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WICKED: Episode 38




Outside Emily's hospital room --

"I'm doing everything I can to keep him stabilized. I'm not going to lie to you Zander .... the baby, at this point is my main concern." she replied and Zander began to panic and fear the worst.

"Look, I have him on monitors and I'm trying to stabilize him, and once we do that, he should be okay. The next few hours will tell us what we have to do next."

"You won't have to take him will you? I mean it's too early, isn't it?"

"Well, Emily's 7 months along, the baby is growing nicely but there are risks to having him born early, with any pregnancy. In this situation, Emily's unstable, her blood pressure is up most of the time, and that's not good for either of them. There's entirely too much stress and strain on the baby right now to induce labor, we'll have to wait and see."

The family gathered around Zander, his mother comforting him as they listened to Dr. Meadows prognosis. "The best thing right now for Emily is rest, absolutely no stress, and no excitement. I gave her something that will help her sleep, so she should be resting for a while." Dr. Meadows added.

"Can we sit with her?" Monica asked concerned herself about her daughter and unborn grandchild.

"Yeah sure, but let's keep the visitors to a minimum." Dr. Meadows replied.

"Will you sit with her, mom. I'll be right there." Zander asked of his mother as he glanced over to Frank and Jerry, who were still waiting in the lounge area across from Emily's room.

Elenore agreed and went to Emily's bedside as her son asked her to. Ric followed Zander over to his men, while Monica and Alan stood in the doorway of their daughters room, comforting each other, still worried and afraid for her and the baby.

Zander stood in the doorway of Emily's room, his fists clenched in an overload of emotions. He realized that someone tried to take it all away from him today, his wife, his child, his business, his entire world. He stormed out of the room, anger filled his eyes, his insides twisted, and he had only one thing on his mind .... it was time for payback!

Zander headed on a path sure to lead to danger for him and he was in no condition to be out taking care of business. Especially Jason Morgan. Frank stepped in front of Zander and stopped him from leaving.

"You're not going out there by yourself, are you? Zander, you're in no condition to be going after Morgan." Frank gave his boss his own 2 cents.

"I agree with him, Zander ... let someone else handle this?" Ric stepped forward.

"Thank you for your concern, but I have to do this now. Morgan's gotten away with this for far too long." Zander replied as he tried to get passed Frank.

"At least take one of us with you. Two are better then one, when handling Morgan." Cord spoke up.

"I have to do this alone, but thanks for the offer."

Zander shot Frank a look to let him pass, and Frank stepped aside. Zander turned around towards his men. "The two of you stay here and keep watch on Emily. Got that?!"

"Sir I still think you should take someone with you!" Cord said, it fell on deaf ears. Zander needed to this alone and he refused help from his men who were left standing in the corridor outside Emily's room.

"I happen to agree with the two of you. Why don't you guys follow him and I'll watch Emily till he gets back?" Ric offered.

"We can't do that .... Zander wants us to stay here. He wouldn't like it if we ignored his orders." Frank replied as the three of them stood outside Emily's room.

"I know, but we can't let him walk into this with Morgan alone .... he's in no shape to fight Morgan by himself. He's going to get himself killed!"

Cord and Frank stood for a few minutes contemplating what to do. What Ric said was true, Zander was not capable of taking out Morgan by himself, certainly not now. But there would be hell to pay if Zander knew they disobeyed orders.

Zander walked out of the front entrance of the hospital and flipped his cell phone open to make a call. "Marcus, pick me up in front of the hospital, I have some business to attend to." In a few minutes Marcus pulled the car up in front of the hospital and Zander climbed in the back seat.

"Where to boss?" Marcus asked, the tinted divider down between he and Zander.

"The penthouse."


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