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Episode 53




“I don’t know what is going on up here, but you are all in big, big trouble,” Rolf said.

Rolf stood with a gun drawn and pointed in the direction of Sami and Lucas, while E.J. moved to block his aim at Sami.


“Rolf, I don’t think that is necessary,” E.J. said walking toward Rolf with his uninjured hand outstretched to block the gun.

“Don’t take another step, Elvis,” Rolf said as Lexie stepped into the room behind him.

“E.J., what the hell happened here?” Lexie asked as she surveyed the mess of the room and noticed the blood dripping from E.J.’s temple. “Rolf, I do think the gun is a bit much.”

Rolf put the gun down and moved back toward the door to stand guard. Sami gingerly walked over toward the bathroom to pick up a towel and placed it against E.J.’s head to help stop the bleeding. E.J. smiled a pained smile in appreciation.

“Lexie?” asked Lucas, who was shocked to see her enter the room. “You’re not dead?”

“Thanks for noticing,” Lexie said with a laugh.

“Hey, Sami,” Lucas yelled remember his reason for coming to Maison Blanche. “What are you doing? That jerk got us locked up here and you’re helping him?”


“Lucas, just shut up and calm down for a second,” Sami said. “You don’t know the truth.”

“The truth?” Lexie scoffed as she walked over to examine EJ’s wounds and pulled out some bandages and peroxide from a mirrored bathroom cabinet. “As if you know anything about the truth.”

“What’s she talking about Sami?” Lucas asked with a skeptical eyebrow raised.

“I have no idea,” Sami said defensively.

“Lucas, the truth, which Sami kept from you before you married her, is that she is carrying the child of my brother, E.J.,” Lexie said as she dressed E.J. wounds.


“It is?” Lucas asked as he looked in the eyes of both E.J. and Sami to confirm it. “But I thought that note was a fake because you didn’t run off with E.J. Or did you? Sami?”

Lexie laughed.


“No, Sami didn’t run off with E.J.,” Lexie said. “She’s been here the whole time. She agreed she would give the umbilical cord blood from her pregnancy to save my father, because she so loved E.J. that she was willing to do anything for him.”

E.J. stared at Lexie confused as his understanding of how Sami came to Maison Blanche was still hazy.

“That’s not true and you know it,” Sami said through gritted teeth.

“So you don’t love me?” E.J. asked.

“No, I do love you, E.J., but…” Sami said before Lucas exploded.

“You love him? You LOVE him? That son of a bitch RAPED you and you love him?” asked a volcanic Lucas. “Or were you lying about that, too? Damn, Sami, this is unbelievable! Here I come to New Orleans to try and rescue you and this whole time you’ve been playing house with your rapist so the baby that you had let me think was mine can be the magical cure to save spawn of Satan’s father.”

Sami started crying hysterically.


“That’s not what happened! Lexie is lying!” Sami screamed. “You’ve just got it all mixed up. Yes, E.J. did rape me but I’ve fallen in love with him. Maybe I always loved him but I tried to give things another shot with you Lucas for Will’s sake, but when I heard the awful things you said about me to your mother and realized the way you had given up on me I…”

“You heard that?” Lucas said with a sigh.

“Yeah, I heard,” Sami said sniffling. “And since then being here I’ve done a lot of thinking about things. And E.J. has really been here for me. He’s shown that he truly loves me. And I learned he is just a much a victim of Stefano DiMera as I am.”

“Oh, here we go, more Sami Brady lies on the way,” Lexie said rolling her eyes in an attempt to discredit Sami’s story.


“Him? A victim?” Lucas said sarcastically. “The man who shot John Black, who drove Steve crazy, oh and the one who last time I checked… you claimed RAPED you… although now that I think about it maybe you’ve been lying the whole time about THAT, too.”

“Oh just shut up, you pathetic twerp,” E.J. yelled. “You don’t know anything about Samantha or me.”

“The truth is Lucas that I was taken prisoner here and E.J. tried to help me escape, but they erased his memory to punish him,” Sami said. “But then I found out that you didn’t love me anymore, or so I thought, and E.J. was so kind to me when I was here that… well anyway… So while I was locked up here all these months I found Stefano’s diary that said that E.J. was actually the long lost son of Tony and Anna and so I went to Lexie to try to get her to help me use that information to get free. I thought we could go to Tony and when he found out he would be so mad at Stefano that he wouldn’t want my umbilical cord blood to save him, but what I didn’t realize is that Lexie hates me so much she was willing to keep that a secret from E.J. and Tony, all so she could protect her sociopathic father.”

“What I was protecting my father from was your crazy lies,” Lexie said.

E.J. sighed and started pacing.

“E.J., you believe me, right?” Sami said clutching his arm with desperation. “Please tell me you believe me.”


But before E.J. could answer, the lights in the mansion suddenly went out.


“Doc, Kate told us she knew Tony was up to something, but she didn’t know what and I believe her,” John said. “After all, she did come to us and tell us about Tony taking off in the Mythic jet for New Orleans.”


“Funny how she decides to come forward with this information only now that her child is in danger from the DiMeras,” Marlena hissed through gritted teeth.

Meanwhile, Kate was quite nonplussed herself, as she seethed with envy at the other end of the cabin watching Roman look into Anna’s eyes with devotion as they held hands in seats nearby.

“Roman, I’m sorry I went to Tony the way I did,” Anna said frowning.

“No, Anna, you don’t need to apologize,” Roman scoffed. “If it wasn’t for you doing that we wouldn’t be on our way to bring my daughter back home.”


“Yes, I know that, and for that I’m glad,” Anna hedged. “But what I mean is, I’m sorry that I couldn’t accept your proposal right away because I needed to see if I still had feelings for my other ex-husband. That’s why I was at Mythic.”

“I figured,” Roman said nodding. “So what did you find out? Do you still have feelings for Tony?”

Anna thought back to her time with Tony. Their weddings, their fights, their lovemaking, their splits. She knew she would never fully get Tony out of her system. But as she remembered seeing him at Mythic, she also knew that he had chosen a life as an obedient DiMera son over a life as his own man so he was no longer the same person she fell in love with so many years ago. That man no longer existed.

“Roman, I’ll be honest with you, for the first time in my life,” Anna said with a laugh. “I think I may always have some sort of feeling for Tony… just like you do Marlena. But he’s different and I’m different and we’re different. And if you’ll still have me, I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“I would be honored,” Roman said giving her a soft kiss on the lips. “Do you still have that ring I gave you? I don’t think we’ll have time to stop at the jewelry store in New Orleans.”

“Oh yes,” Anna said laughing nervously.

She opened her handbag to pull out the ring and watched it sparkle brilliantly. Roman grabbed it from her hand and unbuckled his seatbelt to get down on one knee.


“Well, let’s make this official,” Roman said with a wink. “I didn’t do this right the first time so hopefully if I do it right now I’ll get a better answer. Anna, will you marry me?”

Roman held out the ring and Anna smiled and gasped as a single tear dripped down her cheek. She knew she could no longer live in the past.

“Yes, Roman Brady, I will marry you,” Anna said. “Again.”

They both laughed as he slid the ring on her finger and kissed.

Marlena and John noticed the romantic display and got out of their seats to congratulate their friends. John gave Anna a big hug while Marlena winked at Roman and whispered how happy she was for him.

Then, out of the corner of her eye, Marlena noticed Kate’s snarled face shooting daggers at Anna with her cold, jealous stare. But before Kate could notice Marlena, she turned back to face Anna and Roman.

“I don’t think I could be happier for the both of you,” Marlena said with a wide smile.


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