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Thursday July 10 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

The next night, Roman and Anna are at Carrie's apartment. Roman and Anna are sitting on the couch, watching TV.

Anna: Oh please, like any woman would go outside like that!

Roman: She's getting the mail, Anna. She doesnt have to look like she's going to the ball.

Anna: She want to attract the hunky neighbour! He's not going to look at that face twice, let me tell you that!

Roman: I remember when you first woke up in the morning and you were sleeping, it was the most beautiful sight I ever saw.

They stare at each other, and almost kiss. Anna stops.

Anna: Umm, I'm going to order some dinner. When Carrie wakes up, she'll probaly be hungy.

Roman: Are you hungry, or are you just trying to avoid what almost happened?

Roman kisses her passionatly.

Nicole is at Chez Rouge, sitting at the bar. She smiles at a couple of guys.

Maggie: Nicole, haven't you had your fill for tonight?

Nicole: Me? No! Just getting started Maggs!

Maggie: Oh God your already drunk.

Kate walks to the bar.

Kate: Is there ever really a difference?

Nicole: Kate! Here to meet some johns?

Kate: Do you have a battery?

Nicole: I wish I had one for my ears. Your voice drives me nuts!

Kate groans.

Kate: I cannot take you anymore! You annoying slut!

Kate grabs a wine bottle, and pours it all over Nicole.

Kate: Your not even worth that!

Nicole looks at her.

Chelsea is changing Ciara's diaper. Hope walks in.

Hope: Having fun?

Chelsea: I never knew so muhc could come out of a baby.

Hope: You'd be suprised.

Chelsea: So is there any news on Jeannie and Jennifer?

Hope: No, not yet.

The phone rings.

Hope: Hello.

She pauses.

Hope: Ok, we'll be right there.

Chelsea: What's wrong?

Hope: That was Kimberly. There's some news on Jeannie.

Roman and Anna continue to kiss, and Roman's phone rings.

Anna: You should get that.

Roman answers it.

Roman: Hello. Ok, I'll be right there.

Anna: What's wrong?

Roman: That was Bo. There's some news on Jeannie.

Anna: Oh, I hope she's ok. Call me when you can.

Roman leaves.

A kid walks by with a coke in his hand. Nicole grabs it from him.

Nicole: This is worth more than you.

She throws it all over Kate!

Kate: I am going to kill you!

Kate runs to her, and chokes her!

Maggie: Thats enough! Both of you out, or I'll call the cops!

Nicole: Good night everyone!

Kate grabs her purse and leaves.

Kimberly is outside Jeannie's room. Bo, Hope, Chelsea, Caroline and Shawn come.

Kimberly: Hi.

Hope hugs her.

Caroline: Is something wrong?

Kimberly: Where is everyone else?

Bo: Roman's on his way. I got a hold of Steve and Kayla and they will be in Salem by tomorrow.

Roman comes. He hugs Kimberly.

Roman: What's going on?

Kimberly: It's bad.

She starts crying. Shane and Carly come out of the elevator. Carly hugs her.

Carly: What's wrong?

Shane: Is she going to be alright?

Kimberly: The doctor said she's in a permenant coma.

Everyone's shocked, and the elevator doors open. Philip Collier comes out.

Kimberly: Philip!

Philip hugs her.

Everybody looks at him rudly.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Carly slaps Philip.

Carly: She has needed you for months!

Chelsea is at the DiMera mansion. She is walking down the stairs and sees someone at the bottom.

Chelsea: Oh my God.

She looses balance, and falls!


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