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Tuesday, June 26

Ty Davis


Episode #05
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Constantine surprises Phoebe at Forrester Originals with a visit. He says that he heard about Ridge’s trial on the news and offers his apologies. Outside, Rick walks by and hears the two. He stops and listens in on the conversation. Phoebe says that Rick confessed to shooting Grant Chambers and it did nothing. Ridge still went to jail. Constantine asks if Phoebe is disappointed in Rick, and Phoebe admits that she can’t help but to be. All of her hopes were put on Rick and nothing happened. Constantine tells Phoebe to come back to the studio with him. He’ll cheer her up. Phoebe agrees and they head out, not even noticing Rick.

At Forrester Creations, Jackie finds Brooke going over the new designs. She asks if she approves and Brooke does. Clarke did a fabulous job on them and they will be a great success to FC. They start talking about the trial and Brooke reveals that she is going to wait for Ridge. Once gets out, she wants to have another baby with him. Jackie brings up the eggs at the hospital and how a mix up could happen with Taylor and Brooke’s last names being Marone. Brooke says that Bridget is overseeing the procedure and knows that a mix up is not possible.

Nick and Taylor are admiring the babies in the nursery at the hospital. Nick cannot wait until he sees their baby in that nursery. Taylor admires Nick’s desire to be a father and knows he is going to be the best father. They start talking about their baby’s future and they wonder who could be the godparents. Taylor wants Bridget to be the godmother. Without her, none of this would be possible. Nick likes the idea and thinks they should ask Bridget right now. The two go to Bridget’s office and surprise her with the question, leaving her speechless.


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