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Wednesday January 9 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Bo and Billie wake up in bed at Billie's apartment. Lucas opens the door of the apartment.

Lucas: Billie, I'm just here to get something.

Billie: Don't come in my room!

Bo: Billie, my pants are on the floor near the couch.

Billie: Crap.

Lucas sees the pants. He lifts them up, and something falls out of the pocket. It's Bo's badge.

Lucas: Bo?

He puts the badge back in the pocket, and leaves.

Billie: You don't think he saw them do you?

Bo: I'm not sure.

Frank is in Sami's apartment. He doesn't know what do to, since he is supposed to be EJ. There is a knock on the door. He opens it, and Gina comes in.

Gina: Hey Frank.

Frank: Who the hell's Frank?

Gina: Lets stop playing games. I know Dr. Rolf didn't finish with you.

Frank: And I know what we did a while back.

He kisses her. She pushes him on the couch, and they start making out.

Philip is on the hospital pay phone.

Philip: You need to get to Salem now! I'll pay for your flight, and everything just come here, Martha.

Martha: And why should I come to Salem?

Philip: Because my mother could die, and you might be the only one who can save her!

Martha: Fine.

Philip: You leave tonight!

Martha: What! I can't do that!

Philip: Tonight!

Philip hangs up.

Lucas: Who was that?

Philip: Martha.

Lucas: Martha who? Wait a second! mom's cousin?

Philip: Yup. I"m bringing her to Salem.

Bo and Billie are still in bed.

Billie: I'm so happy that were doing this.

Bo: What? Cheating?

Billie: No not that, I mean I know that is a huge part of it, but I like that we are able to be together.

Bo: So am I.

Bo kisses her, and they start kissing passionatly. Billie's cell phone rings. She answers it.

Billie: Hello.

Man: Billie Reed?

Billie: Yes.

Man: If you want to see your daughter alive again, then you will fly to Tokoyo with bo Brady, and nobody else.

Billie: What?!? Who the hell is this?

The man hangs up.

Bo: Whats wrong?

Billie: It's Chelsea!

Gina is on top of Frank, on the couch.

Gina: You may not remember too well.

She rips off Frank's shirt, and he kisses her passionatly.

Gina: Mabye this will make you.

Frank turns her over, and starts kissing her. He takes his belt off, and takes his pants off. He starts undressing Gina too.

Dr. Woods is in Kate's hospital room.

Kate: So your telling me that none of my children were a match?

Dr. Woods: I'm sorry, Ms. Roberts. We are going to start looking at other people.

Philip walks in.

Philip: Theres no need for that.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Philip: Someone that can help you is comming to Salem.

Kate: Stop talking in riddles! Just spit it out! Who the hells comming to help me?

Philip: Your cousin, Martha.

Kate: Oh no way!

Lucas: Mom! Please! You don't want to see your cousin, who can save your life?

Kate: No!

Dr. Woods: Ms. Roberts, if this woman can help you, then you should take it.

Kate: Fine! Whatever. When is she arriving?

Philip: She should be here in the early hours of the morning.

Gina walks out of Sami's apartment, and sees Bo and Billie comming out of hers.

Gina: Bo, Billie?

Bo: Hope, I need to go to Tokoyo.

Gina: Why?

Bo: It's about Chelsea.

Gina: what? Is she ok?

Bo: I'm not sure, but I'll call.

He kisses Gina, and goes into the evelator. The doors close, and Gina smiles.

The next night...

Kate, Lucas, and Philip are in Kate's hospital room.

Kate: Where the hell is she?

The door opens, and Martha walks in.

Martha: Well hello Kate.

Kate: Hi Martha.

Martha: It's so good to see all of you. But two are missing! Billie, and Austin. Where are they?

Tears start forming in Kate's eyes.

Lucas: Austin died last month.

Martha: Oh. I'm so sorry.

Philip: Billie is looking for her daughter.

Bo and Billie are at the airport in Tokoyo. A man comes up to them. He shows Bo and Billie the inside of his pocket, and they see a gun.

Man: Come with me.

Bo and Billie follow. He brings them to a cab, and they go inside. The man takes out a stick, and knocks them out.

Man: Bring them where I told you. And if they escape,

Driver: They won't.

The man closes the door, and he drives off.

Sami is in a padded white room. The door opens, and Gina walks in.

Gina: Hi Sami!

Sami: Aunt Hope!

Gina: No, sweatheart.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Gina smiles.

Sami: Oh my God. Gina!

Gina: You sure cath on fast!

Sami: You bitch! Get me out of here!

Gina: No

Sami: And you think Frank is going to let you do this?

Gina: He's actually one of my biggest supporters!

Frank walks in.

Frank: Hello Samantha. It's great to see you!

Sami: EJ. You guys aren't going to get away with this!

Gina: Shut up Sami! Your in here for life, and there is nothing you can do!

Frank and Gina leave.

Sami: I have to get out of here!

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Chelsea is on a stretcher, and is rushed into the hospital.

Bo and Billie wake up in a bed, naked!

Billie: What the hell happened?

Gina is in Hope's room. She brings a TV.

Gina: Here's some entertaiment, Hope. She turns it on, and Hope sees Bo and Billie having sex.

Kim is in her hotel room.

Kim: So your leaving tomorrow, Jeannie?

Jeannie: Yup.

Dr. Rolf and Gina are beside Stefano's hospital bed.

Dr. Rolf: What if I told you there was a way to bring Stefano back without actually bringing him back?


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