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WICKED: Episode 42




Zander's penthouse

"Get him the hell out of here, before he shoots someone else!" Ric ordered at the officers as he rushed to check on Zander.

Zander laying back against the couch, his shirt blood stained from the gun shot wound. Marcus called an ambulance from his cell phone he had kept in his pocket.

Zander coming around saw Ric kneeling next to him, tending to the pain he felt in his shoulder. "You're damn lucky, you know that?" Ric said as he helped Zander remove his shirt. "It looks like it went clean through."

"I knew I should of shot Morgan when I had the chance." Zander grimaced as Ric poked at the wound to make sure the bullet had gone straight through.

"Yeah well, now Emily can be furious with her brother and not you."

"The ambulance is on it's way." Marcus said as he came running over to Zander's side. "How bad is it?" he added as he saw the wound bleeding quite a bit.

"Here ...." Ric handed Marcus the shirt that Zander had just removed. "Keep pressure on the wound, slow down the bleeding." he added and then went out into the hallway to make sure Jason had been removed from the building.

"Well, we made it out of this alive, boss."

"Yeah .... barely." Zander replied jokingly.

"Well, you did get the man who attempted to kill you and Emily." Marcus replied as he glanced over towards Lorenzo who still lay lifeless on the floor by the doorway.

"Yeah, but we still got Morgan now to deal with. I can't believe the crazy son of bitch shot me!"

"Just be glad he's got bad aim." Marcus joked making Zander laugh.

"Don't make me laugh, Marcus. Between the shoulder and my ribs, I'm in worse shape then when I started."

"It could be worse, sir. You could be dead."

"Good point." ..... Zander replied and tried to get up off the floor. "Help me up, Marcus." he groaned as Marcus helped him to his feet.

"Are you sure you should be walking around, sir?"

"Yeah, I'm fine .. it went clean through. It's just a little blood."

Marcus tended to Zander's shoulder as Ric reappeared in the doorway. "Jason's on his way to the hospital to have his shoulder looked at, next stop is the a jail cell."

"Hey, I didn't know you were handy with a gun, Ric?" Marcus said as he sat Zander down on the chair.

"Yeah well, not good enough I guess ..." Ric replied as he looked at Zander and his wound he got from Jason.

"This? This is nothing compared to what has happened to me the last few weeks."

"Well, Emily is going to be glad to hear you're alive."

"Yeah I'm sure she will be."

The paramedics arrived shortly after Marcus called and they tended to Zander's wounds while Lorenzo was removed from the penthouse.

"Not too bad ... easily patched up." the medic said as he applied pressure to Zander's shoulder. "You'll need stitches though and you should see a doctor at General Hospital." he added.

"Just patch it for now, Marcus can take me to GH."

"Look, the two of you go to the hospital, see your wife, and get your arm tended to. I've got a case to finish and paperwork to start on with Jason." Ric said as he headed towards the door.

"Thanks for the help, Ric." Zander replied as the paramedics packed up the duffle bag they had brought in with them.

"Okay, be sure to get this looked at and soon. You're going to need medication and stitches."

"Thanks ...." Marcus replied as he helped Zander up from his seat.

Marcus assisted Zander down to the car and drove him to the hospital. Zander worried about his wife, he went to see her first before having his shoulder tended to. The paramedics had bandaged it the best they could with what they had with them, and had put his arm in a sling for him, so he could keep it elevated, it would help keep the bleeding to a minimum.

Emily's Hospital Room

Marcus pushed open the door to Emily's hospital room and she was waiting there in anticipation for her husband. She sat up against the pillows when he walked into the room, his shoulder noticeably bleeding through the white gauze bandage.

"Are you okay, what happened to you?" she said as he went to her side.

"I'm fine .... I'm just lucky your brother has a bad aim."

"Jason did this to you? Oh my God!" she replied then stopped fussing and looked at him seriously. "Is he in one piece?"

"Yeah Jason's fine, he got shot in the shoulder..... but I didn't do it." Zander covered his butt with his wife and looked over his shoulder at Marcus.

"You did?" she looked at Marcus.

"Yeah I saved Zander's butt again." Marcus chuckled.

"Hey I had it all under control ..." Zander began.

"Hmmm .. sure you did ... sir." Marcus grinned.

"Don't you have to be someplace?" Zander remarked with a smirk.

"Yeah .... right .... I got lots of paperwork to do at .. the warehouse. I'll go do that now." Marcus replied and left Zander and Emily alone together in the room.

Emily looked over her husband's shoulder wound. "Is it bad? It looks bad." she remarked as she noticed the blood seeping through the white gauze bandage.

"It's fine .. just a couple of stitches."

"You could of been killed, you know that?!" she scolded.

"But I'm here, with you .... everything is fine."


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