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WICKED: Episode 32




Greg's car rounded the corner of 3rd and State Streets, Greg parked the car out in front of a large apartment building and sat collecting his thoughts. He had a plan, the first part of his plan already put into motion, the second part, almost complete, the third part was soon to come. He sat for a few minutes and looked up and down the street, being cautious that no one followed him. He climbed out of the car and went inside the apartment building.

He made his way up to the penthouse floor and stepped off the elevator. Penthouse # 3 was his destination and he was a few short steps from it. He walked to the apartment door and knocked. He still shaking, his heart racing a mile a minute, his palms sweating, he couldn't help but be a bit scared. He just betrayed one of the most powerful bosses on the east coast, his life was soon to be cut short if he didn't strike a deal with the person he came to see.

He waited in the hallway and heard footsteps coming towards the door. The door opened, and Greg was invited inside.

"Hello .... Gregory?" Jason said as he closed the door and Greg walked inside.

"Yeah, it's Greg .. Look, I have something you may want."

"Oh and you came to see if I'd be at all interested in what you got?"

"Yeah that's about the jist of it." Greg's nervousness became obvious.

"Why so nervous, Greg? It couldn't be that you are my competition's employee, and by you being here in my penthouse would constitute betrayal, now would it?" the man leaned in to Greg when he spoke and it rattled Greg.

"So do you want to deal or not?"

"What do you have that I would want, Greg?"

"I don't know, perhaps Zander's shipment and his territory to top it off?"

The man raised his eyebrow at Greg's offer. But he had to wonder how Greg, a bodyguard, would be able to come up with such an offer.

"Care to tell me how you came of this offer?"

"Let's just say it fell into my lap." Greg replied and Jason poured himself a drink.

"Okay, then let's just say that I'm interested."

Greg jumped about out of his skin as the door to the apartment opened and a bodyguard walked in. "Easy there, Greg ..." the man replied when he noticed Greg jumped at the opening of the door. "A bit paranoid aren't we?"

"Do you blame me? I have betrayed my boss, and the organization, and to top it off, I'm standing in the living room of the enemy!"

"Look, I tell you what .... I do have a place for you here Greg, that is if you want to switch sides?"

"What I want is a one way ticket out of town! I'm living on borrowed time! I'm sure by now Zander knows what happened and he's gonna be looking for me!"

"Alright, alright. Here have a drink, it'll calm ya down." Jason offered Greg a drink and Greg took it.

"You have some stuff to show me or am I taking your word for it?" Jason asked wanting to see what Greg had to offer.

"I have some stuff, it's down in the car ... in the trunk."

"Go get it ...." Jason ordered his guard. The guard nodded and left the penthouse.

Greg knew what he was about to do would get him killed, but he had already loaded the gun by stealing the product and betraying Zander, what more could he lose? He mulled around Jason's apartment till the bodyguard came back, the

bag of product in his hand.

Jason realized something else was going on with Greg besides the stolen bag of product he had in his car.

"You were the one who took a shot at Zander, weren't you?" Jason asked and Greg's eyes widened and didn't answer him.

"On someone else's orders ..." Jason added as he contemplated who those ordres came from.

Just as Jason was about to put all the pieces together, his body guard came back with the bag of product in his hands.

"You say this is part of Zander's shipment?" Jason asked as he looked over the white powder.

"Yeah we just got a shipment in."

"How much of it?"

"A couple million dollars worth, I'd suspect."

Jason turned towards Greg and raised his eyebrow, his interest piqued.

"Really ... "

"Yeah... really. You interested or do I take it elsewhere?"

Greg replied hoping that he had made the right choice by coming to Jason.

"Oh I'm interested, but I want to see the whole shipment."

Greg disappointed by Jason's request. "You get me out of town tonight, and I will tell you where you can find the rest of that shipment."

Jason picked up the phone and called the airport. "Have the plane ready in 30 minutes." Jason hung up the phone and turned his attention back on Greg.

"Okay ... now tell me where the rest of it is." Jason demanded.

"Pier 53 ... warehouse 3A ...."


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