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Episode 40



Sorry I'm too lazy to search for Wayne Northrup pics today.


Sami gasped. She ran and hid in a second floor closet while she tried to think of what to do next.

Downstairs, E.J. seethed beneath the surface, but tried to maintain a cool demeanor so he could continue the pretense that he had no idea the child Sami was carrying was his and potentially protect Sami through reasoning with Rolf.


“There’s a way to do this without being cruel,” E.J. said standing in front of Rolf.

“What is cruel about making a deal and expecting the other party to hold up their end of the bargain after they agree to it?” Rolf asked, sidestepping E.J. and heading up the stairs with E.J. trailing closely behind and pleading with him to reconsider.

Sami heard them slowly walking up the steps and sobbed with fear. She realized that E.J. was powerless to stop what had already been set in motion. Even if he wanted to help her, Rolf was now dead set on getting her child and she would have to find a way out herself.

As they were ascending the flight of stairs up toward the attic, Sami could hear E.J. arguing more and more forcefully against Tony’s plans even as she slithered out of the closet and hurried down the grand staircase toward the front door.

Once there, she looked out the window and to her disappointment, but not her surprise, she saw Bart standing there on the front porch, armed. She knew similar Dimera goons would be posted outside all the exits. She would need some other way out. Someone else to help her get out. She brushed her hand across the pocket of her robe and felt the diary and remembered the secrets it contained. She would have to find Lexie even if it meant she might have to face Stefano, too.


Shaking, she fiddled with the fireplace to open the secret passageway and stepped inside.


“What I mean to say is…” Marlena said attempting to interrupt Roman's melancholy, “I’m just so glad you are getting this happiness in your life. You definitely deserve it.”

Roman smiled appreciatively.

“Well, Anna hasn’t said yes yet,” Roman said sliding the ring box back in his pocket.

Marlena told him not to worry. She’d be crazy to turn him down and gave him a kiss on the cheek just as Anna entered the bar.

“Am I interrupting something?” Anna said smiling at the same time she was shooting Marlena daggers with her eyes.

“No, I think I am interrupting something,” Marlena said with a wink at Roman. “So I’ll let you two enjoy your lunch. It was nice seeing you both.”

Marlena headed toward the ladies room.


“What was that about?” Anna asked, perplexed.

“Well, sit down, first. Here, let me pour you this glass of champagne,” Roman said, his arm shaking as he filled their champagne flutes.

“Champagne? For lunch?” Anna said with a sly look on her face. “Not that I’m complaining, but…”


“Well, Anna, you see,” Roman said nervously. “I know you and Billie are supposed to leave for Paris Fashion Week tonight and before you left I wanted to celebrate our three-month anniversary with something special.”

“Oh but, Roman, I’ll only be gone a week…”

“I know, Anna, but it’s more than that,” Roman said, interrupting her. “These past few months back together again have been some of the greatest months of my entire life. They’ve made me realize how much I had missed life. How much I had missed love. How much I had missed you, Anna.”

“Roman…” Anna said in shock.


“That’s why I want to make sure that you stay a part of the rest of my life,” Roman said removing the ring box from his pocket, placing it on the table and opening it. “Anna, will you marry me?”

Anna gasped. She was speechless and just covered her mouth with her hand. Roman smiled uncomfortably.

“I take it that’s a no?” Roman asked sheepishly.

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thanks for letting me know you were adding to the story, I'm enjoying this more and more, and I'm looking forward to what Lexie is going to do when Sami talks to her.

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