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Wednesday September 4 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Carrie wakes up in Brady's arms, the next morning. Brady wakes up.

Brady: Good morning beautiful.

Carrie: Good morning. Last night was great, Brady.

Brady: I agree.

He kisses her.

Brady: You want breakfast?

Carrie: That sounds great.

EJ and Carly are in the kitchen of the DiMera mansion.

EJ: So your going shopping today?

Carly: Yup; with Jeannie.

EJ: As much as I'd love to come, I can't.

Carly: Nobody invited you, EJ.

She smiles.

Carly: Were looking for my dress.

EJ: Well, considering there are only a couple weeks left, I'm suprised your looking for it so late.

Carly: Shut up, I know I'm behind.

EJ kisses her.

In the foyer, Adrianna comes down the stairs. The doorbell rings, and she goes to get it. She opens it and Jeannie comes in.

Jeannie: Oh great, just what I need first thing in the morning.

Adrianna: Oh shut up!

Sami comes out of the elevator at the Salem Inn. She knocks on Anna's door. Anna answers.

Anna: Sami; it's good to see you. How are you?

Sami: I'm great, considering I was in a car accident a couple nights ago.

Anna: I'm so sorry about that.

Sami: You should be; it was your fault, as well as all those deaths!

Anna: Sami, what are you talking about?

Sami: My father would be alive today if you didn't just worry about covering your butt!

Marleana is in Belle's room.

Marleana: Belle, why haven't you woken up yet?

Patrick comes in the room.

Marleana: Did the tests come back yet?

Patrick: Yes, Marleana. I'm so sorry, Marleana; it didn't work.

Marleana: What do you mean it didn't work?

Patrick: The tests show that she has no reaction to stimuli.

Marleana: Are you telling me she's never going to wake up?

Patrick: I'm sorry Marleana. I'll give you some time alone with her.

He leaves the room.

Jeannie is sitting in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Carly comes in.

Carly: Hey, you ready to go?

Jeannie: Ya, I have been for like 10 minutes.

Carly: Sorry.

Jeannie gets up, and Stefano comes in the room.

Stefano: What did I do to deserve such lovely ladies in my home?

Jeannie: Thats what I'm trying to figure out.

Carly and her leave. EJ comes into the living room.

Stefano: You know, Elvis, I met Alex last night. And when Caroline brought Gianni home, we had a nice reunion.

EJ: I know; I stopped it.

Stefano: Gianni is my grandson; and I assume your adopting Alex, so that makes him my grandson too.

EJ: You are going to stay away from me and my family!

Stefano: Does that family of yours involve Samantha?

EJ: Yes it does!

Jeannie walks in the room.

Anna closes the door.

Anna: Sami, please I know your mad at me, but I didn't do this on purpouse!

Sami: All you care about is yourself, Anna!

Anna: I had no idea that he was the serial killer! If I had any suspicion, I would have gone to the police!

Sami: But going to the police earlier, was impossible, right? Because you would have gone to jail.

Anna: If there was anybody else involved other than me and Don, I would have gone to the cops.

Sami: What about the guy you killed, doesnt his family deserve to know what happened?

Anna: That man was trying to rape me; who knows, mabye even kill me. He didn't care about his family; he disowned them! Sami, if I had any idea that Don was the serial killer, I would have went to the police the second I thought it!

Brady and Carrie are in the dining room, eating french toast.

Carrie: This french toast is so good.

Brady: I know; the chef my grandfather hiresd is great.

Carrie: I agree. So, is your grandfather here?

Brady: I'm pretty sure he left for a meeting.

Carrie: Wow, he's an early bird.

Brady: Or were just late.

They laugh.

Jeannie picks up her phone.

Jeannie: Sorry, I left my phone here.

She leaves the mansion.

EJ: I'm being serious; stay away from my family.

Stefano: Don't forget that you are living under my roof.

EJ: I'll move out.

Stefano: Move out, and then you'll really want me to stay away from your family.

EJ leaves the living room, and Adrianna comes inside.

Adrianna: Why don't you leave him alone?

Stefano: You developed a mouth while I was gone.

Adrianna: Don't forget that I have your secrete little box.

Stefano's smile fades.

Adrianna: Time to get serious?

She leaves the room, and Stefano slams his fist on the table.

Marleana unlocks the door to her penthouse. Sami comes down the stairs.

Sami: It didn't work, mom?

Marleana: No. Dr. Drake said that the tests show she had no reaction to the stimuli.

Sami: But there can be other drugs, right? What about that drug we used on Jeannie?

Marleana: It's not the same type of coma, Belle.

Sami: I'm so sorry, mom.

Sami hugs her.

Jeannie is waiting outside the changeroom in a bridal store.

Jeannie: Carly, are you done yet? What's taking so long?

Carly comes out of the change room.

Jeannie: Oh my God.

Carly: What? Whats wrong?

Jeannie: Nothing! You look great!

Carly starts fixing the dress.

Jeannie: I just have to ask you something.

Carly: Go ahead.

Jeannie: Are you sure this is something you want to do?

Carly looks at her.

Carrie knocks on Anna's doora at the Salem Inn. Isabella answers.

Isabella :Hey Carrie, your mom is in the washroom.

Carrie: Thanks, Isabella. So holw are you?

Isabella: I'm ok, you?

Carrie: I'm ok.

Anna comes out of the washroom.

Anna: Where on earth were you last night? I called and called and called!

Carrie :I was with Brady. I spent the night at his house.

Anna smiles.

Anna: The night? What happened?

Carrie: Just because you spend the night somewhere, it doesnt mean you did anything!

Isabella: But you did, right?

Carrie smiles.

Carrie: Yes.

Adrianna comes down the stairs, and is about to leave the mansion, when Stefano grabs her arm.

Stefano: Don't think of threatning me, young lady.

Adrianna: Or what?

There is a knock on the door. He lets go of Adrianna, and Adrianna opens the door. A deleviry man is standing there.

Adrianna :Hi, how can I help you?

Delivery Man: Hi, I'm looking for Adrianna DiMera.

Adrianna: I'm, her.

Deleviry Man: Can you sign here, please?

Adrianna: Whats here?

He gives her a package.

Delivery Man: Your grandfather, in Italy sent you a boat. It's at the Salem Docks, waiting for you. Heres a letter from him.

Adrianna: Thank you so much!

He leaves and she opens the letter.

Letter: "Adrianna, I know how much you loved our trips at sea. Come meet me at our favourite vacation spot, with your new boat. Call me to set up the date. Can't wait to see you again. Love Grandpa."

Adriana smiles, and she leaves the mansion.

Sami comes down the stairs in the Penthouse.

Sami: I'm just going to go to the mansion to get some stuff.

Marleana: Why don't you have one of the servants send it over?

Sami: I would prefer to do it myself.

Marleana: I don't think thats a good idea.

Sami: Why not?

Marleana: Stefano is there.

Sami stares at her, in shock.

Carly pads down her dress.

Carly: If I wasn't sure this was something I wanted to do, why would I be in this store right now?

Jeannie: I know, but-

Carly: But what? Is this about Sami?

Jeannie: I don't know. Mabye. I mean come on, if Sami's death wasn't faked, do you think you and EJ would be together right now?

Carly: If Sami's death wasn't faked, she would have been with Lucas, if you remember correctly.

Jeannie: Until Lucas would have dissapointed her again, and she would go running to EJ!

Carly: And what does it matter, if the situation were different? What if she did run to EJ? Guess what? She didn't; thats not what happened!

Jeannie: If she would have run to EJ, and EJ would have accepted her with open arms, then that does still show he has feelings for her!

Carly: EJ is with me! He hasd feelings for me! Do you understand, that if he was in love with Sami, he would be with her! So just stop it Jeannie!

Stefano hangs up the phone, as EJ comes in the room.

Stefano: So, have you decided to stay?

EJ: Under one condition.

Stefano: Whats that?

EJ: You leave my family alone.

Stefano: Under one condition.

EJ :Whats that?

Stefano: Gianni and Alexis stay under this roof.

Sami comes into the living room.

Sami: Oh, the hell thats gonna happen!

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Stefano, Sami, and EJ are in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Stefano: You leave Gianni here, or I'll finish your family!

Sami slaps him.

Amanda is in an office. Kate comes in.

Kate: Hello, I'm Kate Roberts.

Amanda: Amanda DiCosta.

They shake hands.

Kate: So, why do you think your good for the job?

Dora walks into a hospital room, in Milan. Tears form in her eyes.

Dora: Mom?

A woman comes in the room.

Woman: Can I help you with something?


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