christian aside to apologize for distrusting him and his motives ever since they met and acknowledges that he was wrong and that he believes Christian's love is the best thing Terrence could have had for his last year on this earth. That means the world to Christian.

Julia begged Carina to tell her about the cosmetics world to distract her from her own messy life. Carina shares that she wonders if she can continue working with Lauren... and confesses that she thinks Lauren is attracted to her. Julia tells Carina she could have a sexual harassment case if Lauren is making unwelcome advances. Carina admits, “I just haven’t decided if they’re unwelcome...” Julia is surprised.

Rebecca and Dana bond as roommates at the Hunter College dorms, and Thomas comes to visit. Dana quickly takes to Thomas and Rebecca and Thomas privately joke that Dana better not have designs on him.

One night, Terrence sneaks out of his bed and hears Fiona consoling herself with a bowl of ice cream. Terrence remembers how he used to give Fiona ice cream whenever she hurt herself or was sad. Fiona recalls -- that's why she was such a chubby little girl! Terrence admits it was selfish. It was the only way he could indulge in ice cream, Emma never wanted it in the house because it tempted HER too much! Fiona never forgot how good their family was together, even in the hard times.

Dana tags along when Thomas and Rebecca plan to go out, since she has no friends in the city and doesn’t know her way around. Dana shares that she hasn’t had a family, all she knows is her biological mother was from New York, had her during college at Cal State University, and gave her up for adoption. Dana was unable to narrow it down from the 1988 graduating class.

Didi reunites with her mother Edina, and the reunion is luke warm. Edina is glad Didi plans to stay. Didi meets Theodore and finds him to be a fascinating man, much to Jenna’s suspicion and dismay. Jenna resents Didi’s interest in Theodore, and is ticked off when Didi expresses how much she’s looking forward to having a sister since she’s always wanted one. Jenna realizes this is the one half-sibling that actually likes her, so in spite of herself she must make the most of it and play excited to have a sister too.

The next night, Terrence finds Rod writing furiously. Rod wondered why Dad wasn't getting his rest. Terrence is getting restless lately. Terrence remembers always having to go into Rod's room to get him to put down the pencil and go to sleep. Rod wanted to write down all his ideas before they went out of his head. Rod thinks he has too much inside sometimes, letting it out through his writing is better than holding it in and blowing up. Terrence admired his son's creativity. Terrence was always directing, producing, bringing to life someone else's big idea. Terrence is glad Rod got the creative gene. Fiona thinks from her head, Rod thinks from his heart and puts his emotions on the page. Terrence was never able to put his emotions out like Rod does. Rod wasn't aware Terrence was so proud of him. Terrence repeats -- never great at putting his emotions out. Terrence tells his son to never stop writing.

Ramon goes to visit a jailed Aviva... or Ava, actually. “What do you need, a billboard in Times Square?! Be glad you got out alive, and STAY GONE!” Ava exploded at Ramon, her face wedged between the bars. “I heard you’ll be facing a lot of charges,” Ramon tells her calmly. “Which I’m sure you’re quite pleased about,” Ava snipes at him. Ramon begs to differ, “Actually, I don’t want you to go to prison... I want Aviva to get help. Given everything you’ve said and done, you probably won’t be declared fit to stand trial. And if this Evan Royale is really worth his price tag, you can be checked into Shady Glen and receive the kind of care you need so that Aviva can come back to her life.” Ava is amused at Ramon’s determination to ‘fix’ this situation, “You’re a real piece of work, Valdez. You don’t get it? Aviva’s gone. For good. She’s never coming back! I’ve made sure of it.” Ramon is scared by the certainty with which Ava’s speaking.

Didi wants to spend time with Jenna, and Jenna suggests shopping or going to the stylist or the nail salon. Didi was thinking they could go to a book signing at Barnes & Noble and meet one of Didi’s favorite authors. Jenna is devastated by Didi’s idea of fun, and later vents to James, “Who knew they had country bumpkins in Canada, and just my luck to get the most boring, wallflower sister on the planet.” James suggests Jenna makes Didi over. Jenna scoffs, “As brilliant and talented as I am, I’m not that good. I at least need workable raw materials.” MEOW!

The next night, in bed, Christian asks why Terrence hasn't snuck out of bed yet. Terrence would prefer to spend the night in the arms of the man he loves. They fall asleep.

Eleanor agrees to close Large Bar to throw a private party for Terrence, something quiet, with all his friends. Everyone gathers at 6pm, and the hours fly by, sharing stories and laughs. Terrence wants to fire up the karaoke system. Eleanor complies. Terrence thinks it would be fun to assign everyone a song of his choice, and they have to sing it. Terrence shocks everyone by having all the numbers of his song choices memorized (since he's blind, he can't read the numbers from the karaoke book). Terrence picks the perfect songs for everyone to perform and everyone gets crazy with their performances and has a blast... especially Terrence.

At the press party for the “Artemis” Fragrance, Carina was so excited, yet overwhelmed, that she clung to Lauren the whole night. But Carina handled the press with grace and poise. By the time the hard part of the night was over, Carina had consumed too much champagne, and Lauren let Carina stay in Lauren’s penthouse suite. Carina gave in to her developing feelings, and kissed Lauren passionately. Things grew more intense and Lauren and Carina let passion overtake them.

Knowing Carina was going to be out late for the press party, Julia made plans to have James over. James was all too willing, but not for dinner... they’ve had so many dinners together, James wants dessert. Julia prepares three desserts for the over-exercised James, and James admits he had a different kind of dessert in mind. James and Julia start to get amorous, but are interrupted by a knock at the door. James urges her to ignore it, but Julia recognizes her grandmother’s voice calling from the other side of the door. Julia opens the door to Esther, since she knows Hattie and Tiffany hadn’t seen her for two weeks. Esther is disheveled and her face smeared with dirt. Her hands are covered in dried blood and Julia has no idea what to make of her. “Can I hide out with you, dear? I don’t want Hattie to be mad at me...” Julia can barely get her eyes back into her own head. “Why would my mother be mad at you?” Julia asked, realizing her grandmother was in a bit of a daze. Esther seems to instantly snap back into lucidity, “Well Julia, dear, I’ve done something bad again... and I’m afraid your mother’s gonna send me back to Shady Glen like last time.” Esther’s comments pique Julia’s curiosity and she thinks, given Esther’s scattered mental state, Julia might finally get some answers about their family’s past.

The Baldwins go for a family dinner at The Redeye (without James since he had that date with Julia) and Didi tries to get to know the family. Didi seems oblivious to the subtle sniping between Thomas and Jenna, but perhaps Didi is too engrossed in the Baldwins’ interesting personalities to notice. In passing, Jenna mentions finishing late from Cal State because she took a few months off in ‘88 to “find herself.” Thomas was thrown by the mention of the college and year that Dana had mentioned a while back. Could Dana be a secret daughter that no one knew Jenna had???

After they closed the bar, Terrence has all his friends over to his home to see a movie. The crowd tapered off and went home after the movie, and Terrence and Christian have fallen asleep on the couch. Rod and Fiona stay up talking, content that their father is so happy. Christian dreams that he and Terrence have gone up to bed and that Terrence's eyesight came back. Christian was thrilled, and threw his arms around Terrence. Christian woke up from his dream, knowing that Terrence had just passed away.

Christian panics, Fiona and Rod panic, and call and ambulance. Terrence is pronounced dead and his body is collected. Fiona, Rod, and Christian are all three left in the foyer, wondering how to face a world without Terrence. They all knew it was coming. It happened when they were told it would. Yet Terrence was the only one who seemed ready for it.


Coming in October on Beyond the Horizon:

  • An embittered Leo sabotages his own company – and frames Shawn!
  • Baldwin Enterprises enjoys its first win.
  • Terrence’s passing has far-reaching implications on his loved ones.
  • Rod’s shocking choice has a huge impact on his relationships with Crystal and Christian.
  • Thomas vows to find Dana’s biological family, and privately thinks that family might be his.
  • Lauren shows Eleanor that she’s just standing still.
  • Eddie helps Didi land a job.
  • Dominic gloats to Ford... which Ford might make Dominic regret.
  • Shawn turns the tables on Henry and VSI... but gets the tables turned on him once again.
  • Crystal finally gets what she’s wanted for months, but learns to be careful what she wishes for.
  • Carina finds a file on a woman named Linda Soletti in Lauren’s office.
  • Julia confronts Hattie about what she learned of her father’s death.


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