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Monday February 4 2008




All The Days of Their Lives

Monday February 4 2008

Bo, Hope, Ciara, Kimberly, and Andrew are sitting at the table of Kimberly's apartment.

Hope: So Andrew, you have another date with that girl tonight?

Andrew: Yup.

Bo: Where are you taking her?

Andrew: I was going to take her to the Penthouse Grill.

Hope: Bo, I still have those reservation for the Penthouse Grill.

Andrew smiles at Hope. Hope laughs.

Hope: Just kidding honey.

Kimberly: So your always out or something, and we never have time to talk. So tell me, whats her name?

Andrew: Adrianna DiMera.

They all look at each other.

Adrianna goes into Stefano's hospital room. He looks up, and smiles.

Stefano: Adrianna, it's nice to see you havent forgoten about your father.

Adrianna: Well, I'm suprised I didn't. First I wasn't allowed in, then you dissapeared from the hospital. What's going on?

Stefano: Don't worry. Did you get the file I left for you?

Adrianna: Don't worry; it's all taken care of.

Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie are sitting at the Pub.

Stephanie: So, whats this news you have for me?

Chelsea runs into the Pub.

Chelsea: Steph! We won the trip!

Stephanie: What?

Chelsea: The trip that the college gave away; we won!

Steve: Congraulations girls!

Kayla: That was our news. Your dad and I are going on a vacation.

Stephanie: Really? Where?

Kayla: We'll talk about that later. So who are you going with?

Chelsea: Me, Nick, Stephanie, Max, and Andrew filled out a ballot, so the five of us are going to go.

Steve: Thats good. Where are you guys going?

Chelsea: The Bahama's, for two weeks!

Hope: Andrew, I don't think you need to be reminded about the DiMera's.

Andrew: She is not like them!

Hope: Thats what they all say.

Andrew: Let's not talk about this. A suprise will be comming for you mom, from Jeannie.

Kim: What?

The doorbell rings.

Kim gets up to get it. She opens the door.

Kim: Jeannie?

Jeannie: Hey mom!

Adrianna: Everything's taken care of. They will be leavin g for the trip next week.

Stefano: Thats good.

The doctor comes in.

Dr. Woods: Sorry, Adrianna. Stefano has to sleep.

Adrianna: Bye daddy. I'll see you later.

Adrianna leaves, and sees Isabella.

Adrianna: Hey mom.

Isabella: Please don't tell me you were visiting your father!

Adrianna: He's my father!

Isabella: Lets not start this again!

Chelsea comes out of the kitchen.

Chelsea: I called Max, Nick, and Andrew. Max and Nick are comming now, but Andrew will probaly come later.

Kayla: Me and Steve have to go, but we'll see you guys later.

Stephanie: Bye.

Chelsea: Bye.

Steve and Kayla leave, and Stephanie and Chelsea sit down.

Chelsea: Oh God! We have packing to do!

Stephanie: Chels! Calm down!

They laugh.

Kim: What are you doing here, Jeannie?

Jeannie: Well, it's a long story.

Jeannie drops her luggage, and goes into the kitchen.

Jeannie: Aunt Hope! Uncle Bo! It's so good to see you guys.

Bo and Hope hug her.

Hope: What are you doing home, swettie?

Kim: Thats what I'd like to know.

Jeannie: Well, I saw this girl kissing my boyfriend, so we got into a fight, and I accidently threw her down the staries.

Kim: What!

Andrew: Here's the best part.

Jeannie: I got kicked out of school!

She smiles.

Jeannie: Mom! I can be homre with you and Andrew!

Kim: Why the hell didn't Philip tell me about this!?

Jeannie: He's in Europe-again.

Kim: You are in huge trouble! Is this girl hurt?

Jeannie: It's good; she hit her head, mabye she will be smart now.

Hope smiles.

Adrianna opens the door to the DiMera mansion. She leaves her coat on a chair, and sits on the couch.

Adrianna: Everything's in order. Now I just have to take care of business.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Carrie walks into the University. She hears some teachers talking.

Teacher: The trip is bogus! We need to get them off that flight!

Lexie and Abe are sitting on a couch at home.

Lexie: Abe, I want to open a restruant!

Abe: I think thats a great idea.


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