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Thursday September 25 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

The next morning, Hope leaves Ciara’s room. Bo sees her.

Bo: Is she feeling better?

Hope: No. Her fever is getting worse. Any news on Alex?

Bo: No. Kimberly called last night. Carly saw it on the news.

Hope: Oh God. I can’t imagine what she’s going through.

Kimberly is sitting on a chair in Bayview Sanatorium. Paul comes out of an office.

Kimberly: Is she ok?

Paul: She is in emotional shock. Her mind has detached her from everything else.

Kimberly: How long is she going to be like this?

Paul: Were going to try everything we can, but ultimately it’s up to her mind.

Kimberly: What caused the breakdown?

Paul: It was a combination of everything that was going on, but Alex’s kidnapping is what set her off.

Kimberly: When Alex is found, will she be alright if we bring him to see her?

Paul: That is possible. But the sooner, the better.

Nicole is outside Stefano’s warehouse. She takes a hair pin out of her hair, and starts picking the lock.

Nicole: Come on!

She unlocks the door. She opens it, and goes inside.

Bo and Abe are in the security office of the Penthouse Grill with a security guard.

Security Guard: We have feed from about 8 minutes before the restaurant shook.

Abe: The rest was all wiped out because of the shaking, right?

Security Guard: Correct. Here are the pictures of everybody in the restaurant in that time frame.

He hands them a folder.

Abe: Thank you sir.

Bo: If we need anything else, we’ll call you.

Security Guard: No problem.

Bo and Abe leave the office.

Abe: Hopefully this will lead us to the kidnapper.

EJ walks into the DiMera mansion and slams the door. He goes into the living room, and sees Stefano sitting on the couch.

EJ: Tell me where Alex is!

Stefano: I have no idea where he is!

Sami runs into the room.

Sami: Johnny is missing!

EJ looks at her.

EJ: What do you mean he’s missing!

Sami looks at Stefano.

Sami: You bastard! You did this!

EJ and Sami leave the mansion. Stefano picks up the phone.

Stefano: Andre! Was it you?

Andre: Of course, Stefano. Little Johnny is on his way to the mansion.

Stefano: Good job.

Nicole rummages through a desk in the warehouse. She opens a drawer, and sees a bottle. The bottle reads “LS-49”

Nicole: There you are.

Andre: I wouldn’t touch that if I were you.

Nicole turns around.

Nicole: Andre, I’ll give it to you, if you put down the gun.

He looks confused.

Andre: Wait, what do you-

Nicole looks in the drawer, and sees a gun. She quickly grabs it. She holds it at Andre. Andre is shot! Nicole looks shocked! She looks at the gun, and realizes she didn’t do it.

She looks around, and sees a gun. She ducks as the shooter shoots.

Valeri walks by Andre’s van outside the warehouse. She hears a baby cry. She opens the van, and sees Johnny.

Valeri: Oh my God!

She takes her phone out, and dials EJ’s number.

Valeri: EJ, its Valeri! I found Johnny!

EJ: Where is he!

Valeri: He was in a van in front of Stefano’s warehouse.

EJ: Samantha and I will be right there.

EJ and Sami are driving in EJ’s car. He hangs up the phone.

Sami: Who was that? Where’s Johnny?

EJ: Valeri said she was in a van outside Stefano’s warehouse.

Sami: That bastard! I’m going to kill him!

EJ: Let’s just focus on getting to the warehouse.

Nicole leaves the warehouse. She sees Valeri outside, holding Johnny.

Nicole: Hey!

Valeri: Who are you? Hey you just came out of that warehouse! What were you doing in there!

Nicole: That’s none of your business.

Nicole leaves, and goes into her car. She drives off.

Kimberly and Paul are outside Carly’s room.

Kimberly: When will I be able to see her?

Paul: Once Carly is settled in, you will be able to see her. I’ll go check now, and see if everything is ready.

He goes into Carly’s room. Carly stares out the window with a blank expression. He looks around. He goes outside.

Paul: Kimberly, you can go in now.

Kimberly: Thank you.

She goes inside, and tears form in her eyes.

Kimberly: Oh, Carly. Everything’s going to be ok. Were going to find Alex.

Jeannie knocks on Carrie’s apartment door.

Jeannie: Hey Carrie.

Carrie: Come in.

Jeannie; You ok after last night?

Carrie: I hardly slept. I can’t even imagine what Stefano has done with Alex.

Jeannie: Me either. Poor Carly. She’s trapped in her own body.

Carrie. I’m sure that once Alex is found, everything will be ok.

Jeannie: I hope so.

Jeannie and Carrie sit on the couch.

Jeannie: So how are things going with you and Brady?

Carrie: Were going good. He is so good to me.

Jeannie: So when can I expect a wedding invitation?

Carrie laughs.

Carrie: A wedding invitation? I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

Jeannie: Why? Is something wrong?

EJ and Sami get out of the car in front of Stefano’s warehouse. Sami runs to Valeri and Johnny.

Sami: Oh thank God your ok!

Valeri hands him to Sami. EJ kisses Johnny.

Valeri: EJ, something happened in the warehouse.

EJ: What?

Valeri: I heard a gunshot.

EJ: In the warehouse?

Valeri: Yes.

EJ looks at Sami.

EJ: I’ll be right back Samantha.

EJ and Valeri go into the warehouse.

Sami: Oh thank God your ok, Johnny.

A man touches Sami’s shoulder.

Man: He’ll be fine with me.

She turns around.

Sami: No!

Andre smiles.

In the warehouse, EJ and Valeri see someone on the floor.

Valeri: It’s Andre!

EJ bends down, and checks for a pulse. He notices a mark on his wrist.

EJ: Oh my God. It’s not Andre. It’s Tony.

Valeri: What? How can you be sure?

EJ: Tony got a tattoo on his wrist, so we can distinguish between the two.

Valeri: Oh my God.

Valeri takes her phone out, and dials 911.

Carrie pours Jeannie some tea.

Carrie: I’m not saying something’s wrong. I’m just saying I’m just not ready to get married again.

Jeannie: Is it because of everything that happened with Austin?

Carrie: I’ve tried it before. With Mike, Austin, Lucas. I mean I sometimes wonder that if Austin would have lived, would we stay together? Or would it end up like my other marriages?

Jeannie: Your other marriages ended because they obviously weren’t the right choices.

Carrie: And how do I know that Brady is right for me?

Jeannie: I don’t know. When I see you and Brady together, you just look right.

Carrie: I don’t know. I mean, he’s divorced too. Right now, I think what we both want is to just be in a relationship like this. If we get married down the road, then we get married. If we don’t, we don’t.

Jeannie: I guess that makes sense.

Sami cuddles Johnny.

Andre: Come on! I’m not going to hurt him.

EJ and Valeri rush out of the warehouse.

EJ: Stay away from them!

Andre: Ah! Not so fast!

He pulls out a remote.

Andre: Anybody moves, I blow up the warehouse with Tony in it.

He looks at Sami.

Andre: Now hand me little Johnny.

Sami: No!

Andre puts his finger on the button.

Valeri: Give us Alex, and we’ll give you Johnny.

Sami: No! I’m not going to let you kidnap my son!

The paramedics bring Tony out of the warehouse.

Valeri: Didn’t expect that, did you?

Andre: Well, this was fun.

He pushes Valeri to the ground, and gets in his van. He drives off.

Kristen and John are in the DiMera mansion. They are upstairs, in a hallway. They hear a baby crying.

John: I hear a baby.

Kristen: Follow me.

They go into a room, and see Alex in a crib, crying. She picks him up.

John: Who is this?

Kristen: This is our son.

John: Son?

Kristen: Before your death was faked, we reconnected. This is your son, John.

She hands Alex to John.

Kristen: Hug your son.

John hugs him, and Kristen smiles.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Nicole walks into Marleana’s office.

Nicole: I have something that will help Belle.

Marleana looks at the LS-49 bottle in Nicole’s hand.

Kristen, Alex, and John are in the park. Scotty sees them.

Scotty: That’s my son!

Kristen: What the hell are you talking about?

Stefano and Andre are in the DiMera mansion.

Stefano: Tell me right now what the hell possessed you to potentially kill another one of my children!

Andre: Stefano, your one weakness; your children.

Andre pulls out a gun.

Andre: A weakness that you’ll have to pay for.


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