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Tuesday February 19 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Anna, Tony, and Anna are sitting at Chez Rouge, eating lunch.

Isabella: So if there is no will, then I have all claims to Stefano, and his life.

Tony: Yes, so you can choose to take him off of life support.

Anna: But Stefano isn't in a comma, or a vegetable. He's still talking.

Tony: I spoke to one of his doctors. He told me that he won't remain like that very long. The doctor said his condition will only worsen.

Isabella: And once he is comatose, I will have the decision.

Anna: And we can finally have an end to Stefano DiMera.

A woman is standing by a corner wearing a hood. She looks at Tony, Anna and Isabella. Kristen takes off the hood. She leaves Chez Rouge.

Eric comes out of the twins room, and there is a knock on the door. He goes to get it, and Kimberly comes in.

Kim: How are you Eric?

Eric: Not good.

She hugs him.

Kim: Where's Lucas?

Eric: He went out for a while. This is so hard on him.

Kim: And how do you feel?

Eric: I feel like I lost a part of me.

Kim: It's ok.

She hugs him.

Marleana is sleeping on the couch, with a blanket on her. The doorbell rings, and she gets up to get it. She lets Roman in.

Roman: How are you doing Marleana?

Marleana: Not good, Roman. How about you?

Roman: Exactly the same. I miss my little girl so much.

Marleana: So do I.

They both start crying, and he hugs her.

Tony, Anna, and Isabella go into the DiMera mansion. They go into the living room, and start looking through the desks.

Tony: We need to find the will, and burn it.

Man: Hi, I'm here to meet with a Mr. Rolf. It's about Mr. DiMera's will.

Tony, Anna, and Isabella exchange shocked faces.

Bo and Hope are sitting at the Pub. Shawn and Cathy come through the doors!

Hope: Shawn! Your finally home!

Bo: Welcome back!

Shawn: Yup, yup I'm back.

Hope: Hi Cathy.

Shawn: Were just going to bring our stuff up, and we'll be right back.

Hope: Ok. Hurry back!

They go to Shawn's room.

Cath: Oh God Shawn, I feel so stupid.

Shawn: We made a mistake, and we'll fix it.

Cathy: And what do we do after the divorce? Continue seeing each other, or say goodbye?

Tony: I'm Mr. Rolf. Can I help you with anything?

Max: Yes, Mr. DiMera's will.

Tony: Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot all about it, so I dropped it off at your office earlier this morning.

Man: Oh, you did.

Tony: Yes, I'm so very sorry. You'll have to leave, because I'm very busy. Thanks for comming.

Tony brings him to the door, and lets him out.

Anna: That was close! Now we have to find the will!

Roman gets up from the couch.

Roman: I'm going to go make some tea.

Marleana: Thanks Roman.

There is a knock on the door, and Marleana goes to answer it. She lets Chelsea in.

Chelsea: Hi Marleana. How are you doing?

Marleana: I'm doing ok I guess.

Chelsea: I'm so sorry. I wish I hadn't had-

Marleana: Chelsea, stop! Sami's death was in no way what so ever your fault. Sami died because of Stefano! It was not your fault.

Chelsea: Then why do I feel so guilty? If I didn't push that button, Sami would still be here.

Marleana: You didn't push it intentionally.

Chelsea starts crying, and Marleana hugs her.

Carly is walking upstaires of the Brady Pub, and hears Shawn and Cathy talking about the divorce. She looks shocked, and goes downstaires. She goes to sit with

Bo and Hope.

Bo: Hey Carly.

Carly: Hey guys. I just brought Alex to see Shawn and Caroline. Their so sad over Sami.

Hope: It's going to be tough to get over.

Carly: So what's going on with the twins?

Hope: Well, I guess Lucas will take care of them. What about you? Heard anything from Scotty?

Carly: He keeps threatning that he's going to sue, but he has nothing.

Hope: He can't do anything, Carly. Don't worry.

Isabella: This is useless!It's probaly not even here.

Tony: Well, as long as it stays away until after you make your decision, then we'll be fine.

Anna: I doubt that will happen.

Dora watches from a corner, and smiles.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Chelsea and Kate are sitting at Chez Rouge.

Kate: I know your still mad at me, but I have something that I hope will make you think differently.

Chelsea: And what is that?

Kate: A job; in Paris.

Bo, Hope, and Stephanie are sitting at the Brady Pub.

Hope: We've tried so much, but they haven't answered!

Stephanie: What about their hotel?

Bo: We called, and they said the didn't check in.

There is a knock on Bo and Hope's door. Hope answers it. Carlo covers her mouth!


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