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WICKED: Episode 21




The PCPD --

Ric walked out of the interrogation room and back to the desk to finish up the paperwork, Alexis followed and asked to see her client.

"May I see my client now?"

Ric agreed and had Zander uncuffed from the chair, they walked into the interrogation room and Alexis closed the door for privacy.

"Has he lost his mind?!" Zander shouted at Alexis and she offered him a seat.

"Ric's doing what he thinks is the right thing to do."

"The right thing to do? Does he know that this will destroy my family?! I'm not too concerned about my business but Emily will be devastated and not too mention she's at risk right now, Alexis! Being arrested could not of come at a worse time!"

"I know, Zander .. I told him that. I'm working on a deal."

"What kind of a deal?"

"A lesser charge and a suspended sentence."

"Alexis, do you know what Ric has in evidence? He's not going to go for that, especially when he has my entire shipment! He's got me over a barrel and he knows it."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves with thinking the worst of your brother ...." her thought interrupted by Ric walking into the room. Ric came in and closed the door behind him.

"Okay, you know I've got you on a list of charges that will send your ass to Pentonville for the next 30 years ... BUT, I've thought about it and made a few phone calls."

"And ... you're willing to deal with my client?"

"IF he can give me what I want." Ric teased.

"What more do you want, Ric .... I've already given you more then enough for the immunity deal."

"I want the bigger fish, Zander ..... if I get him, I'll deal to a lesser charge, suspended sentence and you go home to your wife and family. If not, well then ....."

"If not then .. what? You're gonna send your own brother to prison?!" Alexis spoke up.

"Wait, so if I give you my contact, I'll walk on these charges plus our immunity deal still stands?"

"That about sums it up." Ric answered waiting to hear Zander's decision.

"You know what that does to me Ric? That will put the biggest red target on my forehead, bigger then one I already have on for Jason! ..... " Zander sat and thought about the options he was facing.

"No ... no way. I'm not giving up my contact."

"You better re-think that Zander ... the deal isn't on the table very long. Remember you have Emily to think about and your children." Ric hoping to play on Zander's weaknesses to get what he wanted from him.

"If I do this deal, Ric ... I'm signing my death warrant as well as my family's. I am not putting them in any more danger then they are already in!"

"With the evidence I have against you, Zander .... your children will have their own children when you next see them, do you want that?! Do you want Emily to raise those children alone for the next 15 to 20 years? Do you?!"

Alexis stepped in and backed Ric off of Zander. "Give me a few minutes with him..."

"Fine .. but like I said, this deal is fading fast, so if you want it, you better jump at it pretty quick." Ric walked out of the interrogation room and closed the door, leaving Zander to ponder the consequences of making the deal to save his life from prison or to make the deal and sign his death warrant.


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