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Tuesday November 25 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

Jack is in the living room of his and Jennifer's house. Jennifer comes in the living room.

Jennifer: Hey. What's going on?

Jack: Joanne is still trying to buy the Spectator.

Jennifer: What the hell is her problem? Why does she have to have the Spectator?

Jack: I don't know. I have some work to go do, but I'll be back soon.

Jennifer: Hurry!

Jack kisses her, and he leaves. Jennifer picks up a paper on the floor. She holds her stomach in pain.

Jennifer: Oh God.

Belle gets out of her car in the hospital parking lot. She locks the door, and a masked man pushes her against the car.

Belle: Help!

He covers her mouth.

Man: Tell me where your mother is.

Belle: I don't know.

She starts crying.

Marleana and Kristen are walking around the forest.

Kristen: Everything looks the same! How do we know if were moving?

Marleana: It'll get better in the morning.

Kristen: I can't do this anymore!

John is in the forest.

John: Marleana!

Kristen: Did you hear that?

Marleana: What?

Kristen: I thought I heard someone yelling.

Bo is at the police station. His cell phone rings.

Bo: Hello?

Sami: Uncle Bo! It's me!

Bo: Sami! Where are you!?

Sami: I'm in Russia. I just escaped from Andre. I took a van.

Bo: Ok, I'm going to track your location.

Jennifer drops the paper, and bends down in pain. Outside, Jeannie knocks on the door.

Jeannie: Come on, it's freezing!

Jennifer: Help!

Jeannie: Oh my God.

She tries to open the door, but it's locked. She goes to the back, and the door in unlocked. She goes in. She sees Jennifer bending, down in pain.

Jeannie: Oh my God! Are you ok?

Jennifer: I think it's the baby.

Jeannie grabs the phone, and calls 911.

Jeannie: I need an ambulance!

The man grabs Belle by her throat.

Man: Tell me where she is!

Another man hits him on the head with a bat. He falls to the ground. Shawn drops the bat.

Belle: Shawn!

They hug.

Belle: I've missed you so much!

Shawn: Me too, Belle. I've had a lot of time to think.

Belle: About what?

Shawn: About us. I want to be with you.

He kisses her.

Marleana yells in the forest.

Kristen: Thats great! What if he's a killer! Now he'll want to kill us!

Marleana: Oh shut up! It's probaly John!

John: Marleana!

Marleana: John!

John sees them, and runs to them.

Marleana: Oh thank God your ok!

John: Marleana, theres something we have to talk about.

Marleana: What?

John: I remember.

Bo and Abe are at the police station, on the phone with Sami.

Abe: Sami, Carrie and Brady are on their way to find you!

Bo: In the meantime, you focus on getting as far away from Andre as you can.

Dora is outside the warehouse, in Russia. Valeri comes outside.

Valeri: It's done.

Dora: Are you sure he's in there?

Valeri: Yes. Do you want to do the honours?

Valeri hands Dora a remote. Dora pushes the button, and the warehouse blows up.

Shawn and Belle are in the hospital waiting room.

Belle: Shawn, I'm so happy your back. Claire has missed you so much.

Shawn: I've missed her too.

Jennifer is brought on a stretcher into the hospital.

Belle: Oh my God. Shawn.

Shawn looks back, and sees Jennifer. He gets up, and goes to her.

Shawn: Jenn, are you ok?

Jennifer: Shawn, call Jack.

Jeannie comes in.

Jeannie: Shawn, your back?

Shawn: Yes. What happened to Jennifer?

Jeannie: I went to their house to go do so work, and I heard her yelling. I opened the door, and found her bending in pain in the living room.

Shawn: Oh my God. Did you call Jack?

Jeannie: My phone died.

Shawn: I'll call him.

Marleana, John, and Kristen are in the forest. Tears form in Marleana's eyes.

Marleana: You remember?

John: Yes. It's sketchy, but I know what I want.

Marleana: What?

John: I don't think we should be together.

Marleana and Kristen both look shocked.

Marleana: What? But-

John: A lot of things have changed. Come on, we'll talk more in the cabin.

John turns around and walks, and Marleana stands there, shocked.

Dora and Valeri leave the blown up warehouse. A man stumbles out of the warehouse.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Jennifer wakes up in the hospital, with Jack next to her.

Jennifer: Is our baby ok?

Carly, Kimberly, Alex, and Scotty are in an apartment in Paris.

Carly: I have to do this.

Somebody knocks at the door. Carly opens it, and EJ is standing outside.

Steve and Kayla are in the forest, where John's plane went down.

Steve: They should be here somewhere.

Kayla: I hope were not too late.


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