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Friday December 7 2007




All The Days of Their Lives Episode 14

Friday December 7 2007

Bo walks into his house.

Bo: Hope! Where are you?!?!

Hope comes down the staires.

Hope: Bo, whats wrong?

Bo: Ok your ok.

Hope: Whats going on?

Bo: Chelsea overheard Stefano talking to somebody, giving orders to kill somebody.

Hope: Oh my God!

Bo: I thought it was you.

Hope: Why me?

Bo: I found something the other night while I was shovelling the snow.

Hope: What is it Bo?

Bo takes out the compact.

Hope stares in shock.

Carrie rushes into the hospital, with Anna and Roman behind her.

Carrie: What if he's dead!

Roman: He's going to be ok honey.

Anna: Who the hell could have done this?

Carrie: We know who did this!

Dr. Berman comes out of a room with a sad look on his face.

Hope holds the compact, and looks at the "G".

Hope: Bo, how did this get here? Why is it here?

Bo: I don't know.

Hope: Wait a second! Stefano meant for somebody to get killed, so if it wasn't me, who was it?

The phone rings. Bo answers it.

Bo: Hello.

Kayla: Bo, it's me. Theres some bad news about Kimberly.

Bo: Whats wrong?

Kayla: She's not waking up from the anisthia.

Bo: Damn it! I'll be right there.

Hope: Whats wrong?

Bo: Kim's not waking up. I need to go.

Hope: Ok, call me and tell me how she's doing!

Bo leaves, and Hope looks at the compact on the coffee table. She picks it, up, and starts to open it. Her head starts hurting, and she drops it. Ciara starts crying, and she goes to go see her.

Carrie: Dr, please don't tell me.

Dr. Berman: I'm so sorry Mrs. Reed.

Carrie starts crying, and Roman and Anna hold her.

Dr. Berman: Austin has died from the accident.

Carrie: No!!! Please! He can't be dead! your wrong! Please!

Dr. Berman: I'm sorry.

He leaves, and Roman hugs her.

Anna: I'm so sorry honey.

Carrie sits in a chair, and doesnt move.

Carrie: It's all my fault.

Romn and Anna sit next to her.

Roman: It's not your fault honey.

Carrie: I made him go out! I wanted something, and he went!

Carrie lies back, and starts crying. She holds her stomach, and Roman and Anna hug her.

Carly is in Kimberly's hospital room.

Carly: This is all my fault. I should have never come to Salem.

Carly holds her hand, and starts crying.

Carly: Please wake up. Please. I didn't want this to happen. I'm so sorry.

Kim's hand moves, and Carly looks up. Her eyes open for a second, but then close.

Carly: Mom?

Hope comes back downstairs, and sits on the couch. She looks at the compact, but then looks away. She keeps looking back at it, as something keeps attracting her eye.

Hope: Where the hell did this come from?

The doorbell rings. Hope goes to get it, and Billie comes in.

Hope: Hey Billie, whats going on?

They walk closer to the couch.

Billie: I was wondering if you saw-

Billie sees the compact. She picks it up.

Billie: Oh my God. Where the hell did you get this.

Hope: Bo found it while he was shovelling the snow. He didn't find it by accident, that I can tell you.

Billie: Hope, do you know what this means?

Hope: Of course I do! It's been bothering me since the moment I saw it!

Billie: Of course it would bother you, I mean it-

Hope: Not like that. I'm scared that if I open it, and look in the mirror, I won't see myself; I will see Gina.

Billie looks at it, then at Hope.

Carrie walks into Austin's hospital room. She almost can't because she is crying too much. She holds his hand.

Carrie: Austin. Why? Please! Please wake up. You have to wake up!

She rubs her eyes, and sits down. She puts her head on his chest.

Carrie: Please wake up Austin.

Anna comes in the room.

Anna: Come Carrie, your dad and I are going to take you home to rest.

Carrie: No! Please! He's going to wake up!

Anna tries to take her off of Austin.

Carrie: Stop! He is going to wake up! How would you like it if you were going to wake up, expecting to find somebody there, and they aren't?

Anna: Carrie, he's not going to wake up honey. Please lets go.

Anna leaves the room, and her and Mike come back with a syringe.

Anna: Please, doctor, is this really necessary?

Mike: It's the only thing that will calm her down.

Mike injects Carrie with the syringe.

Carrie: Stop. Stop.

Carrie looks slepy, and Mike puts her in a wheelchair. Roman comes in, and he wheels her out of the room.

Carly: Are you awake?

Kim's heart monitor starts beeping.

Carly: Mom, whats going on?

Mike and two nurses rush into the room.

Carly: Whats going on?

Mike: Her heart beat is slowing down rapidly. You need to leave the room.

Carly: No! I'm not leaving!

A nurse walks her out.

Caroline: Whats going on?

Carly: Her heart rate is going down!

Mike comes out of the room.

Shawn: Is she ok?

Mike: Theres some news.

Mike hesitates.

Bo: What is it? Is she ok?

Mike looks at all of them, and it freezes on his face...

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Billie: Hope, its best to just get rid of it, to forget it.

Hope: No! I can't do that!

Stefano is in a hospital room, talking to somebody on the hospital bed.

Stefano: You are going to live, my friend.

Sami walks in.

Sami: Oh my God!

Marleana is at Carrie's hotel room with Anna.

Marleana: What if somebody were to get rid of that old bastard? What if somebody killed him for good? What if I do that?

Anna: Marleana, whats going on with you?


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