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WICKED: Episode 30




On the docks --

The two burly men took the stairs and headed for the hospital.

Trent and Jerry followed Greg close behind, but not close enough that Greg noticed. "I think Cory's paranoid, Greg isn't that stupid to betray the organization." the words slipped from Trent's mouth.

"Are you sure about that, Trent? I mean there would a whole lot of money involved if he did." Jerry replied.

"Yeah but Greg should know that if Zander found out, he wouldn't live long enough to spend it."

"This true, doing something that stupid would be signing your own death warrant. But this is Greg we're talking about." The two men chuckled at Jerry's remark and soon they had arrived at the warehouse, where in a few hours would be filled with brand new product.

Trent still laughing under his breath .... "Come on, we got work to do."

Zander's ICU Room --

Cory and Wade walked into the ICU area looking for Zander's room. Ric was standing outside watching as his mother sat with Zander while he slept.

"You lost, DA Lansing?" Cory asked as he and Wade approached.

"No Cory I'm not lost, I just stopped by to see my brother before going back to the station."

Elenore emerged from the room when she heard voices in the hallway. "Do you guys mind? This is a hospital."

"Sorry ... we just came by too see how Zander was doing." Wade spoke up and glanced into Zander's room.

"The boss man is doing fine!" Zander shouted from his bed loud enough so his men could hear that he was awake.

Cory and Wade went to Zander's bedside while Elenore and Ric watched on from outside the room.

"Aren't the two of you suppose to be at the warehouse with Greg?" Zander asked as his men stood next to him.

"Yeah, that's what we came to talk with you about."

"There's a problem?"

PCPD Squad Room ---

Ric took the files from the officer and thanked him. He laid the folder down and opened it up. There was a stack of papers in front of him, bank statements and copies of transactions that had been occurring for the past 6 months. Ric looked over the statements and followed the money from one account to the next, it finally leading him to the original source. He looked up and noticed a few officers gathered around the desk next to him.

"Bring in me Lorenzo Alcazar!" Ric ordered the officers.

"On what charge, sir?"

"Three counts of attempted murder!" he bellowed and Mac came hurrying over to him.

"You got proof?" Mac asked before allowing the officers to go anywhere.

"Proof enough?" Ric handed the bank statements to Mac.

Mac looked over the paperwork in the file and nodded to the officers. "Go pick him up."

"You got this evidence, where?" Mac asked as he handed the file back to Ric.

"Martinez. He said he found what I was looking for and handed me the paperwork."

"Martinez!" Mac called for the officer.

"Yes, sir." he came rushing over to Mac.

"This paperwork, where did you get it?"

"It came special delivery, sir."

"Messenger service?" Ric asked wondering who would of went through the trouble of gathering it and sending it to the police station.

"Yes, sir. About 20 minutes ago."

"Get it to forensics right away and lift the prints. Hopefully the person who sent it, left some behind." Mac ordered.

"Do you think the statements are legit?" Ric questioned.

"One way to find out." Mac replied and handed Ric the phone receiver.

Ric dialed and reached the bank that the funds were drawn on. He checked the transactions with the teller and she confirmed they were factual and had been signed for by the account owner. Ric hung up the receiver and handed the file back to Mac.

"They're legit. But is it enough?"

"We'll soon find out." Mac replied.


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