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Friday February 8 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Friday February 8 2008

10 years earlier...


Roman: I don't believe it.

Kristen: Believe it, Roman. Marleana's dead, and she's never comming back.

Jeannie opens the door to the lab. She walks in, and starts looking through a desk. She accidently drops a vile.

Jeannie: Crap.

Upstiares, Carrie's phone rings.

Carrie: Hello.

Eric: Carrie! Where are you?

Carrie: I'm busy Eric, I'll call you later.

Eric: I'm alone with three babies!

Carrie: Sorry Eric, this is important.

Eric: Where are you?

Carrie: Bye.

She hangs up. Jeannie comes back to the living room.

Jeannie: I didn't find anything.

Bo and Billie are sitting in their room.

Billie: Well, I'm hungry.

She takes the tray of food, and starts eating. A guard comes in. He grabs Billie by the arm. Bo gets up.

Bo: Leave her!

Guard: Your comming with me!

Billie: Stop!

The guard drags her out of the room.

Roman: Your dead. We found you in the pool.

Kristen: Wrong again, Roman. That wasn't me. I was put in a dungeon for 8 years! Then I get "rescued" only to be put in another dungeon in Maison Blanche! You know why? Because of Marleana!

Roman: Marleana?

Kristen: If she let me and John be together, he would still be alive, and I wouldn't have gone through all that!

Roman: You have gone insane.

Kristen: Oh, but wasn't I always? Roman, this was nice, but I have to be somewhere.

Kristen takes out a gun, and shoots Roman!

Kristen: Bye bye.

She walks over his body, and leaves.

Anna: We didn't either.

The door of the mansion opens, and a woman walks in.

Woman: Is there a reason why your here?

Tony: Well, this is my father- wait a minute. Dora?

Woman: Tony!

They hug each other.

Carrie: Who's that mom?

Anna: How would I know?

Tony: This is my cousin, Dora.

Dora: Who are all these people, Tony?

Tony: This is Anna Fredricks, Carrie Brady Reed, and Jeannie Donovan. So, what brings you to Salem?.

Dora: Your father called, and said he needed me to come to Salem.

Anna: Probaly to help him.

Dora: So what are all these people doing here?

Max, Chelsea, and Stephanie are in their rooms, waiting.

Max: Ok get ready.

Stephanie grabs a lit candel, and Chelsea grabs a cloth. The door opens, and a guard comes in.

Max: Now!

Max punches the guard, and Stephanie lights Chelsea's cloth. Chelsea throws it on the floor, and they leavre the room.

Sami and Lucas are looking out the window.

Sami: Whats that smell?

Lucas: It smells like fire.

Chelsea comes to the door with keys. She unlocks the door.

Sami: Chelsea!

Chelsea: Come on! We have to get out!

Roman gets his phone out of his pocket. He dials Abe's number.

Abe: Hello.

Roman: Abe I'm in the New Orleans. I got shot.

Abe: What? Stay on the line; I'm going to track your signal.

Tony: Stefano kidnapped people, and were trying to figure out where he took them.

Dora: Wow. I hope their all ok.

Anna: Well, I don't think there is anything in here that will help us.

Jeannie: I agree. Lets go.

Tony: It was nice seeing you, Dora. We'll have to see each other again.

Dora: For sure. Bye everyone.

Everyone leaves, and Dora pours herself a drink. The door opens, and Jeannir comes inside.

Jeannie: Sorry, your car is blocking mine.

Dora turns around.

Dora: You break into this house again, I guarentee it will be the last thing you do.

Everyone gets tio the doors of the mansion, but Gina stops them.

Gina: The fire has been put out, and none of you are going anywhere. Nice try, though.

She smiles, and walks away.

Bo: Damn it!

Kristen is driving a black van. In the backseat, Marleana starts to wake up.

Marleana: Where are you taking me?

Kristen: I'm going to put you somewhere where you will have no human contact. You will have rice for every meal. Oh, and some water.

Marleana: You've lost it Kristen.

Kristen: Are you still talking? God you'd think someone would get a hint by now.

Kristen stops the car, and gets out. She opens Marleana's door.

Kristen: Ok, get out.

Marleana gets out, and Kristen holds a gun to her. She unlocks the door to the house, and they go inside.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Paramedics take Roman to the hospital.

Roman: Marleana.... Marleana.

Abe and Lexie are at a hospital in the New Orleans.

Abe: Why did he say Kristen?

Lexie: You don't think he meant my sister do you?

Abe: I'm not sure.


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