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Tuesday December 4 2007




Tuesday December 4 2007

All The Days of Their Lives Episode 11:

The Brady Pub is full with the Brady's. Bo, Hope, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Roman, Shawn, Sami, and Andrew are sitting at a table at the Pub.

Andrew: Wow last nights dinner was great!

Bo: Get used to it.

Sami: I helped.

Bo looks at Sami.

Bo: Do not believe that!

Everyone laughs.

Sami: I did help! Even ask grandma!

Everyone hears Johnny and Alexis crying.

Sami: I'll go check on them.

Andrew: Can I go?

Sami: Sure! Thanks.

Andrew leaves the table, and checks on the twins.

Sami: So when's aunt Kim comming?

Kayla: She should be here any minute.

Carly and Kim walk through the door, and everyone smiles.

Adrianna walks into Kate's office with two coffee's in her hands.

Kate: Your late on your first day Adrianna.

Adrianna: I'm so sorry! There was an accident on the road, and there was a lot of traffic.

Kate: I have a couple jobs for you, but first, I was wondering what ideas you had in mind. So what were you thinking?

Adrianna: I was thinking about a New Years Eve party for the company.

Kate: That sounds great!

Adrianna: Thanks. I was doing a little research, and Titan is opening up a hotel. So mabye we can team up with Titan, and have the party at the Grand Opening of the hotel.

Kate: That sounds great.

Adrianna: and since Basic Black is having some financial issues, we can team up with Titan on some future events and products.

Kate: Wow, that all sounds great. Theres just a tiny problem.

Adrianna: What?

Kate: Your father.

Marleana and Isabella are in Isabella's office.

Isabella: So your son-in-law was found yesterday, and he is ok?

Marleana: Yes, I was scared actually that I had done something. I sort of still am.

Isabella: What do you mean you still are?

Marleana: I may not have killed Lucas, but I'm not sure if I attacked him. Then again, I don't know what I did last night. I went to the hospital to see him when Sami called, and then I went home. The next thing I know, I'm in somebody's hotel room, looking through their luggage!

Isabella: Who's hotel room was it?

Marleana: Carlo DiMera's!

Isabella: Marleana, I have something to tell you.

Marleana: What is it?

Isabella: Carlo DiMera is my son.

Marleana looks shocked, and she sits back.

Everybody gets up, and hugs Kim, and they all say hi. Shawn hugs Carly.

Shawn: Carly, I would like to welcome you into our family. We all see you as a family member.

Carly: Thanks everyone.

Andrew comes downstaires.

Andrew: The twins are fine, they just needed some milk.

He looks at Carly.

Kim: Carly, this is your brother, Andrew.

Carly: Hi Andrew.

Andrew: Welcome to the family.

She hugs him.

Carly: I wish I would have known you sooner.

Andrew: So do I. It would have been fun having somebody else bothering Jeannie with me.

Everyone laughs, and tears start forming in Carly's eyes.

Everyone sits down.

Carly: So what about my sister, Jeannie. Is she comming to Salem?

Kim: Well, she wanted to finish her last year of high school, but she will visit at Christmas if I stay for Christmas.

Bo: Don't you mean when you stay for Christmas?

Kim looks at Bo, and smiles.

Adrianna: Why is my father a problem?

Kate: He owns a perchantage of Titan, and he would be invited to the party.

Adrianna: Oh, I understand. I know all the things he's done to everyone.

Kate: Well then again, he was pronunced dead, so his percantage could have gone to somebody else. I'm not sure, I'l have to check.

Adrianna: Ok, tell me what you find out, and we'll work something out. I'll go file these.

She picks up a stack of files, and goes out of the room.

Marleana: This is a bit awkward.

Isabella: I'm sorry, but why were you going through his luggage?

Marleana: I don't know Isabella. But I do know there was a reason for it. Something about Stefano.

Isabella: Marleana, how well d oyou remember this?

Marleana: I don't even remember going there. I just remember being there.

Isabella: Marleana, I think the best thing to do is commit yourself.

Marleana: Are you calling me crazy?

Isabella: Marleana, you can't remember where you were, you can't tell the diffrence between a dream and reality. What advice would you give a patient like you?

Marleana: I'm done here.

Isabella: Marleana, please!

Marleana leaves the office, and goes into the elevator.

Caroline comes out of the kitchen with a huge plate of pancakes. shawn follows with maple syrup and drinks.

Sami: Wow. It all looks great grandma.

Carly: Smells great too.

Caroline: Ok, everyone. Dig in!

Everyone grabs some pancakes, and starts eating.

Kim: Mom, what time is it?

Caroline: Umm, last time I checked which was not too long ago, it was 11:00.

Bo: Where do you have to be sis?

Kim: The hospital.

Kayla: Oh thats right. The operation's today right?

Kim: No, it got rescheduled to tomorrow, but I have to go today at 1:30, because their going to tell me how I should prepare for the surgery.

Kayla: Oh. What times the surgery tomorrow?

Kim: 2:00.

Carly: Thanks. This means a lot to me.

Kim: I'd do anything for you.

They hug, and the Brady's look on.

Next on All The Days of Our Lives:

Hope is on the phone with Shawn:

Hope: Will you be home for Christmas?

Shawn: I'm not sure.

Carrie is helping Marleana clean up after dinner.

Carrie: Marleana, are you ok?

Marleana looks up.

Marleana: I'm fine.

Mike and Stefano are sitting at the Penthouse Grill.

Mike: What the hell do you want?

Stefano: What do you think I want? Will you follow through tomorrow?

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