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WICKED: Episode 40



The rain began to pound hard against the windows of the penthouse, dark clouds hovered over the city of Port Charles, and three enemies came face to face, ready to take each other out at any given moment. Their guns drawn, they circled each other like vultures ready to swoop in for the kill. Zander out numbered at this point, Lorenzo and Morgan had their sights set on killing him. Port Charles wasn't big enough for the three of them, it had come to head on a stormy night, just like it had began all those months ago. The battle raged on, never letting up for them to breathe. Always watching their own backs, being afraid they could be taken out at any given time. All of them vulnerable, each of them needing the other's territory to reign supreme. It was do or die time, and none of the three were giving up without a fight.

The sky lit up as a lightening strike hit across town, and as it hit the ground, the penthouse went black. Guns still drawn, it was any one's guess who they were aiming at now. The three of them stood frozen, hands tightly wrapped around the butt of their guns, fingers ready to pull the trigger. Lightening lit up the penthouse as a shots were fired, the three of them took cover.

Zander hidden in the shadows and he noticed the storm raged outside the penthouse window, and lightening he saw in the distance. The light it gave off was just enough to see shadows inside the living room of the apartment. Lorenzo peeked his head up from behind the couch, he winced with pain from the gun shot wound to his shoulder.

Morgan fired a second shot from across the room, hoping to hit the dark shadow he saw, missing the shadow he hit the expensive vase that sat on the wooden cabinet. It shattered in a few million pieces on the floor.

"Damn!" Morgan called out when he heard the vase breaking.

"You are really a bad shot!" Lorenzo commented, still taking cover behind the couch. His shoulder bleeding heavily.

"Well, I'm sorry my aim is bad, but it's a little hard to see some one your shooting at in the *dark*!" Morgan replied sarcastically.

Zander peered out from behind the door of the kitchen and took aim on Jason.

A shot was fired from Zander's direction, the force of the hit, impacted Jason hard enough to knock him down on his backside. His cursing could be heard again in the darkness.

"Dammit!" he shouted as he pressed his hand against his bleeding shoulder. "Nice shot there, Zander."

"It wasn't that great, you're still alive, Morgan!" Zander called back.

"Hey ...." a familiar voice from behind could be heard in the darkness.

Zander was startled by Marcus who had come up the back steps and into the kitchen.

"Good shot ..." Marcus praised as took his position beside his boss.

"What are you doing here, I thought I told you stay with the car." Zander scolded.

"I know, but with Morgan and Lorenzo here, I thought you might need some help."

"How did you know Lorenzo was here?" Zander questioned.

"I saw his limo parked about a half a block from the building. Besides, his driver is standing out front waiting for him."

Zander couldn't help but laugh under his breath. "Well, thank you for having my back. If we make it out alive, there's a bonus waiting for you." Zander grinned.

"I'm gonna hold you to that, boss." Marcus replied.

With Lorenzo and Morgan both shot in their shoulders, the firing had ceased for a few moments. Lorenzo began to stir as he propped himself up against the back of the couch.

"Morgan! You dead yet?!" Lorenzo chuckled.

"No ... and apparently you aren't either!"

"There's two of us, we can take Zander down and split the territory!" Lorenzo trying to make a deal with Morgan.

"No deals, Lorenzo. It's all or nothing for me!"


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