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Tuesday July 29 2008



All The Days of Their Lives 80: Tues 29

The next morning...

EJ is sitting in Carly's living room. Carly comes out of the bathroom.

Carly: Ok, I'm ready. Lets go.

EJ: Ok.

They go out into the hallway, and Carly locks the door. Nilan comes out of her apartment.

Nilan: Good morning Carly, EJ.

Carly: Good morning Nilan.

EJ: Good morning, good to see you.

Nilan: Thank you. Today's the surgery, right?

Carly: Yes; were going to the hospital right now.

Nilan: Good, good. I'm praying for your son, and I hope everything works out.

Carly: Thank you.

They hug, and EJ and Carly go into the elevator.

Bo, and Hope are in the church. Billie comes in. Hope hugs her.

Hope: Hey Billie. How are you holding up?

Billie: I'm doing better, but still really bad.

Hope: I know.

Bo: It'll be ok, Billie we'll get through this.

Bo hugs her, and Hope looks at them. Carrie, Marleana, Sami, Eric, Roman, Kimberly, Jeannie, and Andrew walk into the church. They all hug. They sit down.

Bo sits with Kimberly.

Bo: Wheres Ma and Pop?

Kimberly: There comming soon with Steve and Kayla. I'm so sorry, Bo.

They hug.

Victor, Kate, Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie meet outside the church.

Kayla: I'm so sorry.

Kate: Thank you.

They hug.

Victor: Ok, lets go in.

EJ and Carly get out of the car in the hospital parking lot.

Carly: EJ, thank you for everything.

EJ hugs her.

EJ: No problem.

Carly: And thank you for last night. It was great.

He smiles.

EJ: I feel the same.

They go into the hospital, and EJ pushes the button for the elevator. They go inside. Carly pushes the button, and the doors close.

EJ: You look much better today.

Carly :I am going to think positively about this. Alex is going to make it through.

EJ: If he's anything like his mother, he'll be just fine.

They hug and the elevator starts shaking.

Carly: Whats going on?!?

The elevator stops shaking, and it stops.

Carly: No! No! This can't be happening!

Everybody is in the church, and the funeural has started. Billie is standing near Chelsea's coffin.

Billie: As you all know, I did not find out about Chelsea being my daughter until recently. I was asked by her mother to take care of her, and people told me not to get to close, because I was in the process of looking for my daughter. Little did I know that I didn't have to look any further. Chelsea filled something in my life that I was looking for for so long.

She holds her pregnant stomach. She starts crying.

Billie: I'm sorry, I didn't want to do this.

Bo gets up, and helps her to her seat. He gets up to talk next.

Bo: When we started to look for Chelsea, I was very upset at first, knowing that I had missed out on her childhood. But then I realized that I had the rest of her life, not to miss.

He starts crying.

Bo: I was wrong, and I should have protected her.

He sits down, and Hope gets up.

Carly pushes the emergency button, but the power goes out.

Carly: Oh my God! EJ, we have to get out of here!

EJ: Don't worry.

He takes his phone out, but he has no service.

EJ: Damn it!

Scotty and Mike are in Mike's office.

Scotty: I don't know whats taking Carly so long. She's usually on time for everything.

Mike: Well, I need to start the surgery soon. Alex has been ready for a while now. I need to go get something downstairs.

Scotty: Ok, no problem.

Mike leaves his office, and goes to the elevator. He pushes the button, but notices that the light doesnt come.A nurse comes.

Nurse: This elevator isn't working for some reason. I hope nobody's in there.

Mike: Ya. Oh no.

He realizes that Carly might be in there.

Mike: Did you call anyone to get it moving again?

Nurse: Not yet, it happens all the time. It should be fine in a couple hours.

Mike: What! Somebody is in there! Call somebody right now!

Nurse: Ok, Dr. Horton.

Hope wipes a tear.

Hope: Chelsea and I didn't always get along, but we finally did, and I have to say, she was an amazing human being. I'm so sad that I'm never going to completly get to know Chelsea.

She starts crying, and she sits down. Bo puts his arm around her.

The elevator technician stands away form the elevator. Inside, the power comes back on, and it starts moving again.

Carly: Thank God!

Her and EJ hug. The doors open, and they get out of the elevator. Carly looks at the technician.

Carly: Wha tthe hell took you so long!?!

Technician: I can guess why she's in the hospital.

Carly: Wow, you are so funny!

Diane comes into the hallway, and bumps into the technician.

Diane: Oh, sorry Jeff.

Carly: You must come here often.

She looks at Diane.

Carly: Mabye you should get this fancy hospital to get elevators that actually work!

EJ: Ok, ok, Carly. Calm down.

Mike: Ok, umm, I'll bring you to see Alex before the surgery.

Carly: Thanks. They walk away.

Jeff looks at the TV.

News Anchor: Today, the funeural is being held for Chelsea Brady, who was killed by Salem's Serial Killer! More on this story later.

Chelsea has just been buried, and people start to leave the church. Hope is talking to Maggie. Bo goes to hug Billie.

Bo: You ok?

Billie: No. I need you to be with me right now Bo.

Bo: Hope's already suspicious of us after I went to your apartment.

Billie: Please Bo. Theres nobody else I can be with right now.

He rubs her stomach.

Bo: Ok. I'm going to go tell Hope that I"m going to drive you home.

Billie: Thanks.

Carly is in Alex's room. She holds him.

Carly: Your going to be ok, honey. You have to be storng, and you will get through this.

Kimberly comes in the room.

Carly: Hey.

Kimberly: Hi. How are you?

Carly: I'm doing better. The funeural's over?

Kimberly: Yes. So how is he?

Carly: He's doing good. You want to hold him?

Kimberly: Sure.

Carly hands him to her, and Kimberly kisses him.

Kimberly: I love you so much. Your going to be ok, honey.

Billie unlocks the door to her apartment, and her and Bo go inside.

Billie: Thank you so much, Bo.

They stand in silence for a moment, and they kiss. They start kissing passionatly.

Billie: I want you, Bo.

They go into her room, and start to make love.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Carly, Kimberly, EJ, Andrew, Scotty, and Jeannie are in the waiting room. A woman comes to talk to them.

Woman: You need to stop this surgery, right now.

In Alex's surgery room, the box with the heart inside of it is sitting on the table. A doctor looks at it suspicouslly.


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