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Monday December 10 2007




All The Days of Their Lives Episode 15: Mon

Monday December 10 2007

Marleana gets off the elevator of Carrie's hotel. She walks to Carrie's door, and knocks on it. Anna opens it, and lets Marleana in.

Marleana: How is she?

Anna: I don't know if it's normal, or if it's not, but she thinks Austin is still alive. The doctor had to give her a seditive for her to calm down.

Marleana: All people grieve diffrently. She's in denial right now. She believes, she wants to believe that he is still alive.

Anna: You had to see her Marleana. When the doctor told her he was dead, all expression left her face, and then she burst out crying.

Marleana: so where is Roman?

Anna: Theres a problem with Kimberly at the hospital, he went to go see whats going on.

Marleana: There is so much trouble in this family, and it all stems from one bastard.

Anna: Stefano.

Billie and Hope are sitting on the couch, talking.

Billie: I still can't believe that it's here.

Hope: Stefano is doing this. He's just trying to play with our minds.

Billie gets up, and picks it up.

Billie: Hope, its best to just get rid of it, to forget it.

Hope: No! I can't do that!

Carly, Steve, Kayla, Bo, Roman, Shawn, and Caroline are listening to Mike.

Mike: We don't know if Kimberly will survive.

Caroline: What do you mean you don't know?

Mike: We've stabilazied her for now, but we don't know if we can do it again. She is unconcious, but in a lot of pain. You might want to consider-

Shawn: Are you talking about pulling the life support!?!

Carly covers her mouth.

Carly: No! We can't do that! She will wake up! She woke up when I was in there with her.

Mike: Thats impossible.

Carly: It happened! And it's going to happen again!

Mike leaves, and Roman looks at Caroline.

Roman: Ma, what do we do?

Caroline: I don't want to kill her.

Carly: We can't! She is going to live!

Marleana is sitting on the couch, and takes her ringing cell phone out. She ignores the call. She puts a black glove on, and reaches into her purse. She takes out a gun! Anna comes out of Carrie's room, and Marleana quickly hides the gun.

Marleana: How is she?

Anna: She's sleeping now. All this stress isn't good for the baby. Marleana, will the baby be ok?

Marleana: I'm not sure Anna.

Anna: I guess I should start planning the funeural.

Marleana: If only it was the funeural for that old man.

Anna: Well we know that won't happen any time soon.

Marleana: What if somebody were to get rid of that old bastard? What if somebody killed him for good? What if I do that?

Anna: Marleana, whats going on with you?

Billie: Hope! What is wrong? You don't seem yourself!

Hope: I'm fine.

Billie: No your not! It's this compact! Stefano sent it here for a reason, and it seems to be working!

Hope: I'm ok, just a little freaked out.

Billie: Theres no reason to be freaked out! The compact didn't just mysteriouslly pop out from the sky, it was put there on purpouse, by Stefano, just to bother you!

Hope: Ok, ok, I'm fine Billie. Really, I'm ok.

Billie: So wheres Bo?

Hope: Whhy do you have to know?

Billie: Well, I wanted to take him to a hotel tonight, mabye we can start off by feeding each other some cake, then we can finish eating it on the bed, and then he will make such great, passionate love to me.

Hope: What!? What the hell are you talking about?

Billie: Hope, whats wrong? Hope! Snap out of it!

Billie: Ana it's right under your nose Hope! Where do you think he's going when he has those late night police calls? You thought he was going to his job?

Billie: Hope! Snap out of it!

Hope has flashbacks to when she saw bo and Billie having sex in the cave.

Billie: Hope! Hope!

Ciara starts crying, and Hope's eyes open.

Sami is outside Kimberly's hospital room door. Mike comes.

Mike: Sami! Hi.

Sami: Hey, where is everyone?

Mike: They went downstairs, to discuss something.

Sami: Ok, I'm going to go inside.

Mike: No! Don't go in there.

Sami: Why?

Pager: Dr. Mike Horton to the ER Dr. Mike Horton to the ER.

Mike looks at her, and leaves. Sami turns the knob. Inside, Stefano is talking to Kimberly.

Stefano: You are going to live, my friend.

Sami walks in.

Sami: Oh my God!

Marleana: Nothing, why do you ask?

Anna: You just don't seem like yourself. Talking about killing Stefano. It's a bit scary.

Marleana: Sorry. I need to go. Give Carrie my condolensces.

Anna: I will.

Marleana leaves the hotel room. She goes in the elevator. She takes out her gun.

Marleana: Watch out Stefano!

Billie: Hope, what the hell is going on?

Hope: Nothing, I'm fine. I just have a headache.

Billie: Are you sure?

Hope: Yes. I need to go check on Ciara.

Billie: Ok. I'm going to go. Are you sure your ok?

Hope: Yes. i'll see you later.

Billie leaves, and her phone rings. She answers it.

Billie: Hello.

Anna: Hi Billie, it's Anna Fredricks.

Billie: Oh hey, whats up?

Anna: I'm sos sorry. It's about your brother, Austin.

Billie: Whats wrong?

Anna: Why don't you come to him and Carrie's hotel room, and we'll talk.

Billie: Sure, I'll be right there.

She goes in her car, and turns the radio on.

Radio: Austin Reed has died after a truck crashed into him.

Billie listens in shock, and starts crying.

Billie: Oh my God. No.

Sami: What the hell are you doing?

Stefano: What the hell are you doing!?!

Sami looks at a bandaged person on the bed.

Sami: This is my aunt Kimberly's room!

Stefano: Give me a break! Get out of here now!

Sami leaves.

Stefano: Good, now we can finish our little talk.

Stefano gets up, and unwraps the bandages.

Stefano: Ha! This will shock Salem!

Next on All The Days of Our Lives:

Carrie, Billie, Chelsea, Nick, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Sami, Lucas, Roman, Marleana, Belle, Shawn, Caroline, Carly, Philip, Kate, Doug, Julie, Max, Stephanie, and Maggie are at the church.

Father: We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of our dear brother, Austin Reed.


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