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Tuesday December 18 2007




All The Days of Their Lives

Tuesday December 18 2007

Carly is walking up the path of Bo and Hope's house, holding a bottle of wine. She knocks on the door. In the basement, Chelsea hears the knock.

Chelsea: Help!

Carly continues knocking. She sees something moving in the window. She goes to the window.

Carly: Oh my God! Theres gas!

She tries to open the door.

Carly: Is anybody in there!

She hears Chelsea's yelling.

She runs to her car, and comes back with a bat. She breaks the door down. She runs inside.

Carly: Chelsea! Are you in here?

Chelsea: Help!

Carly hears her through the basement. She tries to open it, but the door is jammed. She starts coughing from the gas. In the basement, Chelsea gets up. She looks behind her, and a fire is starting! She runs up the stairs!

Chelsea: Help! Help!

Adrianna knocks on the door of the DiMera mansion. Tony answers it.

Adrianna: Tony. Your here?

Tony: Yes, trust me, I don't want to be, but I must.

Adrianna: Well, it's good to see you again.

Tony: I feel the same. Come and sit down.

Adrianna walks inside, and Tony takes her coat from her. She walks into the living room.

Tony: So I heard Stefano gave you a gift.

Adrianna: Yes, keys to a mansion in the New Orleans.

Tony: and did he tell you what happened there?

Adrianna: What happened?

Tony: Nothing you need to know right now. Anyway, I have some advice for you.

Adrianna: What?

Tony: Don't make this a habbit.

Kimberly is getting ready to leave, in her hosital room. She sits on the bed, waiting for her wheelchair. A girl comes in the room.

Kimberly: Jeannie!

Jeannie: Mom!

They hug.

Kimberly: I missed you so much!

Jeannie: So did I! So since the last time I saw you, you met your daughter, went into surgery, almost died, and now your fine.

Kimberly laughs.

Kimberly: so wheres your father?

Jeannie: I was going to ask you the same thing! I can't remember the last time I saw him.

Kimberly gives her a look.

Jeannie: Oh Philip? He's still in L.A. He couldn't leave work yet.

Kimberly: Wait! What about you!

Jeannie: School's done mom. I don't go back until January 14.

Kimberly: That better be the truth!

Bo knocks on Sami's apartment door.

Bo: Hey Sami. What did you want?

Sami: Destroy all evidence linking my mother to EJ's shooting, or I tell Hope.

Bo: Tell Hope what?

Sami: Hold on a second.

She goes to go get her phone. She plays the recording.

Bo: You-

Sami: I don't think you can pass judgment on me Uncle Bo!

Bo: I thought you were done with this crap!

Sami: I was until you arrested my mother!

Bo: She commited a crime!

Sami: and I'm asking you to get rid of all the evidence pinning her to it!

Bo: No Sami, your doing what you do best, blackmail!

Carly breaks the door with her bat. She runs down.

Chelsea: Theres a fire!

Carly: We need to leave!

The fire starts spreading fast! They start going up the stairs, when Hope and Jennifer walk in.

Hope: Who's in here!?!

Carly and Chelsea make it up the stairs.

Carly: Theres a fire! We need to get out of here!

Jennifer: Oh my God!

Carly, Hope, Chelsea, and Jennifer get out of the house, as the ambulance arrives.

Hope: What the hell happened?

Carly: I don't know. I came, and found gas in the house, and I ran in, and heard Chelsea screaming.

Hope: Thank God you guys are ok.

Adrianna: Tony, what are you talking about?

Tony: Stefano gave you this gift for one of two reasons: 1, he gave it to you because he wants you to do something with it, or 2, he wants something in return. Who knows? It's probaly even both.

Adrianna: Thats absurd!

Tony: Hey, look at me! I didn't do what he wanted, and he put me on an island for 20 years, with our crazy cousin taking over my life!

Adrianna: Look, he's diffrent now.

Tony: In the end, you will ultimitly do what you want. But heres a piece of advice: do not accept gifts, because he will want something back, and then it will be the end of you!

Tony leaves, and Adrianna thinks.

Stefano comes in the room.

Stefano: Your brother left?

Adrianna: Ya, what did he want?

Stefano: He just brought something by, didn't even bother to say hello.

Adrianna: So how are you?

Stefano: I'm feeling great! So I heard Basic Black is having a New Years eve party.

Adrianna: Yup, I'm planning it. Theres so much to do.

Stefano: Can you get me an invitation?

Adrianna thinks about what Tony said.

Jeannie: So how are you feeling mom?

Kimberly: Good. So whats new in school?

Jeannie: Nothing really. Last week we took our grad pictures.

Kimberly: So did you think about university like I told you to?

Jeannie: A little.

Kimberly: Jeannie, this is important!

Jeannie: Mom, I already told you I wanted to take a year off.

Kimberly: And do what? Sit around and watch soaps?

Jeannie: No! I told you I'm going to work, get some money so I can actually pay for it!

Roman, shawn, and Caroline walk in with a wheelchair.

Jeannie: Hey guys!

Caroline: Jeannie! It's so good to see you.

Shawn: Hey cutie.

Shawn and Caroline hug her.

Roman: Hey honey it's your favourite uncle!

Jeannie hugs Roman.

Jeannie: I missed all of you so much!

Adrianna: Sure, I can get you an invitation. I'll bring it later.

Stefano: Thank you my lovely daughter!

Adrianna: So what's going on with you latl-

Rolf walks in.

Rolf: Stefano! Theres a problem!

Rolf sees Adrianna, and stops talking.

Stefano: What is going on?

Adrianna looks at Stefano.

Stefano: Adrianna, you need to leave!

Adrianna: Why? Whats going on?

Stefano: Please, just leave.

Adrianna gets her coat, and slowley walks out the door.

Stefano: What's going on?

Rolf: He's waking up! It's too early, and I'm not done yet!

A man comes into the living room, but we can't see his face.

Stefano: Oh God Rolf! It's perfect!

Rolf: But it's not done!

The man's face is shown, and he looks just like EJ!

EJ-look-alike: Hello father.

Rolf looks confused, and Stefano smiles.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Sami opens her door.

Sami: Oh my God!

She yells.

Bo is at Marleana's jail cell.

Bo: Your free to go.

Marleana: What?


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