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Monday August 25 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Anna is in her and Don's apartment. There is a knock at the door, and Anna goes to open it. She lets Isabella in.

Isabella: Is he gone?

Anna: Yes, but I don't know for how long.

Isabella: Ok, I really think you should get out of here!

Anna: Isabella, I can't.

Isabella: He's already bought a house for you two!

Anna: I really don't think it's for us.

Marleana and Don stand at the door.

Isabella: Then who's it for?

Marleana: It can't be you.

Don smiles.

Don: Well, of course it is.

Marleana: Why are you doing all this?

Don: For you, of course.

Isabella turns on a light.

Isabella: Get a suitecase, pack it. Were leaving.

Anna: Isabella, please!

Isabella: Do it, Anna! This sharade needs to end!

Anna goes to her closet.

Anna: I'm going into his closet! And see if that key to that house is in there. And we'll go check it out.

Isabella: I don't think thats a good idea.

Anna goes into Don's closet.

Anna: Oh my God.

Isabella: What?

Anna pulls out the killer's mask.

EJ closes the door of the twins' room. He looks at his watch.

EJ: What's taking you so long, Carly?

Maggie sits beside Sami at Chez Rouge.

Maggie: She still didn't come?

Sami: Nope. And her phone's on, she's not answering. Maggie, what if something happened?

Maggie: Don't think like that honey, I'm sure she's just stuck in traffic.

Sami: An hour late! And not answering her phone! Maggie, she's not stuck in traffic.

Bo gets up from the chair in Billie's hospital room.

Billie: Bo, I'm not going to let you destroy your marriage!

Bo: Billie, I want to be a part of this child's life. I don't want him to grow up without a father!

Billie: Do you understand that Ciara is going to grow up without a father? Not to mention, your marriage would be over!

Bo's cell phone rings. He answers it.

Bo: Hello?

Anna: Bo, it's Anna. I have some news.

Bo hears a beep.

Bo: Hold on, it's the other line.

Anna: Bo, it's important!

Bo pushes the talk button to go to the other line.

Bo: Hello?

Sami: Uncle Bo, it's Sami.

Bo: What's up?

Sami: It's my mom. She was supposed to meet me an hour ago, but she isn't here yet. I'm scared that something happened to her.

Bo: Where are you?

Sami: At Chez Rouge.

Bo: I'll be there soon.

He hangs up, and goes back to Anna.

Bo: Anna, whats going on?

Anna :I found a mask in Don's closet. The mask of the serial killer.

Bo: Where is he?

Anna: I don't know.

Bo: I'll be at your apartment soon.

Bo hangs up, and calls Abe.

Bo: Abe, it's Bo. We need to put an APB out on Don Craig.

Marleana backs away from Don.

Marleana: What do you mean for me?

Don: You drove me into the "crazy" state that I'm in. You know whats funny?

Marleana doesnt answer.

Don: I asked you a question!

Marleana: What? What is so God damn funny about what you are doing?

Don: Well, you see, you and I were married once. Then we had a baby. He died of SIDS! Then you go off and have more children, who are perfectly healthy! Oh, execpt for your youngest who's in a coma.

Tears form in Marleana's eyes.

Don: So what I want to know is, why did you hate our child so much?

Marleana: I didn't hate our child you bastard! He had a birth defect which caused him to die!

Don: Then why were you able to have so many other children?

Carly starts to wake up.

Carly: Where am I?

Marleana: Why did you kidnap her? What does she have to do with all this?

Sami gets up from the bar, and her phone rings. She goes to answer it, but it dies.

Sami: Damn it!

Bo hangs up his phone.

Bo: Damn it Sami!

He gets out of his car, and goes to Anna's apartment. He knocks on her door. Anna quickly answers.

Anna: Come, everything's here.

She brings him to the closet, and shows him a box with masks, knives, wires, and guns.

Bo: Oh my God.

Abe knocks on the door. Isabella answers it for him. Bo comes out of the room.

Abe: Are you sure it's him?

Bo: Yes, look at this box.

Abe looks in the box. He slams his fist.

Abe: Where is this bastard?

EJ is on his phone.

EJ: Carly, where are you?

He hangs up.

Don smiles at Carly.

Carly: I bumped into you in front of Chez Rouge.

Don: And you saw me shoot Lexie, and I almost killed you in an elevator.

He starts laughing.

Marleana: You've lost your mind.

He puts a serious face on.

Don: Define the term "lost your mind". I'm a little confused by it. I think I have the right meaning, but just to be sure, let me demonstrate on the lovely Carly, here.

He grabs her, and holds a gun to her head.

Marleana: Let her go! She hasn't done anything!

Don: Well I can't now, genius! She knows who I am! For a shrink, your not too smart.

Marleana: Let her go, and you can do whatever you wan to me!

Carly: Marleana, no.

Don: I like the sound of that.

He pushes Carly, and she falls to the ground.

Don: Now, let's have some fun.

Bo and Abe look through the box. Bo starts thinking.

Abe: Bo, whats wrong?

Bo thinks back to his conversation with Sami.

Bo: Don has Marleana!

Abe: What?

Bo: Sami called me and told me that Marleana didn't meet her for dinner.

Anna: Don bought a house. I don't know if he would have brought here there, but it's possible.

Bo: Where is it?

Anna: Here's the address.

She hands him a piece of paper.

Bo: I'm going.

Abe: I'll stay here, and deal with this. Call me.

Bo: I will.

Bo leaves.

Anna: Abe, theres more to the story.

Sami is standing outside Chez Rouge. Inside, Maggie is on the Chez Rouge Phone.

Maggie: She was here just a minute ago. I don't know where she went. Is everything ok?

Bo: I don't know. If you see her, tell her to call me. It's urgent.

Maggie: I will.

Bo: Thanks.

She hangs up.

Outside, Sami goes to her car. She unlocks the door, and puts the key in the ignition. She starts driving.

Carly gets up.

Carly: Stop this! Leave her alone!

Don: Do you really want me to define my meaning of loosing your mind?

Marleana: Leave her alone, Don!

Don: Fine, Marleana! Mabye I should kill you.

He holds the gun to her head. Bo kicks the door down, and Carly quickly punches the gun out of Don's hand.

Bo: Your under arrest, Don Craig; for the murders of Lexie Carver, Chelsea Brady, Chloe Black, Roman Brady, and the attemptive murders of Steve Johnson, and Carly Colson. You have the right to remain-

Don: Oh shut up, you've missed somebody. A murder.

Bo: What the hell are you talking about?

Don starts laughing.

Don: You'll see.

Abe sits down.

Abe: So, he's been blackmailing you, and thats why you aggreed to marry him?

Anna: Yes, Abe. But the thing is, I didn't delebritly kill that man! He was trying to rape me, and I pushed him. He fell, and died. I wanted to call 911, but Don, who was going under the name Harry, told me that if I told anybody, then he would kill Carrie.

Abe: I understand, Anna. Hopefully Bo has Don.

Bo leaves the police car. Don looks out the window.

Don: It's not over Detective!

Bo leaves him, and the car drives away.

Bo: You guys ok?

Carly: Ya, I'm fine.

Bo: Ok, I'm going to get you two to the hospital, and get you guys checked out.

Marleana: Oh no, Sami. We were supposed to meet at Chez Rouge tonight.

Bo: Ya, she called me and told me you didn't show up, then when Anna told me about the masks and everything, I put it together.

Carly: Thank God you did.

Marleana: Sami must be freaking out.

Sami is terrified in her car.

Sami: Help!!!

She slams on the breaks, but the car doesn't stop.

Sami: Help!!!

Kate is crossing the road, when she sees the car speeding after her! She tried to get out of the way, but the car hits her!

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

ATDOOL Is Premepted August 25-29, and will be back September 1st!

Sami's demolished car is crashed into a wall. Kate lies on the ground, bleeding close by.

EJ walks into Carly's hospital room, and kisses her.

EJ: Are you ok?

Carly: I'm fine.


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