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Wednesday March 5 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Kristen and EJ walk out of Stefano's hospital room. They see Lexie.

Kristen: Going to say goodbye?

Lexie: Starting again, Kristen?

Kristen: He is your father, who loved you so much-

Lexie: Kristen, just shut up!

Kristen and EJ leave, and Lexie goes into Stefano's room. She starts crying.

Belle is sleeping on the couch in Marleana's penthouse. Marleana comes in with pancakes ad coffee. Belle wakes up.

Belle: Hey mom. Thanks.

Marleana: How are you?

Belle: I'm ok.

Marleana: I"m going to the hospital soon. And your comming with me.

Belle: Mom!

Marleana: Do you think I'm leaving you alone here? Don't argue with me.

Belle: Fine.

Anna and Jeannie walk into a building. A woman runs to Anna, and hugs her.

Woman: Anna!

Anna: Joanne! It's so good to see you! What are you doing here?

Joanne: I heard you were looking at this builing, and I thought I'd suprise you! Is this Carrie?

Anna: Oh, no! Carrie's older than her. Thie is my protege, Jeannie; Carrie's cousin actually.

Joanne: Your very lucky to have Anna as your mentor, Jeannie.

Jeannie: I know.

Anna: This girl has some great designs. I'm also bringing in Angela's daughter. The two of them together would be great.

Joanne: That girl really has a gift.

Anna: She does.

Joanne: So, I was thinking that I can help you with your little project.

Anna: That sounds great! Lets have lunch when were done here.

Lexie sits next to her father.

Lexie: You deserve what is going to happen to you Stefano.

She looks at Stefano as he is unable to respond.

Marleana walks into the room.

Marleana: Hi Lexie.

Lexie: Hey Marleana.

Marleana: How are you?

Lexie starts crying, and Marleana hugs her.

Dora is sitting on a bench at the park. She stares at the snow falling on the ground, until Isabella comes.

Isabella: Hi Dora.

Dora: Wow thats the nicest tone you've ever used with me.

Isabella: I really appreciate what you did. With the will.

Dora:Ya, well, I didn't do it for you. I did it for my mom. She's been through a lot.

A tear forms in Dora's eye.

Isabella: Is there something you want to talk about?

Dora: We were so happy. My family was happy. My parents actually loved each other. Sure, we had fights, but what family doesn't? We were so happy. Then Stefano had to change everything. He killed my dad. My mom was locked up in the mental hospital. My brother overdosed on something, and died. I can't remember the last time I saw my sister. Wow; everything turned into such a mess.

Isabella: Dora, if you need somene to talk to, you can come to me.

Dora: I was never really into talking to people about this stuff.

Isabella: Whatever you want to do is fine with me; but I really hope that you do come to talk to me.

She hands her a card.

Isabella: Here's my card. I have to go now. Bye.

Anna, Jeannie, and Joanne walk into the Penthouse Grill. They sit at a table, and wait for the waiter.

Anna: Jeannie, what are you having?

Jeannie: I'm not sure yet.

Kate comes to their table.

Kate: Anna, how great it is to see you here.

Anna: I was just thinking the same thing!

Joanne smiles at Kate.

Anna: Oh, Joanne; this is Kate Roberts. She ran Basic Black, and Mythic Communications. They weren't fashion companies, because as you can see Kate isn't really into fashion.

Kate: Jeannie, you would do well to steer clear of Ms. Flashy over here.

Kate leaves.

Bo, Hope, Marleana, Isabella, Lexie, Roman, Shawn Sr, and Caroline are in a comatose Stefano's room.

Marleana: This is the end, Stefano. When we leave this room, you will fall to your death.

Kristen comes in the room.

Kristen: Ok, you all can leave now!

Nobody moves.

Kristen: GET OUT! We are going to say goodbye to our father in a proper way. And I want none of his enemies in his room when he dies!

Everyone leaves, and Lexie, EJ, and Tony walk in.

Tony: Bye. Can I leave now?

Kristen: God Tony your so different from when we were in love.

Tony: And once again, that was Andre. I was on an island thanks to dear old dad.

Lexie: Ok lets get this over with.

Lexie goes to his bedside.

Lexie: I am so happy you didn't raise me. I'm so happy that in the end of all of this, I am only related to you by genes.

Lexie leaves the room.

Tony: Same goes for me, well, execpt we don't share genes. Bye now. See you in- oh nevermind guess your not going there.

Tony leaves.

Kristen sits by his bedside.

Dora is in the DiMera mansion.

Dora: I want the next flight to Milan, Italy.

A woman comes in the house.

Woman: And miss Stefano's will reading?

Dora turns around.

Dora: Who are you?

Susan Banks smiles!

Kristen and EJ leave Stefano's room. Kristen looks at everyone staring at her.

Kristen: What the hell are you looking at?

Dr. Woods goes in Stefano's room, and closes the door. He unplugs Stefano's life support, and his blood pressure starts to go down. Dr. Woods leaves the room, and Stefano flatlines. Marleana comes inside, and sees that Stefano DiMera is dead.

Marleana: The pheonix does have an end after all.

She looks at him, and realizes that his eyes are closed.

Marleana: I'm suprised. They say when you die with your eyes open, you deserve it. Why aren't yours open?

She closes the light, and leaves the room. The number which indicates the heart rate slowely increases. The line starts going up. Stefano DiMera's eyes widen, and he flatlines once again. The screen fades to black.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Dora, Isabella, Lexie, Tony, EJ, Susan, Bo, Hope, Marleana, Kate, Anna, Adrianna, Kristen, and Roman are in the DiMera mansion living room. A lawyer walks in.

Lawyer: I assume you all know why your all here.

Anna: Stefano's will, and all the cash that comes with it.

Kimberly and Chelsea are sitting at the bar at the Brady Pub.

Kimberly: Don't think about family now. You need to think about what you want.


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