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Friday, June 22

Ty Davis


Episode #03
Friday, June 22, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Rick remembers shooting Grant Chambers. Ashley walks in and finds Rick in a state of shock. When she asks what is wrong, he tells her that he has to get to the courthouse before it’s too late. Rick rushes off without giving Ashley any explanation. Rick races to the courthouse, but gets caught in the terrible Los Angeles traffic. He hopes he can get there before Ridge is sentenced worse than he should be.

Bridget cannot believe what Jackie knows about the IVF mix up at the hospital. She tries to pretend she doesn’t know what Jackie is talking about, but Jackie knows better. She brings up Carl and how he pretended to know information about the switch up to date Bridget. Jackie asks if this is true. Could Taylor have been implanted with Brooke’s eggs? And if that’s true, is Nick the father of Brooke’s baby? Bridget admits that there could have been a mix up, but she doesn’t know for sure. She asks Jackie to keep this a secret until they know for sure. Jackie will give Bridget 24 hours to find out for sure, or else she is telling Nick.

Ridge’s trial begins at the Los Angeles County Courthouse. The entire Forrester family is in attendance to give Ridge their support. Judge Alfred Bell says that he read through Ridge’s record and found out about Grant Chambers. Christine asks Judge Bell not to judge Ridge on past actions, but on the what is being presently presented to the judge. Christine says that Ridge was only defending himself against Shane McGrath and the gun went off. Judge Bell says that he cannot forget about Ridge’s past murder record. He killed Grant Chambers and he will be penalized for that. Before the judge can continue onto the sentencing, Rick bursts into the room, saying that Ridge didn’t kill Grant Chambers. It was him!


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